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Chapter 979: Vampire Sect Patriarch

Chapter 979: Vampire Sect Patriarch
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"This is the Conqueror's Finger. Your array formation was just too weak," Qingfeng Li shook his head and said lightly.

The Vampire array formation was very powerful as it could gather vital essence and form a True Spirit Realm late-stage Ghost General. However, when compared to the Conqueror's Finger, a Sage Grade Self-cultivation technique, it was so weak that even a single finger could split it open.

Conqueror's Finger?

Shayang Xue's face changed. The name reminded him of a legend from fifteen years ago. The Conqueror's Finger was a technique used by the Conqueror, the third master of the Li Family and a character that swept across Huaxia, defeating countless masters.

The Conqueror was famous among the orthodox side of Huaxia, and infamous with the unorthodox as well as the demonic forces. They were all scared of him because many of their strongest had been defeated by Third Master Li.

"What is the relationship between you and the Third Master of Li Family?" Shayang Xue's face darkened with a trace of doubt.

"The Conqueror is my father. Do you know him?" Qingfeng Li smiled and asked.

Shayang Xue's face became pale after hearing that from Qingfeng Li. He did not expect this youth in front of him to turn out to be the Conqueror's son.

At this point, Shayang Xue finally understood why Qingfeng Li was so arrogant and dictatorial. It was hereditary, he inherited the Conqueror's hegemonic characteristic and did not look up to anyone.

At this time, Fiery Demon King spoke, "Qingfeng Li, Shayang Xue was the Conqueror's enemy fifteen years ago, but he was defeated by your father."

Oh, Qingfeng Li responded. He just found out that Shayang Xue was once his father's enemy too.

A murderous intent quickly surfaced on Qingfeng's face. Shayang Xue was his father and also his, so he must be killed.

"Shayang Xue, do you have any other means to defeat me? Quickly use them or you will have no chance to do so," Qingfeng Li said coldly with an arrogant look and cocky tone.

"Qingfeng Li, just because you are the son of Conqueror doesn't make you invincible. Our Vampire Sect is a super-class martial force. Our strength goes beyond your imagination."

"Shut up and take out your best cards. My goal today is to eliminate your Vampire Sect."

"Qingfeng Li, you are too crazy. You will pay the price with your life," Shayang Xue smiled and said with a cold voice.

As a super class unorthodox faction, Shayang Xue had his trump cards. Otherwise, the Vampire Sect would not have remained as the strongest faction among the unorthodox side of the martial world. Qingfeng Li was acting so rampantly that he decided to show his cards.

Shayang Xue took out a red jade slip from his arms, made a cut on his forefinger, and dropped a drop of blood onto the jade. The red jade slip suddenly glowed and flew into the depths of the Vampire Sect.

"Vampire Sect's Sect Master Shayang Xue is using his essence blood as a guide to summon the Vampire sect's Patriarch." Shayang Xue knelt on the ground as his face became pious. He announced his intentions loudly in front of Blood Moon Mountain.


The depth of Blood Moon Mountain blasted with a roaring noise, the boulders and numerous stones rolled down the hill and issued a bang. A bloody silhouette flew out of the mountain and into the air.

This was an elder, a very old man. He was at least a hundred years old with blood red hair, beard, and fur.

A powerful aura exuded from this old man. This aura was so extremely powerful and overwhelming that it oppressed all living things around the mountain with a titanic force.

"Half-step into the Earthly Spirit Realm? He is actually a half-step into the Earthly Spirit Realm?" Qingfeng Li's face changed and he looked a little perplexed.

He never imagined that the Vampire Sect Patriarch would turn out to be a half-step into the Earthly Spirit Realm.

The level above the True Spirit Realm was the Earthly Spirit Realm. Qingfeng Li was now in the True Spirit Realm early-stage and his Conqueror's Finger technique was invincible within the True Spirit Realm. However, he only learned the first finger and it was thus useless when facing masters of the Earthly Spirit realm.

