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Chapter 989: Meeting Flower Fairy

Chapter 989: Meeting Flower Fairy
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Little Cui quietly brought Qingfeng Li inside the Hundred-Flower Palace, but they bumped into another girl very quickly.

This girl was about twenty and was wearing a green dress that made her look as delicate as a willow tree. She was holding a cup of tea, which she had been bringing to the palace master when she saw Little Cui.

Of course, she knew Little Cui, Flower Fairy's most loyal maid. However, since Flower Fairy was confined, Little Cui had lost her backing and had no more prestige within the sect.

The delicate girl tossed her hair back and asked arrogantly, "Little Cui, where are you going?"

Little Cui turned pale and began feeling nervous after hearing the girl's words. She was most afraid of meeting someone she knew at such a time.

Little Cui faltered and could not say a word; her face became pale and cold sweat began dripping from her forehead.

The delicate girl sneered after seeing Little Cui become so nervous. Little Cui was very proud and had treated her superciliously in the past, so she. She never thought Little Cui would be so scared of her.

Suddenly, she noticed the man beside Little Cui, Qingfeng Li.

A man?

How could there be a man here?

There were only women in the Hundred-Flower Palace, absolutely no men at all. Little Cui was acting very audaciously to bring a man into the Hundred-Flower Palace.

The girl showed a mean look, and said with cold tone, "Little Cui, men are not allowed in the Hundred-Flower Palace. How dare you bring one here? Do you want to die?"

Little Cui was totally frightened upon hearing her threat, knowing that the worst thing had just happened. If one was found to be bringing a man into the Palace, she would get in serious trouble.

From their conversation, Qingfeng Li noticed the problem. Before the girl could react, he raised his right hand and, moving as fast as lightning, tapped the back of her head, knocking her out.

Seeing the girl passing out, Little Cui patted herself on the chest and took a long breath, "I was so scared! Fortunately, you knocked her out. If we were found by the others, we would have been doomed."

Qingfeng Li was a little amused by her. He turned his eyes to Little Cui and said, "Don't waste time, lead me to Flower Fairy."

Little Cui quickly crept over with small steps towards the confinement room.

The confinement room was located at the north-east corner of the Palace and was a closed room guarded by two beautiful and slender women.

It had to be said, all women in the Hundred-Flower Palace were quite beautiful. Every single one of them that Qingfeng Li met on the way was attractive. However, they were all overshadowed by the beauty of Flower Fairy.

As for those two in front of the room, they had not only pretty faces but also were emitting a strong aura out of their bodies.

Early-stage of the True Spirit Realm?

Qingfeng Li gazed at them and felt quite surprised. He never thought that Flower Fairy would be guarded by some people in the True Spirit Realm. It looked, like the Hundred-Flower Palace took Flower Fairy very seriously.

Both of the guards were surprised to see Qingfeng Li. They would have been less surprised to see a giant panda in the Hundred-Flower Palace than a man.

Though Qingfeng Li was handsome and attractive, they still decided to beat him first and ask questions later.

The women on the left attacked first, curling her right hand like a claw and reaching toward Qingfeng Li's wrist. She wanted to catch and subdue him quickly.

It was a swift attack that left a shadow behind as it pierced through the air, but it was hardly threatening to Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li turned his right hand around and moved even faster than her, catching the woman's wrist with one grasp and pressing his right index finger on her meridian point.


The women fell onto the ground, not being able to make another move or say a single word, even though her eyes were still open. She looked in fear at Qingfeng Li, wondering how powerful he was and why she couldn't even take one single attack from him.

Seeing her falling, the other woman felt tense. But before she could yell out, Qingfeng Li sealed her meridian point too, leaving her unable to move or speak on the ground.

Little Cui stood by and saw all this, feeling a bit excited. Qingfeng Li was really powerful, even several times stronger than the last time she saw him. Flower Fairy would definitely be saved!


Qingfeng Li pushed the door open and walked in. It was a small confinement room, around ten square meters in size, with no beds, tables, or chairs on the empty floor.

On the floor sat a woman, with her back to Qingfeng Li. Though he couldn't see her face, he recognized her to be Flower Fairy from her charming figure.

Hearing the door open, Flower Fairy turned around. This time, her face was exposed, showing her face without a veil.

How beautiful!

Qingfeng Li's eyes became brighter. He had met Flower Fairy many times, but she had always wore a veil, leaving him unable to see her face.

This time was different; he finally saw her face, a face of peerless beauty.

Her face was graceful like a bouquet of peonies, her skin was white like a snow lotus, her lips were red like cherries, her eyes were bright like stars, and her slim eyelashes blinked like two small windows, shining with a charming radiance.

Besides being gorgeous looking, she also had a splendid and flawless figure.

Qingfeng Li had met numerous beauties. Xue Lin was elegant, Ruyan Liu was enchanting, and Xiaoyue Zhang was pure, but Flower Fairy had all of their qualities.

Flower Fairy was known as the number one beauty in the ancient martial arts world, and she deserved it. Qingfeng Li struggled to keep his admiration inside.

Seeing Qingfeng Li coming, Flower Fairy's bright eyes revealed her surprise and her mouth slightly open. She would never have expected that he would show up in the confinement room of the Hundred-Flower Palace.

Qingfeng Li noticed her surprise before smiling and saying, "Flower Fariy, it's been a long time."

Flower Fairy felt complex emotions. True, they hadn't met for a long while.

"Qingfeng Li, why are you here?" Flower Fairy curved her red lips and asked.

She thought she was dreaming, seeing Qingfeng Li here. But after pinching herself with her fingers, she noticed it was not a dream; it was really Qingfeng Li.

"To save you, of course." Qingfeng Li smiled and said with a firm and confident tone.