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Chapter 981: Ruyan Liu Cried

Chapter 981: Ruyan Liu Cried
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Qingfeng overheard the phone conversation between Muramasa Taro and Purple Bat Demon King.

Qingfeng had also heard of Purple Bat Demon King's girlfriend when they were previously on Pacific Island. She was a beauty who had a close relationship with Purple Bat Demon King.

"Purple Bat Demon King, let me go to Pacific Island with you," Qingfeng said.

Purple Bat Demon King shook his head and said, "Young Master, you still need to see Ruyan Liu and the child. You don't have to come with me. It's okay if just Fiery Demon King comes with me."

Qingfeng nodded and agreed to Purple Bat Demon King's suggestion. Fiery Demon King was an Earthly Spirit Realm fighter, even stronger than Qingfeng. She could definitely save Purple Bat Demon King's girlfriend.

Qingfeng knew that time was of importance. He said, "Fiery Demon King, go with Purple Bat Demon King to Pacific Island and save Liying Wang."

"Don't worry, no one is my match if I take action," Fiery Demon King said proudly.

One had to say, Fiery Demon King had the most arrogant mannerisms of the ten demon kings, almost rivaling the arrogance of Qingfeng. She did not care for any of her opponents at all.

However, she also knew that time was of importance. Fiery Demon King quickly got off the car and headed with Purple Bat Demon King towards the airport.

Qingfeng looked at their departing figures before making his way to the hospital. He knew that Liying Wang should be okay with Fiery Demon King there.

At the hospital, inside the ward.

Ruyan Liu sat on the bed and watched the news. She saw the news that plane #747 had crashed. It was reported that no survivors were found after several days of investigations, and that everyone on the plane had died.

Tears poured out of Ruyan Liu's eyes when she heard that there were no survivors. She had cried countless times during the past few days, grieving for Qingfeng.

She recalled all her past memories with him. They had been through so many difficulties to finally get together, but now, Qingfeng had left her.

Ruyan Liu had thought about death but she found the courage to continue living on when she looked at her baby.

The baby was Qingfeng's child. Ruyan Liu wanted to nurture him into an adult.

"Sister, don't cry anymore. What if you become sick?" Jiaojiao Liu said worriedly as she furrowed her brows. Her heart ached too when she saw her sister's tears.

Truthfully, Jiaojiao Liu had also cried multiple times these past days. However, she only cried when she was in the washrooms outside the hospital. She had some feelings for Qingfeng too but she could not let her sister know that.

"Jiaojiao, your brother-in-law is so strong. How can he die?"

"Sister, the plane had exploded. No matter how strong brother-in-law is, he can't fly."

"Jiaojiao, I asked you to investigate the reason that the plane exploded. Did you find anything?" Ruyan Liu asked.

Ruyan Liu had suspicions about the plane accident. She suspected that someone had hijacked the plane and caused it to explode; she suspected that it was all a conspiracy.

One had to say that Ruyan Liu's IQ was very high. She could analyze the happenings of the plane accident from a simple newscast. It was quite impressive.

A flicker of anger appeared on Jiaojiao Liu's face when she heard about the accident. She said, "Sister, from the network of the Liu Family, the explosion was orchestrated by the Sky Gods League of the Tiger Continent."

The Sky Gods League?

Ruyan Liu narrowed her eyes. Naturally, she had heard of the Sky Gods League before as it was a major super power of the Tiger Continent.

"Jiaojiao Liu, go and tell the Liu Family to discontinue all partnerships with the Sky Gods League. Put up a 100 billion Yuan bounty for the head of the leader of the Sky Gods League."

The Liu Family was one of the big four families of Jing City, and she was currently in charge of all the operations of the company. Thus, she had the power to cut off all relations with the Sky Gods League and to put a bounty on the head of their leader.

Jiaojiao Liu nodded and said, "Alright sister, I will do it right now."

Jiaojiao Liu hurriedly walked out of the ward and began contacting the members of the Liu Family.

Knock knock knock!

A platter of footsteps was heard before male doctor walked into the ward. The male doctor was not an ordinary figure. His name was Yang Liu, and he was the Vice-Director of the Hospital.

Yang Liu had been watching the beauty, Ruyan Liu for a while. He started to have intentions to pursue her when he saw that her boyfriend did not come and take care of her even after she gave birth.

"Miss Liu, where is your boyfriend?" Yang Liu asked as he walked to Ruyan Liu's side.

Ruyan Liu glanced at the Vice-Director of the hospital and said lightly, "He was on plane #747, the one on the news that had just exploded."

Yang Liu was dazed for a moment. Naturally, he had also heard of the news of the plane explosion. He also knew that everyone on the plane was suspected to have died, with no survivors being found even after a couple of days.

Then, his shock turned into happiness. Yang Liu thought, the beauty's boyfriend had died. Does that mean that he had a chance?.

"Miss Liu, the dead cannot be resurrected but the baby needs a father. You can consider me? I don't mind that you have a kid."

Yang Liu detested children. Furthermore, the baby was not his child, but in order to win Ruyan Liu's heart, he said that he liked children.

A flash of dislike appeared in Ruyan Liu's eyes. Oh, so the Vice-Director is trying to pursue me. How awful, thought Ruyan Liu.

"Director Liu, I will not love anyone else other than Qingfeng in my life."

"Miss Liu, I am the Vice-Director of the hospital. I am influential with a strong background. You can consider my suggestion."

"Vice-Director Liu, let me repeat myself. Please leave. I need to rest," Ruyan Liu said coldly with displeasure. This fellow was like a sticky piece of gum and refused to let her go. This caused her to be extremely displeased.

Yang Liu did not leave. He continued to say, "I won't leave unless you agree to be my girlfriend."

Qingfeng had finally arrived at the hospital ward after traveling for 30 minutes and he managed to catch Yang Liu's words as he walked towards the room.

F*ck, how dare you try to steal my woman? You want my woman to be your girlfriend? thought Qingfeng angrily.


Qingfeng kicked open the door and walked furiously into the room.

His kick caused a loud commotion, startling both Ruyan Liu and Yang Liu.

Ruyan Liu's eyes were filled with disbelief when she saw Qingfeng. She thought that she was dreaming.

In order to make sure it was not a dream, Ruyan Liu pinched herself. Only the stinging pain could convince her that what was happening was real.


Ruyan Liu's tears trickled down her face. During the past few days, she was worried and terrified. She would wake up with tears in her eyes every night from nightmares.

Ruyan Liu never expected to see this man again in her life. She did not think that he would appear when she was falling into despair.