"Did you call me?" The Vampire Sect Patriarch looked at Shayang Xue and asked coldly.

Under normal circumstances, the Vampire Sect Patriarch would seclud himself deep inside the Blood Moon Mountain to cultivate. He had been refining a powerful unorthodox cultivation technique and would never appear unless absolutely necessary. Thus, one would understand his dissatisfaction after being summoned by Shayang Xue.

"Patriarch, this Qingfeng Li wants to eliminate the Vampire Sect today. Patriarch, please kill him," Shayang Xue kneeled on the ground and beseeched the Patriarch respectfully.

Although Shayang Xue was the Sect Master of the Vampire Sect and was respected and worshipped by countless people, in front of the Vampire Sect Patriarch, he still had to kneel down because the Vampire Sect Patriarch was supreme within the Vampire Sect.

"Shayang Xue, you are really getting more and more useless. This Qingfeng Li is a True Spirit realm early-stage and you, as a mid-stager in the True Spirit realm, cannot defeat him?"

"Patriarch, Qingfeng Li is the son of the Conqueror, the Third Master of the Li Family, and he has learned the Conqueror's Finger. I'm not his opponent."

"He's actually the Conqueror's son? I don't blame you then. Very good, the Conqueror had bullied our Vampire Sect in the past. Today I will kill his son to pay him back," the Vampire Sect Patriarch said.

Fifteen years ago, the Conqueror fought with the Vampire Sect and killed many people, forming a feud with the Vampire Sect Patriarch.

Earth Energy Light Veil!

Vampire Sect Patriarch lowered his voice and released his Earth Energy Veil, directly trapping Qingfeng Li inside.

The Earth Energy Veil could only be used by Earthly Spirit Realm masters and could only be cracked by another Earthly Spirit Realm master. Masters of the True Spirit Realm would not be able to break through it.

Qingfeng Li could not move inside the Earth Energy Veil but he was not scared because he had Fiery Demon King by his side. She was now an Earthly Spirit Realm she-devil.

Sure enough, Fiery Demon King's tender face changed slightly after seeing Qingfeng Li getting trapped. She said coldly, "Old fag, release him immediately."

"Little girl, how dare you scold at me? Believe it or not but I will suck out all of your blood in a bit," the Vampire Sect Patriarch's face turned gloomy and he said in a cold voice.

"You shameless old thing, you want to suck your mother's blood? Let mommy first get rid of of your sh*tty Earth Energy Veil!" Fiery Demon King ridiculed him with a look of dominance.


Fiery Demon King stretched her slender hand out against the Earth Energy Veil, and a palm-sized essence bolt quickly shot out and collided with the veil, causing it to burst and disappear.

"Earthly Spirit Realm master? You are an Earthly Spirit Realm master?" The Vampire Sect Patriarch's face became pale with a touch of panic appearing in his eyes.

It was known that the Patriarch of the Vampire Sect had cultivated for more than a hundred years and he was only a half-step away from the Earthly Spirit Realm. Now, this little girl who was only a bit older than thirty appeared, and she was actually a master within the Earthly Spirit Realm! He was almost shocked to death.

"Old fag, you can die now. Fiery Spirit Palm!" Fiery Demon King shot him an arrogant and dominating look. It was just like Qingfeng Li's arrogance as she simply did not put anyone into her eyes.

The voice faded and Fiery Demon King's palm shot out a bolt of flames filled with horrible energy towards the Vampire Sect's Patriarch.

"Vampire Demonic Palm," Vampire Sect Patriarch shouted and waved his right palm directly. It turned into a huge evil spirit, clashing against the Flame Spirit.

Two huge palms clashed but the Fiery Spirit Palm was like a meteorite. It crushed the Vampire Demonic Palm directly and slapped fiercely onto the Vampire Sect Patriarch's body.


The Vampire Sect Patriarch's body was like a balloon getting hit by a huge meteorite. It bursted immediately and turned into countless pieces, disappearing into thin air.

One palm and the Vampire sect Patriarch was dead!