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Chapter 990: Battle for the Title of “Saintess“

Chapter 990: Battle for the Title of 'Saintess'
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With a wry smile, she shook her head and said, "I am being imprisoned in the confinement room. How are you planning on saving me?"

"Follow me and I'll take you out," Qingfeng Li approached Flower Fairy's side and told her.

Flower Fairy nodded and stood up, beginning to follow Qingfeng Li to the outside.

Flower Fairy knew that her strength had fallen to the Higher Heaven realm, putting her in danger. Many of her senior and junior sisters were fond of the "Saintess" title and had always wanted the title for themselves. If she lost the title now, her life would be in danger…

Flower Fairy didn't want to die, so she could only leave with Qingfeng Li. They had just walked out of the room and arrived at the lobby of the Hundred-Flower Palace, when they were surrounded by a group of people.

This was a group of more than 20 female disciples, led by a long-haired beauty. With a bright face but thin lips, she didn't look to have good intentions.

The woman's name was Hongling Mu, and she was Flower Fairy's senior sister as well as her biggest enemy.

Previously, Hongling Mu and Flower Fairy had fought for the Saintess's title, but she lost the competition.

But now the situation had changed as Flower Fairy's strength had dropped a lot. Her strength had fallen all the way to the Higher Heaven realm and she was no longer worthy of the Saintess's title.

Hongling Mu gave a cold chuckle and said, "Junior Sister, where are you going? How come you came out from the confinement room?"

Hongling Mu always hated her junior sister and was always trying to cause trouble for her.

Flower Fairy face went pale and she said, "I want to get out of here."

"You know that's not allowed. The competition for the title Saintess is about to start. You can't go anywhere else," Hongling Mu said with a cold face.

Qingfeng Li quizzically replied, "What is the Saintess Competition?"

Flower Fairy explained, "The Saintess Competition is a competition between disciples to see who is the most capable and talented. If you win all the battles, you will become the next Saintess. The disciple's guardians can also participate in the competition in place of the disciple."

After hearing these words, Qingfeng Li suddenly realized something. Since the disciple's guardian can fight for them, he can simply become Flower Fairy's guardian and help her get the Saintess's title.

After realizing this, Qingfeng Li quickly changed plans and said to Hongling Mu, "I am Flower Fairy's guardian, who will be fighting in her place."


Hongliong Mu was amused by what Qingfeng Li had said and told him with a smile, "The guardians of our Hundred-Flower Palace are all female. There are no men."

Qingfeng Li said with a faint smile, "That's right, I will be the first male guardian of the Hundred-Flower Palace."

Hongling Mu frowned and glanced at Flower Fairy, saying, "Junior sister, are you sure you want to make that man your guardian? This will be the biggest joke in the history of the Hundred-Flower Palace."

Flower Fairy didn't care about any of that. She simply smiled at Hongling Mu and gently said, "Yes, I want to make Qingfeng Li become the first male guardian."

These people didn't know how powerful Qingfeng Li was but it was crystal clear to Flower Fairy. He was definitely a supreme master. He was the winner of the Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Arts Competition. Within the entire Dragon Continent, no one was his opponent, let alone within the Hundred-Flower Palace.

All the female disciples around them laughed at Flower Fairy, thinking that Flower Fairy had looked for a male guardian out of desperation. They did not know powerful Qingfeng Li was, just like how frogs in a well did not know how big the world truly was.

With the aid of Qingfeng Li, Flower Fairy began feeling more confident. She decided not to leave the Hundred-Flower Palace now, rather choosing to stay here and fight to reclaim her Saintess title.

The crowd left the hall and walked toward the Hundred-Flower Palace's fighting arena. It was located within the Hundred-Flower Palace's main square, spanning a huge area over 10,000 square meters in size, and being completely made of white marble. It was very beautiful altogether.

In the middle of the contest ring, there was a stage that was 10 meters high. This platform, where the matches of the Hundred-Flower Palace Saintess Competition would be held, was square shaped with 50 meters long sides.

A few moments later, female disciples that would participate in the competition started coming in, all of whom were the most talented and capable female disciples of the Hundred-Flower Palace. They stood out from hundreds of disciples and only they were eligible for the Saintess's title. The average person would not even qualify.

There was a total of six disciples, namely Flower Fairy, Hongling Mu, Zhiruo Zhao, Min Zhou, Rong Li, and Ziyi Huang. They were all Hundred-Flower Palace disciples, ranking as the most powerful six.

Although these six female disciples at Hundred-Flower Palace were very popular and prestigious, at this moment, everyone were looking at Flower Fairy. To be specific, they were looking at the man behind her, Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li frowned, being looked at by so many women. He felt a bit shy, especially since these women's eyes were staring at him like they were looking at a rare animal.

In order to get rid of this awkward feeling in his heart, Qingfeng Li put on a charming smile. With a smile he said, "Although I look handsome, you don't need to look at me like this. Are you all falling in love with me?"

Arrogant fart! Narcissistic bastard! All the female disciple began cursing in disgust, "This man knows no shame. I never seen such an arrogant man before."

Because of Qingfeng Li's dalliance, all the female disciples quickly looked away from him, no longer focusing their attention on him.

Six powerful female disciples were sitting in six different directions, looking at each other with hostility. Because they were competitors, they all wanted the others to die.


A shadow flew across the sky, and it landed in the center of the stage. The shadow quickly revealed itself to be a middle-aged woman with a flirtatious face. Although she was in her 40s, she had no wrinkles, and her skin was as smooth as a maiden's. She must have had taken some kind of miracle pill to keep her youthful look.

This woman was none other than the supreme master of the Hundred-Flower Palace, a super-class force martial artist.

"All hail the Palace Lord," all the female disciples around were respectfully greeting her.

As the Lord of the Hundred-Flower Palace, all the people worshipped and respected her. It was their supreme leader, as well as their mental support.

As the Hundred-Flower Palace Lord looked around, her face remained emotionless. But, when she saw Qingfeng Li beside Flower Fairy, her face changed.

They were too alike, too alike, it was truly too alike. The eyes of the Hundred-Flower Palace Palace Lord flashed. She was thinking about the Conqueror, the Third Master of the Li Family she had known 15 years ago. Her relationship with that man was one full of love and hate.

The Conqueror had once defeated all the masters in Huaxia all across 18 provinces, sweeping through countless strong people in the world. Many people had surrendered to him.

The Hundred-Flower Palace Lord used to be a confidante with the Third Master of Li Family but, he gave up on her for another woman.

Just now, when she saw Qingfeng Li, the Hundred-Flower Palace Lord saw the likeness of the Conqueror on Qingfeng Li's face.