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Chapter 969: Don“t Be Shy, Sister Beauty

Chapter 969: Don't Be Shy, Sister Beauty
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I'm such a good guy! If it was any other man, then he definitely wouldn't let go of this she-devil, Qingfeng thought in admiration, as he looked at Fiery Demon King's sleeping face filled with sexiness and her hourglass figure.

Speaking of his own character, Qingfeng had always been proud of it. He believed that he was a good person, an extraordinarily good person and that he always helped those who were facing difficulties.

Qingfeng fought people too, but he only fought bad guys, mainly random thugs who came to him looking for trouble.

It was unfortunate that Fiery Demon King had fainted and couldn't hear what Qingfeng was saying. If she had heard it, she would definitely have become furious enough to kill him with one punch.

To Fiery Demon King, Qingfeng was not some "good guy". She always had a bad impression of Qingfeng, a terrible one in fact.

"You fainted, so how should I treat you?" Qingfeng started to think, and suddenly a brilliant idea popped to his mind. When others drown and go unconscious, this is always the treatment, he thought as he praised himself for being so intelligent.

Since Fiery Demon King was injured, fell into the pond, and fainted because she swallowed too much water, things would be fine if she managed to spit the water out.

Qingfeng put his thoughts into action right away; he moved beside Fiery Demon King and treated her by channeling his vital essence to attract the water, and simply forcing i to flow out of Fiery Demon King's mouth.

After fifteen minutes, Qingfeng got all the pond water out from Fiery Demon King's body, and became exhausted.

Being a good guy is tiring, but as long as he was saving people, Qingfeng felt a strong sense of accomplishment.

Fiery Demon King woke up, slowly opening her eyes, and Qingfeng's face jumped into her eyes.

"AHH, you jerk!" Fiery Demon King quickly moved away from Qingfeng and let out a scream.

She thought she was dreaming, but now it seemed like she wasn't. Everything was real, her first kiss was stolen away by this despicable man as she thought he saved her by performing assisted breathing.

Fiery Demon King was a woman, a beautiful woman. In fact, she had never had a boyfriend, let alone doing more intimate things. She was enraged by Qingfeng's behaviour.

Seeing that Fiery Demon King suddenly woke up, Qingfeng was startled and he quickly moved aside.

"Sister beauty, I'm not some jerk, don't wrong me," Qingfeng tried to explain himself, but this explanation seemed fragile and suspicious.

"If you are not a jerk, why did you do "that" to me?"

"You fell into the pond and fainted so I was saving you by getting the pond water out of you. I am a good person!"

"If you are a good person, then this world would have no bad guys! You are a total jerk!" Fiery Demon King blushed due to anger, and she yelled at Qingfeng.

Fiery Demon King was so pissed that the first kiss that she cherished for so long was gone, and it was this jerk Qingfeng who took it away.

Fiery Demon King really wanted to stomp on Qingfeng because punching him to death would not even be enough. But since she was injured, and Qingfeng was powerful, she was definitely not a match to him. She could only picture it happening in her head.

But, would Fiery Demon King leave Qingfeng alone? Of course not! She already made up her mind that after she recovers from her injury, she would teach Qingfeng a hard lesson. She would hit him until his head swelled up like a pig's.

"Sister beauty, think about it, you were washing your wounds and fell into the pond, becoming unconscious. I was the one who got you out and if it wasn't for me, you would have died by now," Qingfeng said, a bit unsatisfied.

Fiery Demon King thought about it, and finally remembered. That was what just happened.

But even if Qingfeng did save her, Fiery Demon King was still angry.

Women could never be rational when they are in a rage. Qingfeng saved Fiery Demon King's life, but she resented him for it.


Suddenly, Fiery Demon King felt a wave of pain. She became pale, and bean-sized drops of sweat fell from her forehead.

She was in extreme pain, and the rosy colour disappeared from her face; her face became ghastly pale with no colour. She was huddling herself up and having a hard time breathing.

"You fell into the pond just now, so the wound must have been infected. If you do not get proper treatment right away, you will die." Qingfeng looked at her, with a sense of nervousness in his eyes.

The wound around Fiery Demon King's stomach became black, and in some areas, there was no colour at all. Her muscles were all visibly shrinking.

Fiery Demon King's facial expression changed as she realized that Qingfeng was right. Since the Magma Clan Chief's Earth-grade spiritual device dealt such a heavy blow to her stomach and she also fell into the pond, her wound bled a lot and was also exposed to bacteria.

Qingfeng walked forward, and was ready to help Fiery Demon King treat her body.

"You jerk, what are you going to do?"

"What do you think I'm going to do? Obviously, I'm going to treat your wounds."

"But, still…"

"Sister beauty, stop saying 'but'. You might die at this rate, and even if you don't die, a scar will be left on your body."

Even though Fiery Demon King was unhappy with Qingfeng, and he was aware of that, he also knew that he must save this woman because she was one of the ten demon kings who will become a helping hand to him in the future.

Upon hearing that her body might be scarred, Fiery Demon King's face changed, and she stopped talking. Every woman cared about their looks and Fiery Demon King was no exception; she would never want a scar on her body.

Qingfeng noticed that Fiery Demon King had stopped talking, and understood that she had accepted his request.

"Sister beauty, I'm starting the treatment." After Qingfeng comforted her, he started the treatment.

It was fine if Qingfeng didn't say anything, but those words just made Fiery Demon King blush, and her face became red like an apple. She blinked her eyes at him, and her heart raced.

There was a huge hole on Fiery Demon King's body, which was left after she was stabbed with a sword. The wound had a ring of black tissue around it, looking terrifying.

Qingfeng looked serious, and he carefully cleaned her blood and impurities away. After cleaning, Qingfeng took out some herbs and chewed them into a paste, before applying it on her wound.

When Qingfeng was patching the wound, he tossed a random glance at her, which made Fiery Demon King's face even more red.

Fiery Demon King wanted to be angry, but she remembered that Qingfeng was treating her wound so she had to suppress her anger for now.

Thinking about how Qingfeng chewed herbs for her and treated her wounds, she began to have mixed feelings.

Fiery Demon King was acquainted with many men, but Qingfeng was very special and stood out among all the others, leaving her with complicated feelings.

After half an hour, Qingfeng was done cleaning and treating her wounds. Noticing that she was looking at him with puzzled eyes, his heart skipped a beat.

"Sister beauty, did you just fall in love with me?" Qingfeng joked.

"You jerk, I did not!" Fiery Demon King sputtered and blushed.

She was very thankful that Qingfeng treated her wounds, but now that he was joking around with her, the gratitude was gone and only fury was left.