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Chapter 971: Shipbuilding

Chapter 971: Shipbuilding
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"Sister beauty, I'll settle for you becoming my bodyguard for one year. Since you are healed, we can leave now," Qingfeng Li said with a smile.

Fiery Demon King nodded and left the cave with Qingfeng Li.

Though unwilling to say it outloud, she had accepted Qingfeng Li by now and was willing to protect him.

Purple Bat Demon King and the entire Wolf Fang Team were all waiting outside of the cave. Everyone had a weird look on their faces when they saw Qingfeng Li walk out.

"Well, Daoist, what's wrong with you?" Qingfeng Li frowned and asked with confusion.

Daoist winked, walked by Qingfeng Li and whispered, "Boss, why did you scream so loud in the cave just now?"

Qingfeng Li was dazed for a second. He didn't expect that he was heard by the Wolf Fang Team and felt quite awkward.

"Boss, were you f*cked by the she-devil just now?"

"Bullsh*t! She just…just spanked me."

"What, boss, you were…" Before Daoist finished, Qingfeng Li quickly covered his mouth with his palm.

Qingfeng Li silenced Daoist from talking nonsense and whispered, "She is now in the Earthly Spirit Realm and can kill you without blinking. Say it out loud if you want to die."

What the heck, Earthly Spirit Realm? Isn't that equal to the power of the Pope? Daoist froze in shock and didn't say another word. He realized that if he irritated Fiery Demon King, he would die from one of her slaps.

"Sister beauty, how can we leave this Fiery Island?" Qingfeng Li smiled and asked Fiery Demon King.

The plane Qingfeng Li took had crashed already so there was no way to fly off the island. Surrounded by the boundless ocean, there was no ships passing by either.

As for their phones, they already short circuited when everyone dropped into the sea. It was impossible for them to make any phone calls.

Though Qingfeng Li had no solution, he knew Fiery Demon King had lived here for the past fifteen years, so she must know a way out.

Just as Qingfeng Li supposed, Fiery Demon King said dismissively, "There are many old trees here. I once built a ship out of them in my leisure time. It can get us out of here."

"Sister beauty, you know how to build ships? You're awesome!" Qingfeng Li flattered her hard, but the Demon didn't buy it. She coldly turned her head and walked forward.

Fiery Demon King was truly talented and had reached the Earthly Spirit Realm so she had her right to be proud.

An hour passed.

Fiery Demon King led Qingfeng Li and the others to the place where she had made the ship. It was a jungle of ancient trees, with a small boat in the center.

"This…this is the ship you were talking about?" Qingfeng Li was stunned, feeling like thousands of crabs were scratching at his heart.

If he had the ability to defeat this devil, he would press her on the ground and spank her hard, because the ship she built was extremely hideous.

It was hardly a raft, let alone a ship. Fiery Demon King just tied three logs up together with a piece of rope. That was her so-called ship.

Sure, Fiery Demon King was powerful enough to stand alone on the wood and drift over the ocean, but Qingfeng Li wasn't. There were also Purple Bat Demon King and the Wolf Fang Team. Three logs were far from enough for all of them.

Seeing Qingfeng Li with a depressed look on his face, Fiery Demon King awkwardly blushed. She knew her raft was too shabby and was only enough for herself.

Then Purple Bat Demon King spoke. He said, "I've learned shipbuilding in Pacific Island. I can make a simple boat out of wood and ropes."

Qingfeng Li felt quite happy hearing these words. He patted Purple Bat's head and said, "You hid your skills pretty well, buddy. Nobody even noticed that you could build ships."

Purple Bat Demon King grinned with a touch of pride on his handsome face. Of course, he wouldn't tell Qingfeng Li the truth of how he learned this skill. He was once hunted down and had to hide in a shipyard as an apprentice to avoid killers.

Knowing Purple Bat could build ships, everybody felt motivated. They decided to make a ship on their own.

"Young master, you cut down trees. Daoist, you cut the trees into ten-centimeter thick planks and make them smooth. Bald man, you go collect black vines and twist them into ropes," Purple Bat started directing the others.

Though Purple Bat Demon King was young with a soft appearance, he was quite vigorous and resolute when working. He even dared to command Qingfeng Li when necessary.

Purple Bat was commanding all the others except one, Fiery Demon King. He was extremely afraid of this devil, just like everyone else.

Actually, he had been beaten up by Fiery Demon King so many times ever since he was little that she was the source of the majority of his childhood trauma.

"Little Bat, why don't you arrange something for me?" Fiery Demon King walked by Purple Bat's side while speaking with a grin.

"Sis…my good sis, as you can see, there are enough hands here. You can just rest," Purple Bat Demon King squeezed out a phony and ugly smile, feeling unspeakably upset.

How dare he arrange some work for Fiery Demon King? Who knows how she would punish him afterward?

"Little Bat, you look pretty handsome after all these years. Do you have a girlfriend? Need me to introduce you to one?"

"Sis, I have one, thanks."

"Really? Where is she? I want to see her."

"She is studying on Pacific Island," Purple Bat Demon King talked while trembling out of fear.

Fiery Demon King patted Purple Bat's shoulder, smiled and said, "The kid has a girlfriend now. Well done."

Then Fiery Demon King Walked away. She had nothing to do while everyone else was busy building the ship.

"My god, she is becoming more and more powerful now. I felt horrified by just standing beside her," Purple Bat Demon King fearfully wiped his sweaty forehead.

Fiery Demon King didn't deliberately expose her power, but the aura of the Earthly Spirit Realm kept emitting out. As a self-cultivator, Purple Bat Demon King surely could feel the boundless strength that could kill him a hundred times.

"You, come here and help me carry these trunks," Qingfeng Li said, pointing at Fiery Demon King.

Seeing Qingfeng Li commanding Fiery Demon King, Purple Bat's face turned pale instantly. Young master, she is shockingly powerful, how dare you command her?

What made Purple Bat Demon King even more shocked was that the she-devil actually obeyed Qingfeng Li. She lifted the trunks with him, walked to the other side, and prepared to cut the wood into planks.

"Young master is awesome. Even the she-devil obeys him," Purple Bat Demon King gave a thumbs up to Qingfeng Li, showing all his respect in his eyes.