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Chapter 973: The Power of the Conqueror“s Finger

Chapter 973: The Power of the Conqueror's Finger
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Qingfeng Li focused on practicing the Conqueror's Finger while his vital essence was continuously running through his meridians. The light shining off of the Conqueror's star was absorbed into his body. He bathed in the light of stars, looking like an ethereal ancient warrior.

He didn't notice the giant pirate ship approaching, though he would not be afraid if he had because normal men were no match for him by now.

Fiery Demon King had sharp eyes and was the first to notice the pirate ship approaching from far away.

"Caution, a pirate ship is approaching," Fiery Demon King's lips curved and she said.

Everyone was stunned upon hearing her words and looked forward. A pirate ship appeared in front of them. It was huge, with a length of over fifty meters, which was several times larger than Qingfeng Li's wooden ship.

On the ship stood many pirates manning cannons loaded with artillery shells on both sides.

These pirate ships were the most horrible things to encounter in the ocean next to the sea monsters. They crippled passing ships with cannon fire and plundered everything they could lay their hands on.

"Those on the wooden boat, drop your weapons and surrender," the head of the pirates arrogantly commanded.

The leading pirate was over 1.9 meters tall, looked dark and sturdy, and had a rugged scar running across his forehead to his chin.

Fiery Demon King's beautiful face turned cold as she readied herself to kill this pirate.

"Stand by, let me do it," Qingfeng Li suddenly opened his eyes and said.

He had just learned the first technique of the Conqueror's Finger, 'One Finger Splits All'. Now he wanted to test its power.

"Alright, I saw you were practicing under the light of the Conqueror's star." A light of curiosity shined in the pretty eyes of Fiery Demon King.

The pirate ship approached much closer, to within ten meters of Qingfeng's ship.

"Haha, there are two beauties there? Good! Kill all the men and grab the women" The scar-faced pirate saw Fiery Demon King and Alice on the boat and laughed wildly.

These pirates did nothing but evil acts all over the ocean.

"You're courting death." A murderous aura flashed through Qingfeng Li's cold eyes.

"Kid, you look young. Are you a virgin? Need me teach you how to please women?" The scar-faced pirate laughed while mocking Qingfeng.


Qingfeng Li said no more, and condensed his vital essence into his right index finger. An emerald light shot right at the scar-faced pirate.

This light was fast and powerful like a flying sword, slashing into the pirate's body in no time.


The pirate was cut in half by the light. He looked at Qingfeng Li with a last glance of fear and fell onto the floor.


The other pirates on that ship all stepped backward, staring at Qingfeng Li with fear as if they were looking at a demon. This young man was too powerful, cutting the scarred pirate in half from ten meters away by only raising one finger.

Killing so formlessly and stealthily from over ten meters away, Qingfeng Li's Conqueror's Finger was incredibly powerful.

"How powerful." A touch of shock appeared in Fiery Demon King's pretty eyes. When Qingfeng Li used the Conqueror's Finger, even she was frightened.

The first technique of Conqueror's Finger was called 'One Finger Splits All' because everything would be cut in half by this attack, just like the scarfaced pirate.

"The Conqueror's Finger is formidable, but it uses too much vital essence energy." Qingfeng Li sighed. Though he killed a man from ten meters away, half of his energy was used up.

In another word, with his current strength, he could only use the Conqueror's Finger twice.

Even so, this technique was still invincible in the True Spirit Realm. It would be Qingfeng Li's last resort, just like the Fire Dragon Fist.

Plop, Plop…

Seeing Qingfeng Li's unrivaled technique, all the pirates on that ship kneeled down, begging for mercy, "Exalted immortal, please don't kill us! It was all Scar-Face's idea! How would we dare to attack you otherwise?"

"Boss, how do we handle them?" Daoist asked.

"These guys have done enough bad things. Let me set this straight and kill them all," Qingfeng Li said ruthlessly. He would never forgive a villain.

The Wolf Fang Team boarded the pirate ship and killed all the vicious pirates before taking over the ship and setting sail towards Huaxia.

This ship was much larger than theirs, and thus it traveled much faster.

The pirate ship had its advantage in that other ships all avoided them, giving them a quite smooth trip. Though they encountered some storms, this ship was sturdy enough to bring all of them back to the harbor city of Huaxia.

Cloud Sea Harbor was the biggest coastal city and had the largest harbor in southern Huaxia.

Qingfeng Li and others went ashore from Cloud Sea Harbor and took a flight to Eastern Sea City.

"Xue Lin, Ruyan, Little Apple, wait for me. I'll see you soon." Qingfeng Li looked at the clouds outside the window as he sat on the plane.

Ice Snow Corporation.

As the biggest jewelry company in Eastern Sea City, the Ice Snow Corporation was famous not only in Eastern Sea City but in Hujiang Province and all over the country.

However, a group of strangers showed up this day. They all wore red, as well as radiated a bloodthirsty aura.

This group in red was none other than those from the Vampire Sect. The security guards of the Ice Snow Corporation were easily taken down and had gone unconscious.

The Vampire Sect was a super-class force within the unorthodox side of the ancient martial world. They had a blood feud with Qingfeng Li because he killed Yangzi Blood and destroyed the Crimson Blood Sect.

The Vampire Sect had always wanted to take revenge but Qingfeng Li was too powerful. He defeated all the participants in the Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Arts Competition, vanquishing many martial arts geniuses and becoming the champion.

Other than that, Qingfeng Li also destroyed three of the five Clan Chiefs of the ruling clans, shocking the entire Pacific Island.

Though the Vampire Sect was eager to murder Qingfeng Li, he was too strong for them.

But it was different this time. The 747 plane that carried Qingfeng Li had crashed. The whole world was aware of that and the Vampire Sect was ecstatic for this opportunity to get revenge.

Since Qingfeng Li was blown up with the plane, the Vampire Sect couldn't kill him again, but they could torture his wife.

They found out that Qingfeng Li's wife was working as the CEO of the Ice Snow Corporation and so the young master of the Vampire Sect led his minions here to kill her to set an example for what consequences awaited those that offended them.