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Chapter 972: Leaving Fiery Island

Chapter 972: Leaving Fiery Island
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Three hours later, a large ship was finally built in their concerted efforts. It was very sturdy with a hull and deck made from old tree trucks.

Qingfeng Li let the Bald Man smash the ship with his fist. He was quite satisfied that the ship remains undamaged. It was because these boards were made from century-old spirit tree, perfect material for shipbuilding.  

These boards were tied tightly with black vines. Above it, hanging a huge canvas.

"The ship is ready! Let's sail to Huaxia." Qingfeng Li waved in excitement.  

He wanted to go back as soon as possible to Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu. Oh, and Little Apple.  

Upon hearing this, everyone was so happy to leave this middle of nowhere and head back to Huaxia, their homeland. They were sick of this place for a long time.  

Qingfeng Li and Wolf Fang Sect raised up the ship, headed to the coast to leave the island. Soon afterward, they reached the seaside and then pushed the ship into the sea. 

Qingfeng Li put some food and fresh water onto the ship. He had prepared these on the Fiery Island in advance to solve the eating and drinking problem.

When the hull entered the water, Qingfeng Li checked that the ship was not leaking, which proved its quality.

'Purple Bat Demon King, you steer; Daoist, you tell him the direction. Bald Man and Death God, you two guard.'  

Purple Bat Demon King walked to the front, steering the wheel, then headed forward to the sea.

It was daytime; they could not see the horizon on this vast expanse of blue ocean. Surrounded by sea water, the ship was just like an orphan, sailing lonely ahead.

Normal people would definitely lose their way in the ocean with a wooden ship. But it was not true for this ship. Because Daoist was a master of Eight trigrams of Yin and Yang, he could forecast the weather and tell the direction.

With the help of Daoist, Purple Bat Demon braved the wind and waves, sailing to Huaxia.

Qingfeng Li and the others were a bit excited about the boundless ocean at first. As time passed, they felt a bit bored. Surrounded by sea water, they could not see anything except fishes and marine monsters occasionally swam by.

'Boss, it is so boring.' Bald Man walked towards Qingfeng Li, said with depresses. 

This ship had been sailing for longer than ten hours. It was surely very boring with dimmed skylights.

Qingfeng Li nodded, said, 'The night is the most dangerous period of the day. There will be not only storms but also dangerous marine monsters approaching us. Be cautious!'  

Bold Man answered him with an 'eh.' He had realized the danger of the ocean at the time he was once on a mission with Wolf Fang Sect. He knew that the ocean is way more dangerous than the land.

Skylight dimmed with sunset. The moon rose high over the ocean in the sky. Surrounded it, there were bright stars.  

Qingfeng Li looked up these stars. With a light of shock in his eyes, somehow, he felt there were men in these stars. Apparently, it was just a kind of telepathy resulted from his training following Mortal Purgatory Body; he did not see it with his eyes.

All of a sudden, Qingfeng Li noticed an extremely bright star in the north of sky, neighboring the Seven-star. It was the Conqueror Star. Not until recently did astronomers discover it.

The Conqueror Star?  

Qingfeng Li looked closely at this star. Three years ago, when it was discovered, the whole world was shocked. They had never imagined a star was in the solar system, not to say that the Conqueror Star was so close to the Earth. 

'What? The jade slips my father gave me just trembled.' Qingfeng Li was confused.

Just a second ago, when Qingfeng Li was staring at the Conqueror Star in the sky, the emerald jade slips trembled. It was 'Conqueror's Finger', a practice of self-cultivation that his father had left him.

Qingfeng Li took out the jade slips, read the content of Conqueror's Finger carefully.

Conqueror's Finger was an evolutionary practice of self-cultivation created by the Sky-Conqueror Sage. It contained nine techniques. Even the simplest one required an early stage in the True Spirit realm to perform.

Conqueror's Finger, just as its name, monopolized vital essence energy of the entire world and condensed it to one finger. Everything would break down with one finger pointing at it. 

It was said in the legend, that with the ninth stage of Conqueror's Finger, one finger-pointing would break a planet. With this finger, the moon and the Sun would reverse back; even time would stop elapsing. However, Qingfeng Li was not able to perform it, because it required Sage Grade.

Qingfeng Li is now in the early stage of the True Spirit realm. He could practice the first finger technique at most. 

"The Heavenly Dao contains thousands of Dao, Immortal's Dao, Daoist's Dao, Demon's Dao, Sword's Dao, Blade's Dao, Elixir's Dao. I, followed Conqueror's Dao, conquered all beneath the sky, swiped over the world. I, took vital essence energy from the Heaven and the Earth, condensed it to my flesh…" Qingfeng Li silently read the first stage of the Conqueror's finger, started to practice.

The Conqueror's star seemed to see Qingfeng Li practicing; it slightly shed a silver light into his body.

Although looked inconspicuous, the silver light was very powerful. It contained the heavenly creating power that built Qingfeng Li's meridians wider, harder, and stronger.

The Conqueror's finger actually referred to the energy beam formed by vital essence energy injected from meridians inside his body, just like 'the Six Meridians' Magical Sword', but much more intense and powerful compared to that. Therefore, it had a much higher requirement to the meridians and vital essence energy storage.

An emerald light ball was moving slowly to refine his meridians. It was like his meridians were smashed by an iron hammer once and once again, and became shiny during the process.

Qingfeng Li guided the light, refining all meridians in his body. Although enduring with great pain in the process, he clenched his teeth, with a trembling body and paled face.

"What happened to Boss?" Daoist noticed his abnormal, said.  

Fiery Demon King's pretty face turned gloomy; she gave Daoist a hard look and said, "He is practicing some cultivation techniques and cannot be disturbed by anyone. Don't say a word and keep an eye on those sea monsters."

Daoist nodded, as he knew the Fiery Demon King was right. She meant good for Qingfeng Li, because there would be inevitable damage to one's body if being disturbed during the practice.  

Fiery Demon King looked at Qingfeng Li with confusion. She did not understand why he started practicing during the night.

In fact, Qingfeng Li had practiced the Conqueror's finger during the daytime before. But he had never succeeded because he needed the light from the Conqueror Star to refine his meridians. 

This time, the light from Conqueror Star happened to sprinkle his body and helped him refine those meridians. This is why he started practicing. 

At the same time, not far away from the ship, a huge pirate ship was staring at them. A group of pirates was shipping towards them with their bloodthirsty eyes. Danger was approaching.