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Chapter 988: Going to the Hundred-Flower Palace

Chapter 988: Going to the Hundred-Flower Palace
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As the most famous mountain range in Guangzhe Province, Belle Mont was tall and glorious with all kinds of rugged rocks, ancient trees, various plants and vines, and even numerous beasts and monsters on it.

When walking through the peaks and valleys, Qingfeng Li spotted green eyes everywhere in the shade, with bloodthirsty red lights shining out from them. He deduced that they were the eyes of demonic beasts.

Among those beasts were some fire-scaled tigers, green-peak leopards, and wind-edge wolves. These giant beasts were at least four or five meters long, with some even reaching up to over ten meters in length.

One of the fire-scaled tigers saw Qingfeng Li coming and jumped up at him with its mouth wide open, trying to bite his neck with its sharp white fangs.

Qingfeng Li drew out his Red Fiery Sword and used it to exude intensive sword energy as he cut through the air to defend against the tiger.

Qingfeng Li turned his wrist and the sword swiped through the air, cutting into the head of the tiger.


The tiger's head dropped off from the neck, with blood spraying everywhere, and its body flew past Qingfeng and crashed into the ground.

With one move, Qingfeng Li killed this strong fire-scaled tiger.

After seeing how powerful Qingfeng Li was, other beasts were exceedingly frightened and fled like rabbits.

Qingfeng Li didn't even check the body of the tiger as he walked into the depth of the mountain instead.

The Hundred-Flower Palace was on the ninth peak but he was still only on the first one right now. There was still a long way to go.

Qingfeng Li stepped up into the air and moved forward like a lightning bolt. All beasts he encountered along the way were easily beheaded by his sword. When he reached the eighth peak, he met a mighty demonic beast.

It was a giant boa, stretching over ten meters long, with bowl-sized sharp black scales covering its entire body, shining wtih a dark radiance.

This boa was a demonic beast in the True Spirit Realm, which could speak human words. It said to Qingfeng Li, "This is the territory of Hundred-Flower Palace. Outsiders are forbidden to enter."

Qingfeng Li sneered slightly, "I'm looking for Flower Fairy; please let me in."

Hearing the name of Flower Fairy, the black boa showed a surprised look. It didn't expect this young man to know this name.

Flower Fairy was the Saintess of Hundred-Flower Palace, which was very elusive in the martial world; not much was known about this faction. It was sure Qingfeng Li had never been here before because it didn't have any impression of him either.

Qingfeng Li paid no more attention to the boa and moved forward. Seeing Qingfeng Li ignoring it, the boa became furious.


The boa waved its long tail, tearing through the air with a sharp piercing sound, and smashed it against Qingfeng Li's head.

This hit was very forceful, carrying tens of thousands of kilograms of force. It could definitely smash an ordinary man into mud.

But Qingfeng Li was no ordinary man. He was a mighty self-cultivator. His right fist punched forward, turning into a mountain crushing shadow and colliding with the boa with a mountainous force.


With a loud noise, the boa's body directly burst into pieces under this attack. The bloody bits flew and landed everywhere, covering the field like raindrops.

A black ball fell from above and Qingfeng Li caught it with his right hand. It was a black orb that was a little larger than an egg with a great amount vital essence inside. This was the demonic nucleus of the boa.

Demon nucleuses were the most important part of demonic beasts as they contained the whole essence of these beasts.

Qingfeng Li absorbed the vital essence energy, directly taking the essence from the nucleus and turning it into his own energy. His power improved a bit more.

Qingfeng Li didn't linger after killing this boa and ran towards the next peak swiftly, for Flower Fairy was still waiting for him.

Qingfeng Li moved quickly because no more demonic beasts dared to attack him as they were all horrified by the giant boa's death.

After a while, Qingfeng Li reached the ninth peak, which was the headquarters of the Hundred-Flower Palace.

Qingfeng Li looked around and found that the Hundred-Flower Palace was located on the mountainside. It was an enormous building made of white marble slabs, with green bricks, blue tiles, glass eaves, and a vermillion gate. All in all, it looked as magnificent as an ancient royal palace.

There were two women guarding the gate. Qingfeng noticed that they both had tender and pretty faces, snow-white skin, and long black hair stretching down to their waists.

Though looking beautiful, they held a frosty expression, looking indifferent and unapproachable.

Seeing Qingfeng Li, the tall beauty on the left frowned and said coldly, "Stop. Outsiders are forbidden from enter."

"I'm looking for Flower Fairy," Qingfeng Li smiled lightly and explained his intentions.

"There are only women in the palace. Outsiders are not allowed in, especially men. Please leave," The tall beauty on the left said; her eyes looked cold and arrogant.

Noticing the arrogance, Qingfeng Li wouldn't say another word. Instead, he stepped right into the gate.

Seeing Qingfeng Li disregard her warning, the beauty unsheathed her white sword and slashed at Qingfeng Li.


Qingfeng Li gripped the sword with two of his fingers. With a gentle press, the sword was broken in half.


Qingfeng Li quickly reached out his left hand and knocked both of the guardswomen out.

After all, they were from the Hundred-Flower Palace and Qingfeng Li still owed Flower Fairy a favor, so he didn't kill them.

Qingfeng Li took out the phone and dialed Little Cui, telling her he was in front of the Palace.

Little Cui was surprised and shocked after realizing that Qingfeng Li arrived in such a short time.

Little Cui knew it was an emergency, so she rushed to the front gate without delay. Little Cui was a girl around eighteen years old and was Flower Fairy's maid and closest friend. She looked cute with a delicate face, white skin, and slender figure.

Little Cui was stunned when she saw the two unconscious guards with her blinky eyes.

She knew these two guards were masters, yet they were so easily taken down by Qingfeng Li. This meant Qingfeng Li was even more powerful than them.

"Little Cui, where is Flower Fairy?" Qingfeng Li asked. He came all the way here to save her so he had to understand her situation.

"She was locked in one of the confinement rooms. I'll lead you there." Little Cui nodded and led Qingfeng Li into the grounds of the Hundred-Flower Palace.