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Chapter 964: Gaining Insight on Volcanic Sword Techniques

Chapter 964: Gaining Insight on Volcanic Sword Techniques
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Although Fiery Demon King regarded Qingfeng Li with disdain, Qingfeng Li looked at her with heat in his eyes, while also thinking about what a good bodyguard she would be if he could impress her into following him by subduing this powerful Magma Chief.

While he entertained himself with this thought, Qingfeng Li kept casting heated glances at Fiery Demon King.

She noticed his heated glances and asked, "Stop staring at me or I will gouge your eyes out."

Like every other woman, she felt frustrated when a man was lustfully staring at her.

"Every gentleman loves to pursue a lady. Though you are not a lady, you are a powerful woman. How about submitting to me and becoming my maid?" Qingfeng Li asked in an overbearing tone.

At his words, everyone looked at him as if he was an idiot, thinking, "Hey, brother, this she-devil is a late-stage True Spirit Realm master and much more powerful than you. If you keep on flirting with her so shamelessly, she will tear you into pieces."

As everyone expected, Fiery Demon King began simmering in rage at his flirtatious words.

"Qingfeng Li, do you really think I will not deal with you because you are the Conqueror's son?" she took a step toward him and said coldly.

"Beauty, we are both trying to get some of the fiery fruits. If you fight with me, the magma men will be quite happy. Are you willing to give up the fiery fruits after fifteen years of waiting?"

His word hit home.

She had waited for fifteen years for the fiery fruit which matured every one hundred years. She couldn't wait another one hundred years for the next fruit.

"Humph, I will deal with you later," she gave him an unfriendly look.

She had decided to teach him a good lesson after she got the fruit.

Ignoring Qingfeng Li, Fiery Demon King focused her attention on Huo Zhu. She took one step forward, a horrible presence emitting from her.

"Chief Huo Zhu, I will say it again: Give me the fiery fruit and I will leave," Fiery Demon King threatened.

"In your dreams," the chief shook his head disdainfully.

"Then I will take it myself," she leapt into the air and flew toward the fiery fruits.

"Magma Saber Techniques, Surging Waves," Huo Zhu, the Magma Chief, roared and hacked his red long saber. It whipped up a wave of magma of over ten meters high and directed it at Fiery Demon King.

"Nine Spirits Whip," the Fiery Demon King took out a red whip.

Red as fire, the whip was over three meters long and had complex patterns engraved on the surface. It was an earth-grade spiritual device.

With nine sections, the Nine Spirits Whip was famous for its great power.

Fiery Demon King swung her whip toward the magma saber, creating gusts of wind in the air wherever it went.


The saber and whip collided with each other with an earth-shaking sound, sending all the magma flying up spectacularly.

As they were both late-stage True Spirit Realm masters, Chief Huo Zhu and Fiery Demon King formed a protective light shield with their vital essence against the force of the flying magma. Otherwise they would have been severely burnt by the burning magma.

Looking at the surging magma flying high in the air, Qingfeng Li's eyes sharpened when an idea dawned upon him.

He saw the similarities between his Volcanic Sword Techniques and the surging magma flowing from underneath the big volcano, where the magma men lived.

There were four techniques in the spirit level Volcanic Sword Techniques and Qingfeng Li had, so far, only grasped the first technique, Volcanic Condensation.

Watching the surging magma, he had just gained insight of the second technique, Volcanic Tumble.

He slashed the Red Fiery Sword in a special movement pattern and the magma in the river flew up instantly flew ten meters into the air.

With the Volcanic Tumble Technique, Qingfeng Li could direct the movement and force of the magma, as well as create volcanic eruptions with his vital essence to fight his enemies.

Thanks to the fight between Fiery Demon King and the magma men chief, whose power had sent the magma surging and tumbling, Qingfeng Li had gained insight into the second Volcanic Sword Technique.

He felt a new surge of power circulating in his body.

At the same time, Fiery Demon King and the Chief had launched several hundred strikes at each other. Since they were both late-stage True Spirit Realm masters equipped with earth-grade spiritual devices, neither of them could gain the upper hand.

Finally, they had begun land began using fist techniques as well as their weapons.

Boom, boom!

The collision of their strongest attacks wounded both of them, but they resumed their fight without pause despite their injuries.

"Hehe, now is the perfect time for me to take the fiery fruits," Qingfeng Li's eyes glinted.

He would never have had a chance at the fruits if Fiery Demon King and the Chief had not been fighting each other, since he was no match for either of them.


Qingfeng Li leapt up like a flying arrow dashing toward the fiery fruits.

The fruits were on a rock in the middle of the magma river. Qingfeng Li flew halfway across the river and landed on the rock, only one meter away from his target.

He was reaching out his right hand to pick the fiery fruits when he sensed an attack. He leapt to the side hurriedly, and the spot he was previously in burst in a splash of magma and stone.

"Crimson Tiger King, you launched a sneak attack on me!" a cold light flashed in Qingfeng Li's eyes.

If not for his sharp instincts, Qingfeng Li would have been dead.

"Detestable human, the fiery fruits are mine. Get your ass out of here," Crimson Tiger King said arrogantly, with murderous intent in his eyes.