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Chapter 974: Xue Lin was Harassed

Chapter 974: Xue Lin was Harassed
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Ice Snow Corporation, President's Office.

Xue Lin was at work but, of course, she was not working on the company. She was really using the office phone to talk with Mengyao Xu, trying to figure out who the mastermind who blew up Qingfeng Li's plane was.

"Miss Lin, let's just leave this matter alone. Don't investigate anymore."

"No, my husband was blown to death by those bastards. I have to get revenge."

"Miss Lin, the people who blew up the plane are very influential. They are powerful enough to defy God so if you insist on getting revenge, you may die."

"If it was not to get revenge for my husband, I would've killed myself by overdosing on sleeping pills. I am only living to avenge my husband," Xue Lin said coldly and sternly.

Mengyao Xu sighed on the phone and whispered, "Those who killed Qingfeng Li were from the Sky Gods League. They are the biggest ancient martial force in the Tiger Continent."

Sky Gods League?

Xue Lin's beautiful face reacted. She had heard the legend. It was said the Sky Gods League was the most powerful force in the Tiger Continent and many of the world's top 500 companies had connections with them.

She knew that it would be easy for a superpower such as the Sky Gods League to kill her, but Xue Lin was not afraid because she no longer cared about her own life.

After Xue Lin and Mengyao Xu finished talking on phone, she said to her secretary, "Wei Qiao, can you estimate the net worth of the Ice Snow Corporation? I want to sell it."

What? selling the company?

Wei Qiao's face paled as her brows scrunched up in shock. She knew that the Ice Snow Corporation meant everything to Xue Lin as it was the only thing that her grandparents left her.

Xue Lin took over Ice Snow Corporation three years ago. Originally it was a company that was on the verge of bankruptcy and it was about to dissolve. For the sake of company development, Xue Lin stayed up every night, working past midnight.

From Xue Lin's prospective, the Ice Snow Corporation was like her child; she sacrificed many things for the sake of the company. No one knew how much she gave up for this company as they only saw her bright appearance and how the company grew and developed.

But now, for the sake of Qingfeng Li's revenge, Xue Lin wanted to sell the Ice Snow Corporation. That's like selling her own son.

Was that painful? Xue Lin's heart was naturally in pain, but when she thought about how her husband was killed by the Sky Gods League, the hatred in heart reached a whole new level.

Xue Lin hated the Sky Gods League, but she knew they were very powerful and she knew they were too powerful for her to defeat alone.

Xue Lin's method was simple: selling the company and hiring the world's strongest assassin, or the most powerful mercenaries to destroy the Sky Gods League.

"President, think about it, you built this company with your very own hands. It's your everything! Are you sure you want to sell it?" Qiao Wei frowned and said.

Xue Lin was holding a photo of Qingfeng Li. She gently looked at it and said, "Sell it. My husband is gone and it is meaningless without him."

Wei Qiao sighed in her heart. She wanted to speak, but didn't know what to say.

"Sister Xue, although master died, he had hoped you would live a good life. Don't sell the company," Ziyi Miao, who was standing on the side, tried convincing Xue Lin. She saw and heard everything.

Ziyi Miao and Xue Lin had lived together a long time. They had a strong relationship and she did not want to see Xue Lin like this.

Xue Lin took out her snowy fingers and touched the face of Qingfeng Li in the photo. Her heart was dead. Her only purpose now was to avenge her husband. Everything else was not important.

Seeing Xue Lin's face of despair, Ziyi Miao heart was very sad. Just as she was about to persuade Xue Lin again, the door suddenly opened.

"Tsk tsk, you and your husband Qingfeng Li had a strong relationship, but he is dead now." There was a strange chattering noise, and then a young man came in.

This young man was in his twenties. He was wearing a blood-colored suit and had a devilishly pale face with a pair sunken eyes.

"Wow, what a pretty woman, I did not expect Qingfeng Li's wife to be so beautiful. If I knew that, I would've came to the Ice Snow Corporation earlier," the evil youth said as his eyes betrayed his naughty intentions.

The tone of this young man's voice was frivolous and uncomfortable to listen to.

"This is the president's office. Who are you? Who brought you in?" Xue Lin's said coldly with disgust.

"Let me introduce myself. My name is Tengfei Xue. I am the young master of the Vampire Sect. Originally I came to kill you, but you are so beautiful that I am willing to spare your life if you become my mistress," Tengfei Xue smiled evilly and said arrograntly.

Xue Lin eyes lit up as she heard what he said. Her beautiful face was full of anger. This bastard not only came to my office uninvited, but is asking me to be his concubine! He truly is a shameless bastard.

"This is the Ice Snow Corporation, scram." Xue Lin took the teacup from her table and threw it at Fengfei Xue.

Fengfei Xue smiled in bafflement and easily slapped the teacup away. The teacup disintegrated while falling to the ground.

"Beauty, you kinda have a feisty personality, I like it. Your husband Qingfeng Li killed a lot of people in the Vampire Sect. His wife will pay for it." Fengfei Xue smiled maliciously and walked over.

Ziyi Miao stepped forward and said coldly, "Stop and get out of here."

"Oh, another beautiful girl. An ancient martial artist as well, but you are too weak." Tengfei Xue raised his right and a ray of red light flew at Ziyi Miao.


The red light hit Ziyi Miao, sending her body flying and slamming her heavily into the wall. She spat out a large amount of blood. If Ziyi Miao wasn't beautiful, he would've kill her with a palm strike.

"Ziyi, are you okay?" Xue Lin said as she went to Ziyi Miao's side, her tender face full of concern.

Ziyi Miao had always been in charge of protecting Xue Lin, so Xue Lin knew perfectly well how powerful she was. She was very powerful and she could easily take on dozens of bastards, but how did this evil youth one-shot her.

"Sister Xue, he is an unorthodox self-cultivator and is really strong. You should run!" Ziyi Miao's bright face became pale and she squeezed out a warning as blood was flowing out of the corner of her mouth.

Xue Lin shook her beautiful little head and said, "Ziyi, my husband is dead. You are the closest person I have. I will not leave you, I rather die together."

"Tsk tsk, you two have such a strong bond. All right, I will make you both my concubines. I will not kill either of you." Tengfei Xue wickedly looked over their bodies and walked over to the two women.


Qingfeng Li and his party had just flown back to Eastern Sea City. When they just got off the plane, he felt a sharp pain in his heart. It seemed like something bad had just happened.

Could that be Xue Lin in danger?

Qingfeng Li murmured to himself. He and Xue Lin had a telepathic link. If one of them was in danger, the other person would be able to feel it.

"Let's first go to the Ice Snow Corporation first and check up on my wife." Qingfeng Li was very uncomfortable. He took a car and headed quickly for Ice Snow Corporation.