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Chapter 978: Breaking the Array Formation with One Finger

Chapter 978: Breaking the Array Formation with One Finger
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Qingfeng Li was quick and efficient, directly exterminating the two Vampire Sect patrol disciples with just two slaps. Some disciples from far away heard the noises and headed over.

This time, a dozen Vampire Sect patrol disciples arrived, way more than before. Each of them were exuding a strong aura.

"Who are you!? How dare you kill our Vampire Sect disciples?" the leading man in blood red clothes asked coldly with a murderous tone.


Qingfeng Li was too lazy to talk nonsense, so he slapped towards the man who just talked. The man wanted to block but Qingfeng Li's hand was too fast and his strength was too powerful, directly splattering his body into many pieces.

The Vampire Sect disciples were all dead men in Qingfeng's mind…

Bang bang bang bang~

After Qingfeng Li killed the leading man, he used the same method to attack the remaining Vampire Sect disciples, quickly eradicating all of them.

"Come, let's go to the Vampire Sect palace." Qingfeng Li smiled and led Xue Lin and the others up the mountain.

Along the way, some Vampire Sect disciples launched attacks at Qingfeng Li, but they all got done in by a single slap, with no survivors.

Because of Xue Lin, Qingfeng Li really got angry. It was a massacre today, and every single person from the Vampire Sect needed to be killed.

Qingfeng Li swept all the way to a palace halfway up the mountain. This was a huge palace-type building with a square shaped clearing right in front.

Inside the square, the Vampire Sect Sect Master and Elders led the crowd of remaining disciples out because they already knew someone came to challenge the Sect.

The Vampire Sect sect master was a fifty-year-old man named Shayang Xue. His face was thin and blood red in color, which was the result of his unorthodox cultivation technique. His pair of blood red eyes were filled with murderous intentions.


Seeing the tragic death of the Vampire Sect disciple on the slope leading up to the palace, Shayang Xue's face was stone cold and exuded a powerful aura.

"This sect master actually turned out to be in the middle-stage of the True Spirit Realm!" Qingfeng Li's eyebrows wiggled in surprise.

Although Shayang Xue was a True Spirit realm mid-stage master, Qingfeng Li was not scared; his current strength was enough to kill True Spirit realm mid-stage masters.

"Who are you? Why did you kill my Vampire Sect disciples?" Shayang Xue's face turned gloomy and he asked coldly.

"Shayang Xue, I am Qingfeng Li, the person you ordered to kill." Qingfeng Li smiled faintly with a proud look.

Shayang Xue's face changed dramatically and wondered outloud, "Qingfeng Li had died in an aircraft explosion, how could you be Qingfeng Li?"

"Well, I obviously survived. You sent your own son, Tengfei Xue, to kill my wife in Eastern Sea City, so I thought that I should pay you a visit."

"My son, Tengfei Xue?"

"He has already gone to hell," Qingfeng Li said coldly.

"Ah, my son!" Shayang Xue shouted in shock. Although he had two sons, he valued his eldest son, Tengfei Xue, the most. He was born with talent and had good strength, but now he had been killed by Qingfeng Li. The anger inside his heart was like a volcano, ready to erupt at any moment.

"You dare to kill my son? I am going to kill you!" Shayang Xue shouted. He jumped and rushed towards Qingfeng Li.

While Shayang Xue was in mid-air, he struck out with his right hand, forming a massive palm with Demonic Blood Spirits aimed at Qingfeng Li.


Qingfeng Li's right hand turned and he took out the Red Fiery Sword. He held the sword horizontally in front of his chest, emitting a sharp sword energy against Shayang Xue's attack.

The long sword pierced the air, and a twenty meters long sword energy floated above the space, causing a huge crack to appear. It severely hit the blood red palm, splitting it wide open.


Shayang Xue opened his mouth and spat out a large mouthful of blood as his face paled. A sword mark was left on his palms, as it had cut through his skin and muscles, revealing the bones from inside.

Since Qingfeng Li refined the "Volcanic Sword Technique", his sword energy had become even more formidable and advanced. Even though Shayang Xue was a True Spirit Realm mid-stage master, he was simply not Qingfeng Li's opponent.

"Sect Master, Qingfeng Li is too strong. Let's use an array formation," one of the other elders said.

The Vampire Sect elder was shocked by the strength of Qingfeng's sword attack. He deduced that he was too strong and that even the Sect Master would not be able to win easily. The only way to win was to use an array formation.

Shayang Xue's face turned gloomy and he said to the three elders behind him, "Quickly, prepare the array!"

At this time, the three elders and Shayang Xue moved to stand in four positions and laid out a square blood array formation. A huge blood sucking vampire took shape within the space.

Ghost generals were more powerful than the ghost soldiers, having roughly the strength of a True Spirit Realm late-stage master.

There were many kinds of array formation: some were formed by using spiritual devices, vitality stones, magnetic field array formations, and array master formations. The vampire array formation was a formation formed by array masters.

The Vampire array formation could entrap people and disorientate them, disturbing the flow of their vital essence.

Qingfeng Li was standing in the middle of the blood array formation, feeling that his vital essence had been obstructed, but he did not worry.

A huge evil spirit had formed and begun rushing at Qingfeng Li, wanting to kill him as he was standing in the middle of the array formation.

Qingfeng Li sheathed the Red Fiery Sword because he knew that swordplay would have little effect on this late-stage True Spirit Realm ghost general.

"Qingfeng Li, the Ghost General is in the late-stage of the True Spirit realm, you're dead!" Shayang Xue looked at Qingfeng Li in the centre of the array and said cruelly. He wanted to use theGhost General to suck clean Qingfeng Li's blood.

Qingfeng Li was too lazy to pay attention to Shayang Xue, he had many trump cards in his hands to use right now. Among the True Spirit Realm, it could be said he was invincible and had no opponents.

"Conqueror's finger. One Finger Splits All." Qingfeng Li shouted. His Vital essence energy flew through his meridians and gathered at his finger. He pointed it at the Ghost General.

A green light appeared as fast like lightning and broke through space directly hitting the Ghost General's body.


The Conqueror's Finger directly split the late-stage True Spirit Realm Ghost General in half, causing it to disappear into thin air.

The Conqueror's Finger's first technique, "One Finger Splits All" could split all things in the True Spirit Realm. It was Qingfeng Li's best attack.

Puchi, Puchi, Puchi, Puchi!

The Ghost General formed by the Vampire array formation was split in half by Qingfeng Li's finger and could not be more dead. The four masters spat out mouthfuls of blood and their faces became pale. Their array formation was mind inducted and since the Ghost General was killed. They also got injured.

"Y-y-yo-you! what is that finger method? How did you break my Vampire array formation?" Shayang Xue was pale and his eyes were full of surprise.

It was known that this Vampire array formation was extremely powerful. This array formation had killed many True Spirit Realm late-stage masters and was a very well known super class formation but Qingfeng Li had defeated it with just one finger. Naturally, Shayang Xue was really shocked.