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Chapter 977: Killing Tengfei Xue

Chapter 977: Killing Tengfei Xue
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At this moment, Tengfei Xue felt regret. If time could flow backward, he would not have come to Eastern Sea City to seek revenge from Qingfeng Li's wife. This was all provacated by his brother, Zhihao Xue.

Tengfei Xue knew he was going to die today but he was not going to let go of his younger brother easily either. If his brother did not encourage him to come to Eastern Sea City to kill Xue Lin, he would not be suffering so much pain. He needed his brother to suffer with him.

Jiangnan province, Blood Moon Mountain?

Qingfeng Li frowned. He heard of this mountain before. This was a famous mountain in Jiangnan province. However, it was said to have been sealed off. So, outsiders were not permitted to enter. In the end, it turned out that that was where the headquarters of the Vampire Sect was.

"You can go to hell now and don't worry, the rest of the Vampire Sect will soon be there with you." Qingfeng Li stretched out his right hand and crushed Tengfei Xue's neck.


Qingfeng Li cracked Tengfei Xue's neck and ended his life.

Young Master of the Vampire Sect - dead.

Before dying, Tengfei Xue's eyes were full of regret and fear. It was the fear of death.

Instead of looking at Tengfei Xue's body, Qingfeng Li looked at Xue Lin and said, "Honey, I'm taking you to kill some people."

Honey, I am taking you to kill some people?

Hearing these words, Xue Lin's delicate looked confused.

Seeing Xue Lin puzzled, Qingfeng Li explained, "Honey, people from the Vampire Sect dared to come to try and kill you. We must make them pay the price. I want to let all of Huaxia's sects know that whoever dares to harm you will face their destruction by my hands."

Xue Lin was touched after hearing Qingfeng Li's explanation. She knew that Qingfeng was just worried about her and wanted to get revenge for her. Even though Tengfei Xue had already died, that did not ease the anger in Qingfeng Li's mind.

"Okay, I'll go with you." Xue Lin nodded and said.

Although Xue Lin had a good heart, it was only towards good people. She did not need to be kind to bad people like the Vampire Sect. If it was not for Qingfeng Li, she would have been dead already.

Qingfeng Li liked to work efficiently and did not like to procrastinate. He booked a flight ticket to Jiangnan province right away with Xue Lin, Purple Bat Demon King and Fiery Demon King.

As for the Wolf Fang Team, Qingfeng Li did not make them come along because they needed to remain at Eastern Sea City to protect the city and to help treat the Ice Snow Corporation staff.

Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin sat First Class while Purple Bat Demon King and Fiery Demon King sat behind them.

Fiery Demon King's tender face became uneasy and a little uncomfortable when she saw Qingfeng Li holding Xue Lin's hand.

"Fiery Sister, are you jealous?" Purple Bat Demon King blinked and whispered.

"Little bat. If you repeat it one more time, you are looking for a beating," Fiery Demon King's bright big eyes glared at Purple Bat Demon King coldly as she said.

Purple Bat Demon King was scared to see Fiery Demon King's cold look so he quickly huddled away. He grew up getting spanked by this she-devil so he was very scared to see that expression on her face.

"Sister Fiery, don't take my joke seriously. Xue Lin is the young master's wife so it's normal for them to hold hands," Purple Bat Demon King whispered again.

It would have actually been better for him to stay quiet because as soon as Fiery Demon King heard him, she became furious. She slapped the back of Purple Bat Demon King's head with her right hand, causing a round bump to appear.

Purple Bat Demon King took a glimpse at the she-devil resentfully. He got scared and put his head aside and did not dare to say a word because he could not beat the she-devil in a fight.

Xue Lin noticed the scene behind her and asked, "Honey, who is that woman? Why is she so fierce?"

"Honey, she is called Fiery Demon King and is one of my dad's follower. She is one of us, only that she has bad temper and loves fighting. She is a she-devil," Qingfeng Li said with a smile while holding Xue Lin's hand.

Fiery Demon King got mad after hearing what Qingfeng Li said about her. She was a lady, so how could she have a bad temper?

She was very angry and she needed to vent… Fiery Demon King swallowed her anger and then slapped Purple Bat Demon King's head four or five more times. Four or five big round bumps appeared on the back of Purple Bat Demon King's head. The humps made him looked like the Cow Fiend King and it looked rather miserable.

"It was the young master who said you are a she-devil so why are you hitting me?" Purple Bat Demon King complained with a face full of bitterness.

Who did I mess with just now? I will never travel with this she-devil ever again. It is too horrific and I'm always the one getting hurt. Purple Bat Demon King was very depressed and hurt, both emotionally and physically.

Qingfeng Li saw Purple Bat Demon King's miserable face and could not help but say, "Beautiful sister, can you take it easy? Purple Bat Demon King is still going through a growth spurt. What happens if he stops growing?"

"What do you mean? If you don't let me hit him, shall I hit you then?" Fiery Demon King widened her eyes and said to Qingfeng Li coldly.

Qingfeng Li was stunned. He knew Fiery Demon King was always moody, so he ignored her. He turned around, took Xue Lin's small hands and began chatting again.

The plane flew very fast and arrived at Jiangnan province in just four hours.

In Jiangnan province, Qingfeng Li and the others rode a taxi toward Blood Moon Mountain. The taxi driver was originally not willing to go to Blood Moon Mountain because it was a horrific place where many people died, but after Qingfeng Li offered two thousand dollars for the ride, the driver decided to take them there. Money was still very powerful.

Blood Moon Mountain was at the northern part of Jiangnan province. It was a huge mountain filled with blood-red stones. One could often hear moaning on a full moon night, resulting in the name of Blood Moon Mountain.

Half an hour later, the driver dropped off Qingfeng Li and the others to Blood Moon Mountain and turned away immediately. Although Qingfeng Li paid him two thousand dollars, the driver was still very scared.

"Dear, why are the stones red here?" Xue Lin pointed to the Blood Moon Mountain stone and asked.

Qingfeng Li nodded and said, "This is Blood Moon Mountain, the headquarters of the Vampire Sect. They suck on human blood so the stones are frequently covered with blood and eventually became red."

"This Vampire Sect is indeed an evil force." Xue Lin frowned and became angry.

"Yes, the Vampire Sect is evil so I'm going to eradicate them," Qingfeng Li said.

The Blood Moon Mountain was more than one thousand meters high and was filled with blood red stones. It was exuding a rich bloody evil spirit aura. There was a huge building on the hillside, appearing like medieval palaces. There were hundreds of them and those living there were all from the Vampire Sect.

Qingfeng Li and the others got to the foot of the mountain where two Vampire Sect members were patrolling. They noticed him and shouted with arrogance, "Stop, this is the Vampire Sect headquarters. Outsiders are prohibited."

Bang Bang!

Without any words, Qingfeng Li reached out his hand and struck out with his palm twice, instantly splattering the two guards into pieces.