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Chapter 965: Heavy Loss on Both Sides

Chapter 965: Heavy Loss on Both Sides
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When Fiery Demon King was fighting in a stalemate with the Magma Men's Chief, Huo Zhu, Crimson Tiger King tried to take this opportunity to grab the fiery fruits.

But when that idea hit him, Qingfeng Li was already one step ahead of him. Crimson Tiger King followed Qingfeng Li and launched a sneak attack on him, but unfortunately, he was noticed.

"Detestable human, the fiery fruits are mine." With a sneer, Crimson Tiger King reached out his sharp claws for the fruits.

His paw was very fast and in a blink of the eye, it was upon the fiery fruit.

Qingfeng Li slammed his right fist forward abruptly and clashed viciously with the paw, making a huge sound. They both took a step back.

"Mid-stage of True Spirit Realm?" Qingfeng Li frowned. Crimson Tiger King was one stage above him but Qingfeng Li was undaunted by this fact.

A trace of surprise appeared in Crimson Tiger King's eyes, wondering why he was forced back a step by his opponent, who was one stage lower than him.

"Tiger King Paw," with a low yell, he swiped out with his sharp claws, slashing through the air and going straight towards Qingfeng Li's heart.

With this strike, Crimson Tiger King intended to kill Qingfeng Li by ripping his heart out.

"Strangle Hell Fist." With a grim face, Qingfeng Li used his signature move.

It transformed into a huge wispy mass of natural energy, clashing with the Tiger King's claw. Huge waves of energy were released, spreading outward and blowing the magma high into the air.

Deng, deng!!

Once again, both of them were forced back one step. With a difference of only one stage, their strengths were matched.

"No! They are trying to take the fiery fruits." At the sight of the battle between Qingfeng Li and Crimson Tiger King, Huo Zhu's expression changed.

He tried to go over and stop them but was blocked by Fiery Demon King. She was confident that she could take the fruits by force from either Qingfeng Li or Crimson Tiger King if the fruits were to fall into their hands.

But, it would be extremely difficult to take them from Chief Huo Zhu since his powers were at the same level as her own.

Huo Zhu was aware of her train of thought, but he couldn't get rid of her because the she-devil was really powerful.



With a battle roar, they continued their fight.

Both were afraid that the fiery fruits would be taken by others, so they launched their most powerful strikes against each other.

At the five hundredth attack, Fiery Demon King's whip pierced Huo Zhu's heart while the latter's saber stabbed into the former's belly.

Boom, boom!!

Both of them flew backward and dropped heavily onto the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood. They were both severely injured and had lost the ability to fight.

Neither of them had expected that they would be injured so severely by each other. The only difference was that Fiery Demon King was all alone with her serious wound, while Chief Huo Zhu had many tribesmen to help him.

"Sister Beauty, I will help you if you promise to be my maid," with a snicker, Qingfeng Li said to Fiery Demon King, whose wound was bleeding.

He was quite serious with reining in Fiery Demon King, who was both a beauty and a strong fighter.

"In your dreams," with that said, she ignored Qingfeng Li and began to tend to her wounds.

"Magma tribesmen, go get the fiery fruits now!" Chief Huo Zhu roared his order to the surrounding magma men.

While he was healing the small hole in his heart, Chief Huo Zhu couldn't move and had to order his people to take the fruits.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

Instantly, groups of magma men flew out from the magma river and dashed toward the fiery fruits.

Although they were not as strong as Qingfeng Li, there were so many of them that they surrounded him with fists, palms, legs, and sabers.

Qingfeng Li had to deal with the attacks from the magma men while he was fighting Crimson Tiger King.

With his tough physique and abundant vital essence, Qingfeng Li fought like a king among the magma men and sent them flying with one fist strike.

The most dangerous threat came from Crimson Tiger King, who was, after all, a master at the mid-stage of the True Spirit Realm.

The moment Qingfeng Li's right hand touched the fiery fruit, Crimson Tiger King's strike was upon him, making him furious at the interruption.

To get the fiery fruits, I have to kill Crimson Tiger King, Qingfeng Li thought with murderous intent in his eyes.

Crimson Tiger King had made the same conclusion regarding Qingfeng Li.

"Tiger King Club." He took out a red spiked club and slammed it viciously towards Qingfeng Li.

With a length of over two meters and covered all over by spikes, the red club was an upper-grade spiritual device made with special material.

With the Tiger King Club, Crimson Tiger King had killed many enemies and the club, notorious as a killing weapon on Red Fiery Island, was in the process of evolving into an earth-grade spiritual device.

Qingfeng Li decided to act quickly and kill Crimson Tiger King with the Volcanic Sword Technique he had just learned.

"Volcanic Tumble." He turned his wrist and held the sword before his chest before hacking it toward the Tiger King Club in the movement pattern of the Volcanic Sword Technique.

The sharp sword aura extended as long as twenty meters and transformed itself into a giant volcano with magma surging from the opening. It crashed onto the Tiger King Club with tremendous and unrivaled strength.


The Tiger King Club was cut into two pieces by the Red Fiery Sword and dropped onto the ground.

"Ahhh! My Tiger King Club! You jerk, you destroyed my upper-grade spiritual device!" Crimson Tiger King was filled with bitter hatred.

The Tiger King Club was his beloved weapon which he had been trying to upgrade with higher quality materials.

But now, it was irrevocably destroyed by Qingfeng Li, breaking the Crimson Tiger King's heart.