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Chapter 982: Going to Fiery Emperor Palace

Chapter 982: Going to Fiery Emperor Palace
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"Ruyan, I'm back," said Qingfeng tenderly.

Tears rolled down her face when she saw the man she had been longing for for so long.

"Don't cry. I came back safe," Qingfeng said gently as he wiped away Ruyan Liu's tears.

Ruyan Liu ran into Qingfeng's arms and hugged him tightly. She refused to let go, afraid that he would disappear again.

"Ahhh, I thought I would never see you again," Ruyan Liu cried as she released all of her pent up emotions.

Qingfeng was touched. He gently stroked her hair with his hands.

Yang Liu became furious when he saw the intimate actions of Qingfeng and Ruyan Liu.

"Who are you? How dare you hug Miss Liu?" Yang Liu questioned loudly.

Qingfeng was just comforting Ruyan Liu when he saw someone pointing his finger at him. He was instantly displeased. He asked, "Ruyan, who is this fellow?"

"He is the Vice-Drector of the Hospital, Yang Liu. He had been trying to pursue me for the past few days and I really detest him," Ruyan Liu said with disdain.

Qingfeng noticed the displeasure in Ruyan Liu's eyes. Yang Liu must have done something to upset Ruyan Liu or she would not detest him so much.

F**k, how dare he pursue my woman when I am not here, Qingfeng angrily thought.

Qingfeng's expression was dark. The Sky Gods League had bombed the plane, and then the Vampire Sect had tried to kill Xue Lin. Now, Yang Liu was trying to pursue his woman. He felt frustrated and needed to release his anger.


Qingfeng walked up to Yang Liu and slapped him across the face. Instantly, Yang Liu's face swelled up and a tooth fell out of his mouth.

"Bastard, how dare you hit me? I am going to kick you out of the hospital," Yang Liu said furiously.

Qingfeng's expression turned cold. He lifted his head and kicked Yang Liu to the ground, breaking one of his ribs.


Qingfeng stepped viciously on Yang Liu's crotch and crushed his balls with a loud pop.

"Ahh, my balls!" Yang Liu groaned pitifully. He looked fearfully at Qingfeng before passing out.

He never expected Qingfeng to crush his balls. This type of injury would ensure that he would not be able to play with women in the future.

"This is the punishment for pursuing my women," Qingfeng said coldly.

Qingfeng took out his phone and called Niching Luo. He told her to come to the hospital to bring Yang Liu's body away, and to strip him of his duties.


Qingfeng's commotion had woken up the baby, and she started crying relentlessly.

"You shouldn't have caused such a loud commotion. You woke up our baby," Ruyan Liu complained with a glance at Qingfeng.

Qingfeng smiled awkwardly and he said, "I am sorry. I forgot that baby was still sleeping. I will teach Yang Liu a lesson outside next time."

"Baby, don't cry. Here, let mummy feed you," Ruyan Liu said gently as she took the baby out from the crib.

It was easy to appease the baby. She stopped crying when she was full. After drinking Ruyan Liu's milk, the baby started to giggle. Clearly, she was very happy.

"Little Apple, come and let daddy hold you," Qingfeng said to the baby.


Little Apple giggled happily. Qingfeng was happy to see that she seemed to recognize him.

"Little Apple, let me sing you a song called < My dear baby>. ~Kiss my baby, I will climb over the tall mountains to find the missing sun…~" Qingfeng sang. His voice was very pleasing to the ears.

Little Apple made happy noises and clapped her small hands together.

"My daughter is the best. You can understand my song even though you are so young. You will be a superstar when you grow up," Qingfeng praised.

Ruyan Liu said, "No, I am not going to let her study singing. The waters are too deep in the entertainment industry. I want her to learn business and become a business woman."

Qingfeng nodded in agreement. He agreed with Ruyan Liu's words that Huaxia's entertainment industry was too complex. Of course, there was no harm for their baby to learn singing, piano, or dancing, as learning arts could build her character.

"Ah, a ghost!" Qingfeng was just talking with Ruyan Liu when they heard a loud scream behind them, giving them a scare.

Qingfeng looked behind him and realized it was Jiaojiao Liu. He said unhappily, "Jiaojiao, why are you screaming?"

"Ghost, ghost! Aren't you dead?" Jiaojiao Liu's face was pale as she pointed her finger at Qingfeng fearfully.

Jiaojiao Liu had seen from the news that her brother-in-law was dead. It must be a ghost in front of her then!

Qingfeng patted Jiaojiao Liu on the head and said, "I'm not a ghost. See, I have a physical body."

Jiaojiao Liu's head slightly hurt from the pat but the fear had disappeared from her heart. She felt Qingfeng's touch, which meant that he was not a ghost.

"Brother-in-law, you are not a ghost? How did you survive?"

"Of course not. I didn't die."

"Brother-in-law, you are so powerful! Even the plane explosion didn't kill you. Are you a superhero?" Jiaojiao Liu said admiringly, with stars in her eyes.

Qingfeng was speechless as he patted Jiaojiao Liu's head again. He thought, "Superhero? Why don't you call me spiderman?"

Qingfeng spent the entire day with Ruyan Liu and the baby, before leaving in the evening.

Truthfully, Qingfeng did not want to leave the hospital as he wanted to spend more time with Ruyan Liu, but he had a lot of matters to attend to.

Qingfeng had promised Xianzhi Qin that he would save her father. He had the Fiery fruit and he had consumed the Dragon Grass. The power of the Dragon Grass was in his blood and he also had obtained the Flower of Paradise. This meant that he could make a life-extending elixir.

Qingfeng had a special relationship with Xianzhi Qin, the young mistress of the Fiery Emperor Palace. She had helped him a lot so it was time for him to repay her.

Xianzhi Qin had told Qingfeng the location of Fiery Emperor Palace in the past so Qingfeng only had to hail a taxi and get driven there.

The headquarters of the Fiery Emperor Palace was located at the Dragon Mountain. The Dragon Mountain was one of the ten most famous mountains of Huaxia, having thousands of years of history.

It was not a single tall mountain but rather a mountain valley consisting of 10 tall mountains. There were areas covered with lava, ancient trees, vines, and plants all within the mountain valley.

Qingfeng followed the directions Xianzhi Qin gave him and successfully found the Fiery Emperor Palace. However, he realized that something was wrong when he arrived at Fiery Emperor Palace.

"Eh, why is there the scent of fresh blood here?" Qingfeng furrowed his brows in puzzlement.