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Chapter 985: One Finger Splits All

Chapter 985: One Finger Splits All
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"Qingfeng Li, you're too arrogant in thinking of killing me with only one finger. Even the sect master of the Fiery Emperor Palace does not dare claim to be able to do so." Hao Qin gave a cold smile with a hint of contempt in his eyes.

As the First Elder of Fiery Emperor Palace, he was extraordinarily strong with a cultivation of the late-stage of the True Spirit Realm. Therefore, he felt that he was being looked down on when he heard Qingfeng Li's words.

The most important thing to a self-cultivator was their face, namely dignity, and what Qingfeng Li was claiming was akin to looking down on him.

"Qingfeng Li is playing with fire! How dare he insult our First Elder."

"Right, I'm sure that the First Elder will chop Qingfeng into pieces."

"We're followers of the First Elder so everything will be ours. The First Elder will reward us after he defeats Qingfeng Li and snatches the Sect Leader position."

The self-cultivators nearby all discussed heatedly, looking at Qingfeng Li with disdain. They were obviously on the side of the First Elder, putting their blind faith in him to defeat the last obstacle in their path to taking over the Fiery Emperor Palace.


First Elder was radiating a powerful aura which could only belong to someone in the late-stage of the True Spirit Realm. The whole universe was shaking correspondingly, and the disciples around all stepped back as their faces paled.

"Fiery Emperor Finger!" the First Elder shouted with rage, as if he wanted to release all his anger with this loud shout.

A flash of green light jetted out of Hao Qin's body, containing an enormous power and ripping through space while hurtling towards Qingfeng.

This was the top unique technique of Fiery Emperor Palace, which was extraordinarily powerful and was also capable of evolving

Only the palace master and Xianzhi Qin were entitled to learn this kind of unique technique previously, but First Elder was able to snatch the cultivation technique after he defeated and trapped the palace master.

"Be careful, Qingfeng Li. This finger technique is very powerful and it can even puncture a big hole in the body." Xianzhi Qin's pretty face changed, and she hurried to warn him.

As Xianzhi Qin had once learnt this unique technique, she surely knew how powerful it was, and with the vital essence inside the body, just one attack could contain an incredible amount of energy and puncture a big hole in Qingfeng.

But Qingfeng Li gave a mild smile to Xianzhi Qin, telling her that there was no need to worry. If the First Elder dared to attack him with this finger technique, it would be the same as an ant showing off in front of an elephant. The First Elder had an exaggerated opinion of his own ability.

There was no doubt that Qingfeng Li could use the Conqueror's Finger, which was the invincible finger technique taught to him by the Conqueror. When one masters the ninth finger skill of the Conqueror's Finger, one would be able to explode the planet with only one poke. Of course, Qingfeng Li had only learned the first finger skill so far, but it would be more than sufficient for him to handle the First Elder.

"One Finger Splits All." Qingfeng Li stretched out his right index finger, condensing vital essence energy from the meridians inside this body and gathering it onto his finger tip.

Although the green light of the One Finger Splits All technique looked the same as that of the Fiery Emperor Finger, the former was much stronger and more powerful.


The green light of Conqueror's Finger shot out towards that of the Fiery Emperor Finger, immediately blowing it into nothingness.

Almost immediately, the Conqueror's Finger turned into a green sharp blade, penetrating the body of First Elder as fast as lightning.


The First Elder's body was spilt into two as his eyes slowly filled with horror. There was only thought in his mind before he died: how could this Conqueror's Finger be so strong?

The First Elder of the Fiery Emperor Palace, a late-stage True Spirit Realm master, had died.

The death of the First Elder had aroused a great sensation within the gathered crowd because he was split in half by Qingfeng Li's first finger movement, not even needing to use a second attack.

"Too strong, Qingfeng Li was actually too strong."

"Right? Qingfeng Li is absolutely the strongest man I've ever met, more powerful than even the palace master."

"We're done ... we're followers of the First Elder and now that the First Elder is dead, we're done as well."

The disciples around were exchanging opinions, and some of them, Hao Qin's men, started panicking.

Some disciples suddenly all fell upon their knees, and began kowtowing while pleading in horror, "Young lady, we beg for your mercy. We were blind and shouldn't have followed the First Elder."

"Miss Qin, what do we do with these men?" Qingfeng Li turned back and asked Xianzhi Qin

"Just kill them, they're the ones who were intending to kill me just now. I can't forgive these people," Xianzhi Qin said with an indifferent look on her face.

Qingfeng Li nodded when he heard these words. He also hated traitors very much.

Qingfeng Li pulled out the Red Fiery Sword and slashed it out at the disciples behind the First Elder. The sword energy spread out, reaching a width of 20 meters as it ripped through the space between them and slicing all their bodies in half.

With only one sword movement, all the men following the First Elder were killed, including the injured Third Elder.

Thus far, the only people left in the hall were Xianzhi Qin and her supporters.

"Qingfeng Li, thank you. If you did not come over today, I would have met my death for sure." Xianzhi Qin's face was filled with appreciation as she expressed her gratitude to Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li waved his hand and said with a smile, "We're friends so helping you is what I should do."

All of a sudden, Xianzhi Qin thought of her father and said in a hurry, "No, I almost forgot, my father and the second Elder are still locked up in the prison."

"No worries, let's go. I'll come with you to rescue your father." Qingfeng Li smiled mildly as he began walking to the prison together with Xianzhi Qin.

Shortly after, Qingfeng Li and Xianzhi Qin got to the prison.

It was a huge dungeon, with two middle-aged men sitting there. The men's arms and legs were tied up with a black iron chain, which was a special kind of sturdy iron chain particularly for locking up self-cultivators.

The middle-aged man sitting in front looked pale and his forehead was radiating black gas, but his firm and angular face indicated that he used to be a handsome guy when he was young. There were just lots of wounds on his body; clearly, he was badly injured.

The pale man was none other than Aotian Qin, the master of the Fiery Emperor Palace, a man who looked down upon the world. He was sneakily attacked by unorthodox devils previously, and therefore he was injured severely, with only a few days remaining in his life.

Seeing Xianzhi Qin and a young man show up hand in hand, Aotian Qin's face changed, as he knew that his daughter was so proud that she turned her nose up at everyone.

In the Fiery Emperor Palace, Xianzhi Qin had never been with any of the men. Nobody had the honor to be given a glance by her. But now, his daughter had unexpectedly arrived in front of him with a young man, which surprised Aotian Qin. Who was this man?

"Dad, we came to rescue you," having failed to notice her father got a surprise, Xianzhi Qin approached him and said with excitement.

Aotian Qin was a man who had experienced ups and downs in life, and therefore he did not appear to be too excited about the fact that his daughter had came to save him.

"Xianzhi, where is the First Elder?" Aotian Qin asked.

"Dad, he was killed by Qingfeng Li," said Xianzhi Qin, pointing at Qingfeng, who was still standing nearby.

What, killed by Qingfeng Li?

Aotian Qin's face changed, along with a hint of shock. He did not feel too shocked even if his daughter had come to rescue him, but now, he was shocked because of the death of the First Elder.

Aotian Qin surely knew how strong the First Elder was as the First Elder was a late-stage True Spirit Realm master after all. Considering that Qingfeng Li, who stood ahead of him, was only an early-stage True Spirit Realm master, how did he kill the First Elder?