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Chapter 976: You Are Exactly Who I Wanted to Beat

Chapter 976: You Are Exactly Who I Wanted to Beat
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Hearing Tengfei Xue insult Xue Lin and himself, a cool light flashed in his eyes.


Qingfeng Li stretched out his right hand at the speed of lightning and slapped Tengfei Xue's face. There was a solid slap sound and Tengfei Xue's face became red and swollen. There was a very evident handprint on his face.

"You.. you.. how dare you hit me?" Tengfei Xue placed his hands over the face as his eyes filled with shock. He was the young master of the Vampire Sect! How dare Qingfeng Li hit his face?

"Yeah, you are exactly who I wanted to beat." Qingfeng Li smiled coldly with gleaming eyes.

Slap Slap Slap ...

Qingfeng Li smacked Tengfei Xue's face a few dozen times, turning it red and swollen like a pig. Most of his teeth dropped out of his skewed lips as his appearance became extremely disheveled and miserable.

Tengfei Xue wanted to resist, but Qingfeng Li was too fast, giving Tengfei Xue no chance to escape or resist.


Tengfei Xue fell to the ground, panickingly looking at Qingfeng Li like he was seeing a ghost. He felt the Qingfeng Li who was in front of him was too strong for him to have a chance to fight back.

"Vampire realm." Tengfei Xue deeply shouted, releasing his Vampire realm again in an attempt to trap Qingfeng.

A enormous red mask, filled with red vampiric spirits, easily covering a hundred meters emerged and trapped both Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin.


Qingfeng Li did not release his realm in retaliation. Instead, he directly used the Conqueror's Finger and shot a green light using his index finger. The green light contained a huge force which instantly split the Vampire realm in half.

"Impossible! How did you get rid of my realm?" Tengfei Xue was shocked as his eyes went in awe.

One should know realm techniques were very powerful. Once a realm was released, only another realm of a comparable or stronger level could contend with it. Regular martial techniques were useless.

What cultivation technique did Qingfeng Li just use? Splitting the Vampire realm with just using one finger, if news of this was released, it would definitely cause a strong impact among all martial artists!

Qingfeng Li did not respond to Tengfei Xue, but he was truly happy inside. Qingfeng Li's father passed the Conqueror's Finger to him, which was amazing. Although he just cultivated the first finger technique - "One Finger Splits All", it was already an invincible technique that a realm could not even withstand.


The Vampire realm was split by Qingfeng Li's one finger, causing Tengfei Xue to cough up a huge amount of blood. He was seriously injured.

"Vampire Blade," Tengfei Xue angrily shouted as he took out a red sword and hacked at Qingfeng Li fiercely.

The red long blade was almost one and half meters long, and four-fingers in width. The blade's body was red as blood and a devilish vampire pattern was carved in its handle.

In order to kill Qingfeng Li, Tengfei Xue directly used his strongest attack. The Vampire Blade cut through the air with a sharp piercing sound, hacking towards Qingfeng Li's head.

"Your speed is too slow and your strength is so weak." Qingfeng Li smiled with disdain. He gently caught the Vampire Blade with two fingers.

What? He stopped a spiritual device with his bare hand? How dare you grip my Vampire Blade with just your fingers?

Tengfei Xue's face changed, his eyes aghast. He felt the Qingfeng Li in front of him was not a human because he was ridiculously powerful. His attacks were useless against Qingfeng.

"Hmph, how dare you catch my Vampire Blade with just your fingers! I'm going to suck your blood dry!" Tengfei Xue shouted deeply. Using his Vampire Blade technique, he wanted to suck Qingfeng's blood.

Devourer Bloodline.

Qingfeng Li deeply roared, directly stimulating the Devourer Bloodline and forming a huge black whirlpool around his body, just like a black hole in space with a terrifying suction force. It directly devoured Tengfei Xue's bloodline.

"Ahh! How come my bloodline essence got swallowed up?" Tengfei Xue screamed, with boundless fear in his voice.

Only a short while, the blood essence of Tengfei Xue was swallowed by Qingfeng Li, leaving only a skinny body behind.

Qingfeng Li still had something to ask, so he did not kill Tengfei Xue at that moment. If Qingfeng Li didn't have a question, he would've just sucked all the blood out of Tengfei Xue and turned him into a mummy.

"You are not human at all. You are a devil! You are a demon!" Tengfei Xue was disheveled, looking at Qingfeng Li with panic. He was deeply frightened inside.

Tengfei Xue was the young master of the Vampire Sect, and he often sucked the blood of others. He did a lot of evil stuff and he thought he was the most terrifying. But today when he saw Qingfeng Li, he realized that Qingfeng Li was far more terrifying than him. He felt that Qingfeng Li's cultivation technique was a direct nemesis to that of their Vampire Sect.

"Vampire Sect's Young Master. What a big name! Aren't you gonna kill me? I am here waiting for you to kill me." Qingfeng Li faintly smiled, gazing at Tengfei Xue with contempt.

Tengfei Xue was completely overwhelmed. He felt so miserable. He'd rather kill Qingfeng Li, but it was impossible. When Qingfeng Li slapped him, he couldn't react at all. He had already used all of his attacks, but they were all useless in front of Qingfeng Li.

"Master is so strong." A blur of fanaticism appeared in Ziyi Miao's pretty eyes.

Just a moment ago, Tengfei Xue had injured her seriously so she knew how strong Tengfei Xue was. But, now, no matter how strong Tengfei Xue was, he had been beaten into a bruised and disheveled mess by Qingfeng Li. His bloodline was also swallowed so he simply posed no threat at all.

"Tell me, where is the headquarter of the Vampire Sect?" Qingfeng Li stepped up to Tengfei Xue, occupying a commanding position and asked.

This time, the Vampire Sect committed a severe mistake by coming after Xue Lin's life. He decided to find the Vampire Sect's headquarters and destroy all of them.

Seeing the cool light in his eyes, Tengfei Xue coldly said, "What do you want? I will never tell you where the Vampire Sect headquarter is!"


Qingfeng Li grabbed hold of Tengfei Xue's little finger and broke it. He said coldly, "This is the first finger I will break. If you still won't say anything, I will break all of your fingers slowly, and then break all of your bones in your body."

Tengfei Xue face changed greatly, but his mouth still remained shut.

Crack Crack Crack ...

Qingfeng Li did not say anything and just broke all five of his fingers directly. All of his fingers were snapped and the bones were exposed through the skin.

"Tengfei Xue, if you still won't say anything, I'll break your other 5 fingers," Qingfeng Li said coldly. When dealing with his enemies, he was never merciful.

"If I told you where the Vampire Sect's headquarters is, would you let me go?"

"No. Just tell me where is Vampire Sect headquarters and I will give you a swift death. Otherwise I'll break all of the hundreds of bones in your body, and hack you into a thousand pieces"

"Please don't hack me into a thousand pieces, I'm gonna tell you. The Vampire Sect's headquarters are in the Blood Moon Mountains of Jiangnan province," Feeling the biting chill from Qingfeng Li, Tengfei Xue quickly said.

Tengfei Xue finally knew what fear was. He knew that the Qingfeng Li in front of him was very powerful and extremely terrifying with cruel methods. If he did not talk, he would definitely endure endless torture.