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Chapter 967: Slapping the Beauty“s Bottom

Chapter 967: Slapping the Beauty's Bottom
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Since he didn't want his dantian to be destroyed, Chief Huo Zhu took out a red pearl and gave it to Qingfeng Li.

It was the same size as the thunder pearl, but its color was different. The thunder pearl was black with a bit of red while this pearl was all red and had a red radiance shining through its core.

This jewel was the Volcanic Pearl and the treasure of the magma men.

It was extremely precious to their clan and they wouldn't take it out in normal circumstances. In order to save his life however, he had to take out the pearl, as ultimately, he valued it less than his life.

"Such strong fire energy." Qingfeng Li's eyes filled with heat from just one touch of the pearl.

The Volcanic Pearl, as the name suggested, was formed within the volcano and had the power to block the heat from the lava river.

Qingfeng Li used his mental strength to feel the temperature within the pearl, and it was a scorching thousands of degrees.

If it was any other self-cultivator that did it, they would have been burned from the heat, but Qingfeng Li was different. His mentality and physique were extremely strong and were able to withstand the heat.

"Thank you for the Volcanic Pearl. I'll uphold my side of the promise," Qingfeng Li said.

Qingfeng Li was satisfied with Chief Huo Zhu's attitude, so he spared his life.

Chief Huo Zhu looked at Qingfeng Li with a complicated expression and promised, "I promise I will never chase after Qingfeng Li or take his fiery fruits once my wounds recover."

Qingfeng Li smiled after he heard Chief Huo Zhu's promise. Then he jumped into the lava in front of everyone's shocked gazes.

"Boss," Daoist's expression changed and he screamed.

"Daoist, don't interrupt our boss. He is probably training," Alice glared at Daoist and said.

Alice understood Qingfeng and knew he wouldn't do such unreasonable thing without any reason.

She was right, Qingfeng Li was training.

As his body entered the lava, the Volcanic Pearl formed a red shield and blocked all the lava from touching his body.

Even though the lava was blocked, the heat still came through from the shield.

Qingfeng Li crossed his legs and started activating the second level of the Mortal Purgatory Body technique. This level used the heat from lava to temper his physique.

Qingfeng Li's skin became extremely red, almost like a fully cooked lobster. His veins could be seen with the naked eye and were burning red as well.

Due to the temperature, his skin dried up and the dead bits flaked off. His whole body became as red as the lava surrounding him.

Not only did his skin evolve, his muscles, bones, and organs all evolved and turned into the color of the lava.

The process was painful, but Qingfeng Li pushed through it. He knew that he had to endure the pain during the training process.

After half an hour, Qingfeng Li felt that his whole physique had been tempered.

He used his index finger to touch the lava outside of the shield, and nothing happened.

"I finally achieved the second level of the Mortal Purgatory Body technique." Qingfeng Li was filled with excitement as he felt the flowing lava.

Currently Qingfeng Li's skin and muscle power were invincible; nothing happened even when he touched the lava.


Qingfeng Li jumped back onto the ground from the depth of lava.

"Boss, why is your skin red?" Daoist was the first one to see Qingfeng's weird appearance.

Qingfeng Li waved and said, "Nothing. Actually, I think I look better this way."

Chief Huo Zhu said with a shocked voice, "You, your skin is the same color as the lava. You can withstand the lava's heat now?"

The reason that Chief Huo Zhu could endure the heat was because he was born and raised in this environment, but Qingfeng was from above ground and shouldn't be able to withstand the heat.

With the possibility of practicing an invincible martial art technique, Chief Huo Zhu's expression changed and he looked at Qingfeng Li with a bit of respect.

Qingfeng Li didn't care what Zhu Huo thought. Instead, he walked to Fiery Demon King.

"Beautiful sister, do you need my help? Your stomach was punctured with a big knife." Qingfeng Li looked at Fiery Demon King and smiled.

The demon king was embarrassed from Qingfeng Li's gaze and said, "What are you looking at. I don't need your help."

"Sister beauty, you were one of my father's ten demon kings before, how could I endure to see you hurt. Come, I will bring you out and treat it for you." Qingfeng Li smiled and extended his palm.

Fiery Demon King wanted to dodge his palm, but her speed was hindered by her excessive bleeding and she was held by Qingfeng Li instantly.

Qingfeng Li smiled and said, "You were so arrogant a second ago. What happened?"

Fiery Demon King was pissed off by Qingfeng Li's smug look. She wanted to punch him, but he blocked her fist easily.

"You are not in shape to fight me because of your wound," Qingfeng Li said.

Qingfeng Li was pissed off at this demon king because she was looking down on him.

He was going to use the opportunity and teach her a lesson; he wanted her to know what would be the consequence of pissing him off.

Qingfeng Li had seen countless beauties before: Xue Lin was cold, Ruyan Liu was seductive, Xiaoyue Zhang was innocent, and Fiery Demon King was mature. They were very successful in attracting all sorts of men.

"Qingfeng Li, release me," Fiery Demon King said shyly.

Even though she was a beauty, she had never been in a relationship before. She was embarrassed with here close interaction with Qingfeng.

Unfortunately, she was wounded, or else she would teach Qingfeng Li a lesson.

"As long as you promise to be my maid, I will release you," Qingfeng Li said with an overbearing tone.

Qingfeng Li knew that he had to make her his follower while she was still wounded. If he were to wait to attempt recruiting her after she recovered, he would definitely be obliterated.

"In your dreams! I will not serve under you," Fiery Demon King stared at Qingfeng Li. If gazes could kill, Qingfeng Li would have died 10 times.