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Chapter 987: Breakthrough to Mid-stage of True Spirit Realm

Chapter 987: Breakthrough to Mid-stage of True Spirit Realm
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Qingfeng Li shook his head and expressed a faint smile in response to Aotian Qin's praise. Refining a spirit level life-prolonging elixir was not difficult to him.

After much convincing, Aotian Qin managed to drag Qingfeng Li to the treasure chamber of the Fiery Emperor Palace to show his gratitude. The Fiery Emperor Palace had a treasury with a bountiful inheritance from previous generations, with a long and profound history of several thousands of years. There were lots of treasures inside it.

Qingfeng Li looked around and found different kinds of weapons like swords, blades, iron rods, and copper hammers in this room.

Aside from these normal weapons lay some other treasures such as elixirs, jade slips inscribed with cultivation techniques, ancient Lingzhi, and Ginseng.

At this time, most Lingzhi and Ginseng out there were tens or hundreds of years old. Those over a millennium were mostly exploited and had disappeared. Qingfeng Li didn't expect to see these ancient herbs in the Fiery Emperor Palace. Though very rare and precious, they weren't worth much for Qingfeng Li. He was already in the early-stage of the True Spirit Realm and needed medicinal materials that were even more advanced.

Aotian Qin also figured these herbs were not useful for Qingfeng Li. He went into the corner of the chamber and took out a stone box. It was not big, only roughly ten centimeters long and five centimeters wide, and looked simple but quaint with a dark surface. It was really old.

Aotian Qin opened the box, revealing a blue stone inside. The stone was as small as an egg but exuded a thick vital essence aura.

"It's a true spirit stone; it's yours." Aotian Qin took out the blue stone and said.

True spirit stone?

Qingfeng Li was confused. He had only heard of vitality stones, but never anything about a true spirit stone.

Aotian Qin smiled and explained, "Vitality stones are for ancient martial artists; while true spirit stones are for self-cultivators. They contain much more vital essence energy, over three times of that in vitality stones."

Xianzhi Qin then said, "Brother Li, you could refine and absorb this stone. It will help you break through your current realm."

Qingfeng Li nodded happily. He took the true spirit stone to the side. With Aotian Qin as his guardian, he didn't worry about someone making trouble. Aotian Qin was the master of the Fiery Emperor Palace and was powerful; normal people wouldn't be able to get close as long as he was here.

Qingfeng sat with his legs crossed, and he raised his hands and put them together to form a strange sign. Then an emerald light shot out of his body, shining over and enshrouding the true spirit stone.

The stone emitted a strong energy blast. It was as strong as a tsunami and as swift as a tornado; after being absorbed by Qingfeng Li, the energy ran through his meridians towards his dantian.

Qingfeng Li's dantian was emerald in color, with an egg-sized spirit nucleus inside. The spirit nucleus spun quickly and formed a black whirlpool, absorbing the energy from the stone.

After receiving a large amount of energy, his spirit nucleus began to mutate. There was one emerald halo covering it before but now, a second one appeared.


A strong energy blast dissipated from Qingfeng Li's body; he broke through the early-stage of the True Spirit Realm into the mid-stage.

Qingfeng Li stood up and punched casually, leaving eighteen black vortex currents in the air. He needed to use eighteen thousand kilograms of force to create that many vortexes.

"Congratulations, big brother Li. You are in the mid-stage now," Xianzhi Qin pouted her red lips and said with a smile.

Qingfeng Li also felt great excitement after this breakthrough.

The true spirit stone was quite impressive, with an incredible amount of energy. Qingfeng Li felt very energetic and was about to jump up.

Ring, ring…

The phone suddenly rang when Qingfeng Li was still intoxicated in his excitement. It was Flower Fairy.

Qingfeng Li had a complicated feeling for Flower Fairy. To save Ruyan Liu from the devil curse, she had dropped her cultivation to the Higher Heaven realm.

Qingfeng Li owed her a big one for that favor, that he did not have the chance to repay yet.

"Flower Fairy, what's up?" Qingfeng Li hurriedly pressed the answer button and asked.

Unexpectedly, it wasn't Flower Fairy on the other side. It was another female voice, "Hello, I'm Little Cui, Flower Fairy's maid. She is now in danger. You have to help her!"

What, Flower Fairy is in danger?

Hearing this, Qingfeng Li was shocked and asked immediately, "Little Cui, what's wrong with her?"

"Qingfeng Li, Flower Fairy is now under house arrest by the master of Hundred-flower Palace because of the drop in her cultivation. The master wants to strip her of her title as the Saintess. If she is not Saintess anymore, she will die," Little Cui spoke with horror.

As her maid, Little Cui was very close to Flower Fairy. Of course, she wanted Flower Fairy to keep the title of Saintess, so she thought of Qingfeng Li.

Little Cui had met Qingfeng Li before, on Dark Island together with Flower Fairy, and she knew he was a supreme level master.

"Little Cui, tell me where Hundred-flower Palace is! I'll head there right now." Qingfeng Li asked anxiously.

"Hundred-flower Palace is in Belle Mont of Guangzhe Province. It's in the middle of the ninth peak," Little Cui quickly gave him directions.

Little Cui hung up right after these words. She couldn't speak too much while she was in the Hundred-flower Palace or she would be noticed by the others.

Hearing the beeping tone on the phone, Qingfeng Li became very anxious.

"Miss Qin, I have to leave," Qingfeng Li said.

Xianzhi Qin nodded. She heard what Little Cui said on the phone. She knew Flower Fairy and had once fought together with her.

"Brother Li, this is the Fiery Emperor Armor, an Earthly Spiritual defence device. Wear it, " Xianzhi Qin took out a yellow armor and said to Qingfeng Li.

This Fiery Emperor Armor was very precious; it was one of the most valued treasures in Fiery Emperor Palace, even more important than the true spirit stone. But she still took it out for Qingfeng Li, because she knew how powerful the people of Hundred-Flower Palace was.

"Thanks. Goodbye for now," Qingfeng Li accepted and thanked her for the armor, before leaving rapidly.

Guangzhe Province was far away so Qingfeng Li bought a ticket and took a flight.

Though it was a long way, Qingfeng Li arrived in Guangzhe Province within three hours.

Guangzhe Province was a big province in Huaxia, with tens of millions of people in population. Many people worked among countless corporations here, and there were countless glorious mountains and rivers.

Belle Mont was the highest and most majestic mountain in Guangzhe Province, consisting of over ten peaks. Qingfeng Li quickly rushed to and began to climb the ninth peak of Belle Mont.