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Chapter 970: Taming the She-Devil

Chapter 970: Taming the She-Devil
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"Alright, sister beauty, stop being mad, here is a fiery fruit for you." Qingfeng Li grinned, taking out a fiery fruit and passing it to Fiery Demon King.

Fiery Demon King's rosy face showed her confusion, and she blurted out, "The fiery fruit is a spiritual fruit and it takes a hundred years for three fruits to grow. Are you sure that you want to give one to me?"

Fiery Demon King came to Red Fiery Island for the fiery fruit, and she waited for more than ten years, spending all of her youth here, just for this spirit fruit. However, she had never thought that a man would just randomly give it to her.

"Yea, you are my lady now ... o-oh oops ... I mean you are my friend now. Of course I would give you one." Qingfeng Li had a slip of tongue, but quickly changed his words.

Fiery Demon King was intently staring at the fiery fruit with her mesmerizing eyes, so she did not hear Qingfeng Li clearly, which was a relief to Qingfeng Li.

As for the preciousness of the fiery fruit, Fiery Demon King clearly knew it. It was a treasure to all people who practiced fire element vital essence because it could help them progress to the next tier of their cultivation. Think about it, she had waited for this fiery fruit for fifteen years.

But, Fiery Demon King had never thought that Qingfeng Li would gift her one. At this moment in time, she tossed a more puzzled look at Qingfeng Li.

Fifteen years ago, the Conqueror, Third Master Li, promised to find Fiery Demon King a fiery fruit, but he failed to do so. Unexpectedly, Qingfeng Li was the one who fulfilled that promise.

Fiery Demon King thanked Qingfeng Li in her heart and took the fiery fruit. For a she-devil with this much dignity and pride to show her gratitude to others, it was extremely arduous.

"Alright, I will go keep a watch for you outside, you go ahead and absorb this fiery fruit." Qingfeng Li left after saying these words.

"Qingfeng Li, I guess I won't kill you after my wounds recover in return for this fiery fruit," Fiery Demon King nibbled on her bottom lip, and hissed.

Fiery Demon King stopped hesitating, and immediately bit into the fiery fruit. It tasted just like an apple, but when you bite it, scarlet juices containing an abundance of fire style vital essence energy begin flowing out.


The fiery fruit contained too much fire element vital essence, as much as the waves of a sea. This was the energy of a hundred years of absorbance from molten lava so the energy stormed into Fiery Demon King's body frantically.

Fiery Demon King's wounds were cured by the energy in the blink of an eye. The extra energy was like seismic sea waves, clashing against her lower abdomen.

At the position of her lower abdomen, the spiritual nucleus was spinning around quickly, to the extent which the unaided eye could not see it. Only the constantly spinning motion was visible and the vital energy gathered there, condensing, absorbing, and condensing again.

The spiritual nucleus was the colour of cyan at first, but as it absorbed more vital energy, it started changing, and eventually becoming red.

The cyan spiritual nucleus represented the condensed spiritual nucleus of the True Spirit Realm, whereas the red spiritual nucleus represented the Earthly Spirit realm.

"I made it to the Earthly Spirit realm! The energy contained in the fiery fruit is so strong!" Feeling the red coloured spiritual nucleus in her lower abdomen, happiness transformed Fiery Demon King's dewy face.

She would have been satisfied with climbing up to the pinnacle tier of the True Spirit Realm, but little did she know that the energy from a hundred years of molten lava stored in the fiery fruit was so strong that it made her cyan colored spiritual nucleus evolve into a red spiritual nucleus.


A formidable vigour was sent forth from Fiery Demon King's body. As she raised her right hand, a beam of red light was shot out, creating a huge hole in the top of a distant mountain.

Thump, thump, thump!

Tons of rocks fell from the top of the mountain, as if a rock slide had taken place.

Qingfeng Li got dirt all over his body, and he felt very annoyed. He turned around, and saw red light coming out from Fiery Demon King's body. Her vigour was overwhelming, and the light radiating off of her almost blinded him.

From Fiery Demon King, Qingfeng Li felt a sense of fear, the same sense that the Pope had given off.

"You, you, you broke to the Earthly Spirit realm? " Qingfeng Li stammered, and his heart was beating fast.

The Earthly Spirit Realm, oh my dear god, the Earthly Spirit realm! That was infinitely stronger than the True Spirit realm! Qingfeng Li was going crazy.

Qingfeng knew very well the power of the Earthly Spirit Realm. At the Tiger Continent, the Pope was at the Earthly Spirit Realm and he had trapped Qingfeng Li with a realm light veil, almost killing him.


Fiery Demon King raised her right hand, forming a red realm light veil and trapping Qingfeng Li right away.

F**k, why did I jinx it. I was just wishing for the she-devil to not use the realm light veil and trap me, and she instantly does it, Qingfeng Li was feeling depressed.

Inside the realm light veil, Qingfeng Li could not move an inch, and could only look straight at Fiery Demon King.

"Sister beauty, what are you doing now?"

"Good question, you hit me so many times awhile ago, now it's my turn."

"Sister beauty, you can't, not only did I save your life, I also gave you a fiery fruit. You shouldn't be ungrateful."

"Qingfeng Li, if you didn't save me and give me a fiery fruit, I would have killed you by now. I am being merciful to you by not killing you, but you must let me to hit you there," Fiery Demon King hissed while gesturing at Qingfeng's butt.

Fiery Demon King was arrogant, violent, and vicious, but she knew right and wrong, which was why she didn't kill Qingfeng Li. But in regards to the fact that he hit her "there", she vowed to get revenge.

Fiery Demon King went up to Qingfeng Li, put out her hand, and slapped his butt.

"Ow, it hurts so much," Qingfeng Li could not move his body, so he opened his mouth wide, and pretended to be in pain.

Even though Qingfeng Li was yelling in pain, he was thrilled inside.


Hearing that Qingfeng Li was screaming in pain, Fiery Demon King was happy, and thought that her punishment was effective. She then used her snowy-white hand and started slapping Qingfeng Li again.

Fiery Demon King was no fool, and realized it after awhile, she noticed that Qingfeng Li was no longing yelling in pain but was rather enjoying it.

"Jerk, you are fooling around with me again?" Fiery Demon King bellowed.

Fiery Demon King finally realized that Qingfeng Li was letting her hit him on purpose.

"Sister beauty, keep it going."

"I'll stop here, I shouldn't excite a jerk like you."

"Alright then, but sister beauty, you have to remember your promise. Become my maid," Qingfeng Li teased.


A powerful aura of strength came out from Fiery Demon King's body. She looked at Qingfeng Li coldly, and said, "I am someone in Earthly Spirit realm, there is no way for me to be your maid. But since you saved my life, I can rejoin the ten demon kings, and protect you for a year."

Qingfeng Li thought about it, and agreed to it. It was not realistic for a Earthly Spirit realm master to be a maid, as being a bodyguard was a better choice.

Qingfeng Li was determined to slowly tame this she-devil, so he could have an ace beside him; an ultimate master who could fight against the Pope.

An old sayings goes, haste makes waste, take one bite of the elephant at a time, and never rush things. Everything has to go through a step-by-step progress.