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Chapter 980: Exterminating the Vampire Sect

Chapter 980: Exterminating the Vampire Sect
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Silence, it was dead silent throughout the entire Vampire Sect completely. Everyone was shocked. The Patriarch of the Vampire Sect, a master who was halfway into the Earthly Spirit Realm, was so easily killed by this strange woman?

A she-devil! She is definitely a horrifying she-devil! This was way too scary, and everyone was trembling and tossing terrified looks at Fiery Demon King

"Honey, this woman is strong," Xue Lin's eyes glistened, and she whispered while looking at the graceful back of Fiery Demon King

Xue Lin could not understand at first why Qingfeng Li had brought Fiery Demon King and Purple Bat Demon King along with them to Blood Moon Mountain. She could not understand why her honey brought a woman with him, specifically a pretty woman, but she understood now. This woman was strong, even stronger than her husband.

But no matter how strong this woman was, she was merely Qingfeng Li's bodyguard, which made Xue Lin felt secretly content.

Qingfeng Li nodded. "She is a master of the Earthly Spirit realm, so it is expected for her to be strong and that is why I brought her with me to the Vampire Sect."

Qingfeng Li also had complicated feelings towards Fiery Demon King. She was a strong she-devil, and even he could not control her sometimes.

The patriarch of the Vampire Sect died, causing the whole Vampire Sect to be filled with terror and despair.

To the Vampire Sect, the patriarch was the sky, a pillar of the entire sect. Now that the sky had collapsed, and the Patriarch died, the Vampire Sect was certainly seized with terror.

"Shayang Xue, whatever you still have to offer, show it now," Qingfeng Li looked at the Sect Master of Vampire Sect, and said coolly.

Shayang Xue's face changed, he clenched his teeth, and muttered to some people beside him, "Burn your essence blood and kill Qingfeng Li."

The Three elders nodded, as they were already knowledgeable of Qingfeng Li's power. They decided to team up with the Sect Master and attack together, as they stood no chance otherwise.

"Swear by our essence blood and burn…." Shayang Xue hissed as he then started to burn the essence blood within his body.

The three elders also recited the oath and burned their essence blood, causing an enormous stream of power to storm out from their body at the same time and creating shockwaves.

Burning one's essence blood could improve their combat strength, specifically by one stage. Shayang Xue was at the mid-stage of the True Spirit Realm but after burning his essence blood, he improved to the late-stage of the True Spirit Realm.

"Vampire Demonic Palm," Shayang Xue suddenly struck forward with the palm of his right hand, forming an enormous palm print carrying unstoppable force and went straight to Qingfeng Li.

"One Finger Splits All." Qingfeng Li stretched the index finger of his right hand, which changed into a ray of cyan light shooting towards Shayang Xue.


It was no surprise that Shayang Xue's body was chopped into two parts by the ray of light and the Vampire's clutch that he created was also divided in half. Blood spilled everywhere, and Shayang Xue fell to the ground.

One finger, and the Sect Master of the Vampire Sect was dead.

The Sect Master of the Vampire Sect thought that burning his essence blood and improving to the late-stage of True Spirit realm was enough to defeat Qingfeng Li, but he did not know that Qingfeng Li's Conqueror's finger was unrivaled in the True Spirit Realm. One finger alone was enough to chop him in half.

Everyone from the Vampire Sect looked very pale and could not stop trembling. The patriarch of the Vampire Sect just died, and now the Sect Master was dead too… Fear crossed everyone's face as the realization that the young man standing in front of them was a true demon dawned on them.

"Volcanic Tumble." Qingfeng Li pulled out the Red Fiery Sword, and used the second technique of the Volcanic Sword Technique. The Conqueror's finger could only be used twice with his current strength after all.

A huge silhouette of a volcano formed and the huge energy stored in the magma clashed onto the three elders.


The bodies of the three elders disintegrated and formed countless blood rain drops, which later disappeared in the air.

The three elders from the Vampire Sect were dead.

So far, the Vampire Sect's patriarch, the Sect Master, and all the elders had died. Only a few disciples without much strength were left.

"Purple Bat Demon King, slay them all," Qingfeng Li grinned and said to Purple Bat Demon King.

"Yes, young master." Purple Bat Demon King nodded and moved his body like a sharp arrow. He rushed into the middle of the disciples of the Vampire Sect.

Clash, boom….

In a brief moment, every disciple of Vampire Sect was killed by Purple Bat Demon King.

The Vampire Sect had been exterminated, without a single survivor.

Qingfeng Li watched the Vampire Sect being destroyed with no sympathy. This unorthodox sect had killed many people and sucked out their blood. Even death would not expiate all of this sect's crimes.

Qingfeng Li took out a lighter, lit a fire, and set fire to the palace of the Vampire Sect. The whole sect was overtaken with red flames, with everything burning into nothing but ash.

"Let's go, we are leaving." Qingfeng Li smiled, and left with Xue Lin and the others.

The Vampire Sect was exterminated, so Qingfeng Li, along with Xue Lin and the others, boarded a plane and flew to Eastern Sea City.

After four hours, Qingfeng Li was back in Eastern Sea City. He escorted Xue Lin home first, and walked towards the hospital. He was going to visit Ruyan Liu because he hadn't seen her or the baby for a considerable length of time so he missed them quite badly.

Fiery Demon King and Purple Bat Demon King followed Qingfeng Li, they were Qingfeng Li's bodyguards now so they ought to follow him.

Qingfeng Li stopped a taxi, and the three of them went to the hospital.


At this moment in time, Purple Bat Demon King's phone started ringing. He took out his phone and started smiling.

"Yo, little bat, who is the one that can make you look so happy just by calling?" Fiery Demon King giggled and teased him.

She liked teasing "little bat", it was one of the joys she had in her life.

Purple Bat Demon King rolled his eyes and did not respond to the she-devil, instead turning around and quickly pressing the "answer" button.

"Liying, what's up?" Purple Bat Demon King gushed. The caller was his girlfriend, Liying Wang, who was Sakura University's "campus belle". She was studying abroad on Pacific Island right now.

"Hehe, you are Purple Bat Demon King, right? Your girlfriend is in my hands, if you want to save her, come to Pacific Island right now." An unfamiliar sharp and irritating sound came out of the phone.

"Who are you?! Why did you kidnap my girlfriend?" Purple Bat Demon King's face changed, and he shouted with worry.

"My name is Muramasa Taro. I am interested in your purple bat bloodline. If you don't appear at Sakura University within one day, I will kill your girlfriend," Muramasa Taro threatened heinouslyMuramasa Taro?

Upon hearing this name, Purple Bat Demon King's eyes glistened with understanding. He knew who that person was, the person was an elder of one of the five big families of Pacific Island, the Demonic Sword Clan, who was also very powerful.

According to others, the blade technique that Muramasa Taro practiced was the Bat Blade Technique. In order to reach the highest state, one must devour the bat bloodline. Since Purple Bat Demon King's bloodline was the bloodline of the "bat king", it was obvious that Muramasa Taro took a fancy to it.

"Do not kill my girlfriend, I promise you, I will get to Sakura University in one day," Purple Bat Demon King blurted out nervously.

After all, Purple Bat Demon King's girlfriend was a pretty woman, and the "campus belle", but she was just a normal human being, obviously not being a match for Muramasa Taro.