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Chapter 975: Qingfeng Li“s Fury

Chapter 975: Qingfeng Li's Fury
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Because Qingfeng Li was worried about Xue Lin's safety, he drove really fast and arrived shortly after.

"Boss, how come there's people dressed in blood red cloaks gathered in front of the Ice Snow Corporation?" Daoist asked in surprise as he noticed a bunch of people had gathered outside the Ice Snow Corporation.

"Damn it. It's the Vampire Sect's people. They must be out of their minds. How dare they come to the Ice Snow Corporation? They must all die!" Qingfeng Li said with a cold face. He already knew that the Ice Snow Corporation was in trouble, so Xue Lin must be in trouble.

As for the people from the Vampire Sect, they were all very familiar with Qingfeng Li because they had become enemies after he killed many people from their Sect.

Qingfeng Li quickly got out of the car. He moved like a lightning bolt and rushed toward the Ice Snow Corporation building.

At the gate of the company, Qingfeng Li found that all the security guards had fainted and all the company staff had also gone unconscious. Apparently, the Vampire Sect used a special method to knock everyone in the company out.

Not only the security guards, but King Kong and everyone from the Qingfeng League had also fainted.

As for Sky Demon King and Niching Luo, they were protecting Ruyan Liu at the hospital and were not present.

"Who are you? This area is off limits," a man garbed in a red cloak stopped Qingfeng Li and said loudly.

"I'm from the Ice Snow Corporation. Scram."

"Our Young master is working inside, do you dare to break in? Do you want to die?"

"Go to hell!" Qingfeng Li felt what the man was saying to be very annoying. He directly slapped him to death.

The other Vampire Sect disciples quickly rushed over after seeing Qingfeng Li kill the Vampire Sect member. They attacked Qingfeng Li together.


Qingfeng Li didn't want to waste time. He directly drew his Red Fiery Sword and slashed a circular arc around him, emitting a ring of sword energy. The ring expanded 20 meters instantly and directly beheaded all the men dressed in red cloaks.

One sword and all the Vampire Sect disciples were dead.

Qingfeng Li did not bother looking at them. His body just flew toward Xue Lin's office.


Xue Lin's office.

Tengfei Xue's face was full of viciousness as he was standing in front of Xue Lin. The closer he got to Xue Lin, the more he realized how beautiful this woman was.

Xue Lin's cheeky face was like a blooming peony with white skin, her eyes like morning dewdrops on the tree leaves of the Tianshan Mountains. As for her figure, it was slim, graceful and attractive to everyone.

"Beauty, your husband is dead, so just agree to be my concubine," Tengfei Xue said with a hot lust emanating from his eyes.

Tengfei Xue practiced an unorthodox cultivation technique. This technique required beautiful woman and blood. He had smelled the delicious fresh blood flowing within Xue Lin's body. He knew that if he obtains this woman, his strength would greatly improve.

"Don't come any closer. If you do I will kill myself!" Xue Lin said. She took out a small blade and placed it on her snowy neck.

Xue Lin swore in her heart that she would even kill herself just to prevent this evil youth from getting what he wanted.

"Beauty, you can't kill yourself. Why don't you just obediently be my concubine," Tengfei Xue said with a devilish smile. He stretched out his hand and reached for Xue Lin's body.

Xue Lin beautiful face panicked. She was holding a small blade aimed at her own neck ready to commit suicide.

"Vampire realm," Tengfei Xue said in a deep voice, releasing his Vampire realm.

Within a radius of ten feet, red evil spirits containing a vampiric aura filled the area.

Xue Lin was in the Vampire realm and her body could not move. Even if she wanted to commit suicide, she wouldn't be able to. The power of this field was to restrict the movement of anyone within.

"Its over. I can't even kill myself," Xue Lin said in a defeated voice. She felt hopeless.

Ziyi Miao wanted to save Xue Lin, but she was also trapped in the Vampire realm. She couldn't move her body at all to save her.

Tengfei Xue reached out his bloody red hand and wanted to touch Xue Lin's tender face. He wanted to see if her face was really that smooth.

Qingfeng Li came to the office just to see that a bloody hand was reaching for his wife's face.

"Motherf*cker! How dare you touch my wife! You must be looking for death!" Qingfeng Li cursed loudly. He picked up a stone with the right hand and threw it at Tengfei Xue.


Qingfeng Li threw the stones fast like lightning. In an instant, the stone was in front of Tengfei Xue. Puchi, it directly penetrated his palm, leaving a bloody hole.

In fact, Qingfeng Li just wanted to use Conqueror's Finger to split Tengfei Xue in half. But, the Conqueror's Finger was too powerful and Tengfei Xue was too close to Xue Lin. He was afraid that Xue Lin would get hurt, so he didn't use Conqueror's Finger, and just threw a stone.


Tengfei Xue's hand was penetrated by the stone. His muscles and bones were also penetrated. His face turned pale as he began screaming, taking his hand back without being able to touch Xue Lin's face.

"Who was the asshole that dared to attack me?" Tengfei Xue turned around and said in an extremely angry voice.

Qingfeng Li didn't take notice of Tengfei Xue's cursing as he quickly went to Xue Lin's side. To him, Xue Lin was the most important.

"Break for me!" Qingfeng Li punched the vampire realm to break it, once again injuring Tengfei Xue making him spit out a large amount of blood.

"Honey, are you okay?" Qingfeng Li said, holding Xue Lin's body. He asked in a concerned voice.

Xue Lin was speechless, her eyes full of disblief. Who was she looking at? Was it her husband?

"Sweetheart, Aren't you ... dead?" Xue Lin asked naively. Her delicate face full of doubts.

"Silly girl, your husband is invincible. How can I die?" Qingfeng Li gently touched Xue Lin nose and said with a warm smile.

"Ooo, my husband, I thought I would never see you ever again." Xue Lin burst into Qingfeng Li's arms and cried out loud.

For the past couple of days, Xue Lin was worried and petrified when she learned that Qingfeng Li's plane exploded. She was so shocked that she even fainted. She even thought of committing suicide to join her husband, but she decided to stay alive in order to avenge him.

Xue Lin never imagined that her presumed-dead husband would appear in front of her. She was really excited and all her worry, fears, and feelings came all out as she cried endlessly.

Xue Lin couldn't stop crying, Qingfeng Li was really moved. This woman always occupied an irreplaceable position in his heart,.

"Master, you came back just in time. Otherwise sister Xue was going to sell the company just to get revenge for you," since the Vampire realm was broken, Ziyi Miao stood up and said.

Understanding his wife's thoughts, Qingfeng Li was even more touched. He knew how important the Ice Snow Corporation meant to Xue Lin. It was like her own child, that she personally raised by herself. However, in order to avenge him, she was actually willing to sell the company. If Ziyi Miao didn't tell him, he certainly wouldn't know.

"Bastard, how dare you flirt in front of my face, the Young master! Are you looking for your own death!" Tengfei Xue said after seeing Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin hug each other with affectionate looks.