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Chapter 986: Treating and Curing Aotian Qin

Chapter 986: Treating and Curing Aotian Qin
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"Dad, it's true that the First Elder was killed by Qingfeng Li." Xianzhi Qin frowned and continued to explain when she noticed that the master of the Fiery Emperor Palace did not believe her.

"Qingfeng Li, on behalf of the Fiery Emperor Palace, I'd like to thank you," Aotian Qin bowed and said with respect. He knew his daughter would not lie to him, so when she said it was Qingfeng Li who killed the First Elder, he had to accept it as the truth.

"Palace master, you're welcome. Miss Qin and I are friends, and this is what a friend should do," Qingfeng Li nodded and said with a smile.


Aotian Qin suddenly puked out a mouthful of blood while Qingfeng was talking and his face turned deathly pale as a large amount of black gas began to gather around his forehead.

"It's terrible, the devilish energy in dad's body is coming out again." At the sight of the scene, Xianzhi Qin's face changed greatly.

Aotian Qin had once been attacked by unorthodox devils and there was a lot of devilish energy remaining in his body which had begun eroding his internal organs.

Qingfeng Li and Xianzhi Qin hurried to open the prison door and quickly carried Aotian Qin out of the prison. It was not wise to stay here because the prison was dark and damp, which could exasperate his condition.

Qingfeng Li brought Aotian Qin to the room outside and checked his pulse. He found that his pulse was weak, beating at a very low speed, and the devilish energy had penetrated every part of his body.

"Big brother Li, how's my dad?" A touch of anxiety appeared on Xianzhi Qin's enchanting face, with a hint of tears appearing in the corners of her eyes, as she straightly called him big brother Li.

Qingfeng Li frowned and said, "His internal organs have been eroded by devilish energy and he's badly injured. I need to make the life prolonging elixir quickly to save his life."

"Big brother Li, hurry and make the life prolonging elixir then," Xianzhi Qin said with a worried look. This matter concerned her own father's life, so she was definitely very anxious.

"Well, we need three things to make a spirit level life prolonging elixir. I've got both the fiery fruit and dragon grass but I still lack the flower of paradise."

"We have a flower of paradise in our treasury. I can get it for you."

"Okay, get it as soon as you can! I'll start to make it," Qingfeng Li said.

As she feared for her father's life, Xianzhi Qin did it very fast. It was not long before the flower of paradise was brought back from the treasury.

The flower of paradise was black in color, which was very rare because this flower was normally red, white, pink, or purple.

What was wonderful about this flower lied in its black color.

This black flower had seven petals in total, which was different from the commonly seen five-petal flowers, and all seven petals looked very miraculous, radiating black light.

Qingfeng Li knew time was too precious to waste so he immediately took the flower of paradise to the alchemy furnace room.

As a super-class force, the Fiery Emperor Palace had a huge alchemy room with an ancient elixir furnace called the 'Fiery Emperor's Furnace' inside.

The Fiery Emperor's Furnace had a history spanning several thousands of years. It was a spirit device elixir furnace and had been inherited by numerous generations for a very long time. It was even said that the furnace had existed since the Fiery Emperor Palace was established.

It was a pity that most people of the Fiery Emperor Palace did not have much success in studying alchemy, and even if there were a few alchemists here, they were not proficient enough. As a result, they were not able to make and refine spirit level life-prolonging elixirs.

Qingfeng Li put the fiery fruit and flower of paradise into the Fiery Emperor's Furnace before cutting his own index finger with a knife to get some blood, dripping it into the furnace.

He once ate a stalk of dragon grass so his blood contained remnants of its medicinal effects, which was a crucial ingredient of the life-prolonging elixir.

Qingfeng Li took out the book of 'Alchemy Arts of Elixir King', made a strange hand seal according to the method of spirit level life prolonging elixir, and then began to make and refine the elixir.

There was a precious charcoal stove underneath the furnace that was fueled by special stones that could ignite and maintain a scorching temperature.

Certainly, it was not enough to rely solely on the temperature for the charcoal stone to make the spirit level life prolonging elixir. He still needed another kind of flame to reach an even higher temperature.

Qingfeng Li directly injected his fire element vital essence, turned it into a huge mass of flame and directing it to the bottom of the furnace to refine the elixirs and medicinal materials inside.

With the help of the flame, the medicinal materials inside the furnace started to melt, condense, and finally form a thumb-sized elixir.

The elixir was green in color with a flame flickering on its surface, giving off a strong herbal fragrance.

"The life prolonging elixir is completed." Looking at the elixir, Qingfeng Li's eyes indicated a touch of delight.

Qingfeng Li took the elixir out of the furnace, then walked out of the alchemy room.

"Big brother Li, have you finished making the life prolonging elixir yet?" Xianzhi Qin asked wishfully with a dash of eagerness on her enchanting face.

It was certain that Xianzhi Qin would feel nervous, for the life prolonging elixir was the deciding factor of whether her father would live or die.

Qingfeng Li nodded and said, "Completed."

A touch of excitement appeared on Xianzhi Qin's anxious face when she heard Qingfeng Li's statement. She was so excited that she directly gave Qingfeng Li a kiss by holding his face.

Xianzhi Qin's lips were soft, sweet, fragrant, and subtle, which were very comfortable to kiss.

Qingfeng Li really wanted to hold and kiss Xianzhi Qin for a longer while, but he had to give up the idea at the thought of her father who was waiting for them.

Qingfeng Li came into the room with the life prolonging elixir. Aotian Qin was lying on the bed as he had lost consciousness shortly after being brought out of the prison. The black gas had completely covered his face and body, which was a sign of his internal organs being eroded.

Qingfeng Li's face changed, and he hurried to take out the life prolonging elixir, quickly putting it into the mouth of Aotian Qin.

Once the elixir came into Aotian Qin's mouth, it turned into a warm stream, nourishing his body with powerful efficacy and removing all the black gas out of his body after a short while.

There was no doubt about the efficacy of the spirit level life prolonging elixir as it was so powerful that it only took an instant to purge all of the black gas.

Aotian Qin slowly opened his eyes and hesitantly asked, "Am I dead?"

He knew how serious his injury was as he was injured by an extremely powerful unorthodox devil, leaving a strong corrosive devilish energy in his body.

"Dad, don't talk nonsense. You're not dead! Qingfeng had made a spirit level life-prolonging elixir to eliminate the devilish energy in your body, and you've been treated." Xianzhi Qin said.

Life prolonging elixir

Aotian Qin's face changed, and a dash of shock appeared in his eyes. He was the master of the Fiery Emperor Palace, so he surely knew the value of the spirit level life-prolonging elixir, which was an elixir only an Elixir King could make.

This Qingfeng Li is an Elixir King?

At the thought of the possibility, Aotian Qin's face changed, as he found it more shocking than the fact that the First Elder was killed by Qingfeng.

An Elixir King was very rare, as only very few people could obtain that title because they needed to have outstanding talent in alchemy.

"Are you an Elixir King?" Aotian Qin asked with a shocked look.

Qingfeng Li nodded his head in agreement. Considering that he obtained the Alchemy Arts of the Elixir King and now also created a spirit level life-prolonging elixir, he had become an Elixir King in a sense.

"As the saying goes, each new generation excels the previous. It's true that youth these days are to be regarded with respect." Aotian Qin stared at Qingfeng Li with praise filling his eyes.

Aotian Qin did not understand why his daughter had held Qingfeng Li's hand just now, but he began to realize that Qingfeng Li was a genius, and a genius as abnormal as a devil, who was popular with women.