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Chapter 963: The Chief of Magma Men Tribe

Chapter 963: The Chief of Magma Men Tribe
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"Hey, is your head filled with magma or something? Did I steal your wife or daughter? Why are you calling me a damn human?" Qingfeng Li said resentfully.

He was not pleased with the middle-aged man calling him a despicable human since the magma men themselves were just a variant of humans. After all, the only non-human creature here was Crimson Tiger King, who was a demonic beast.

The middle-aged man was enraged at Qingfeng Li's insulting words. He could never win the battle of insults with Qingfeng Li.

"Detestable, despicable, shameless human, I will kill you!" he roared out several insulting words at Qingfeng Li.

He swung his giant Magma Fist, melting the air on its way, and slamming it viciously at Qingfeng Li.

"Reckless guy," Qingfeng Li smiled disdainfully and shoved his right fist into the chest of the middle-aged man.


The cracking sound signified the middle-aged man losing another rib before he was sent flying backward into the magma river. With a large splash of molten rock, he screamed pitifully, obviously severely injured.

"Too weak. I didn't expect the magma men would be so weak," shaking his head, Qingfeng Li was a bit disappointed.

He had heard about the power of the magma men on Red Fiery Island, who could live in the magma. The middle-aged man was much weaker than he had expected.

"Well, since the fiery fruits have matured, I will pick them," seeing the matured fruits, Qingfeng Li decided to take them.

Sensing Qingfeng Li's intention, Fiery Demon King and Crimson Tiger King also stepped forward, eyeing each other cautiously.

Crimson Tiger King had not taken Qingfeng Li seriously until the latter revealed his strength by sending a magma man flying with one punch.

The atmosphere was becoming tense with an imminent conflict.

At this moment, an old voice was heard from the bottom of the magma river, "How overbearing. You three people shouldn't have tried to take our fiery fruits by force, especially when we are all on magma men territory."

The powerful presence emitting from the old voice was frightening.

The magma in the river opened slowly and revealed a red-haired, red skinned old man standing on the bottom of the river. He looked at Qingfeng Li and the others coldly.

"Congratulations Patriarch on the end of your secluded training," all the magma men kneeled with respect.

The old man was the chief of the magma men. He had just ended his seclusion and was extremely powerful.

Both Qingfeng Li and Crimson Tiger King took a step backward, feeling a deadly threat from the Magma Chief.

Staring at the chief fearlessly, the powerful Fiery Demon King didn't step back.

"Young man, you dared to wound one of us. I have to teach you a lesson," with a chilling smile, the chief hacked a big saber at Qingfeng Li.

The saber emitted a burning presence of magma and its twenty-meter long saber aura cracked the air.

"Earth-grade spiritual device! It is an earth-grade spiritual device!" looking at the razor-sharp saber aura, Qingfeng Li was astonished that the magma chief possessed an earth-grade spiritual device.


He drew his Red Fiery Sword and slashed it towards his opponent. The twenty-meter long sword aura emitting from the sword clashed with the old man's saber aura.

Both weapons were earth-grade spiritual devices and they collided with a horribly violent force.


Pale-faced, Qingfeng Li was sent flying backward by the powerful momentum of his enemy's saber.

"Late-stage of the True Spirit Realm? Are you really a master of the late-stage True Spirit Realm?" a trace of horror appeared in Qingfeng Li's eyes.

It must be noted that Qingfeng Li was unrivaled in the early-stage of the True Spirit Realm and could even fight a middle stage True Spirit Realm master. But, he was no match for the chief, who was two stages above him.

"Wow, an early-stage True Spirit Realm fighter could actually withstand my strike. You have practiced good sword techniques and even have an earth-grade spiritual device," a trace of surprise appeared in the chief's eyes.

Earth-grade spiritual devices were so precious and rare that even the chief of the magma men, the strongest force on Red Fiery Island, had only one.

At the appearance of the magma chief and having witnessed his horrible power, Crimson Tiger King's expression changed and he began to move stealthily backward, trying to leave the place.

"Crimson Tiger King, do you have my permission to leave?" the Magma Chief said coldly.

Crimson Tiger King's face paled when his intention was discovered. He knew that he was no match for the Magma Chief and staying here was quite dangerous for him.

Only Fiery Demon King was still smiling, undaunted by the power demonstrated by the Magma Chief.

"Congratulations on your breakthrough into the late-stage of the True Spirit realm during your seclusion. That's very good news indeed," she giggled.

The chief's expression changed at the sight of Fiery Demon King. Obviously, he had recognized her as the woman who had been wandering around on his territory.

"Fiery Demon King, why are you here?"

"Magma Chief, I have waited for the fiery fruits for fifteen years. Of course I came for the fruit."

"The fiery fruits belong to the magma men and we won't give any to you." the chief refused her with a frown.

Fiery Demon King smiled coldly at his words. She channeled her vital essence and suddenly an overwhelmingly powerful presence was emitted from her, boiling up the magma in the river.

"Late-stage True Spirit realm! Fiery Demon King, you have also reached the late-stage of the True Spirit Realm?" the chief was stunned.

It must be noted that the chief had not reached the late-stage of the True Spirit realm until he was over one hundred years. Obviously, Fiery Demon King was much more talented than him, since she had reached the same level in her thirties.

Sensing the powerful presence radiating from Fiery Demon King, Qingfeng Li frowned at the realization that the beauty had been hiding her true power until the appearance of the Magma Chief.

No wonder she didn't want to take Qingfeng Li as her young master. With her great talent, she was much more powerful than Qingfeng Li and naturally regarded him as beneath her.