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Chapter 991: Power of the Hundred-Flower Palace Lord

Chapter 991: Power of the Hundred-Flower Palace Lord
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"Who are you?" the Hundred-Flower Palace's Sect Master asked him after seeing the similarities between him and the Conqueror, Third Master Li. She had to find out who he was in order to quench her curiosity.

In fact, her heart was already telling her that the man in front of her must have something to do with the Conqueror. Otherwise, they wouldn't look so similar.

Qingfeng Li faintly smiled said, "I am Qingfeng Li of Jing City's Li family."

The Hundred-Flower Palace's Sect Master was flustered and continued to ask, "Who is Conqueror Third Master Li to you?"

"He is my father," Qingfeng Li answered.

After hearing this, the Hundred-Flower Palace's Sect Master's face changed. There was a sudden chill in her eyes. This man turned out to be the son of the Conqueror, the son of that playboy.

When she thought about the Conqueror, the Hundred-Flower Palace's Sect Master's heart ached. Back in the day, she really loved Conqueror and was even willing to give up the Hundred-Flower Palace Saintess title just to be together with him.

But what pissed Hundred-Flower Palace's Sect Master off was that Conqueror fell in love with another woman. It was Qingfeng Li's mother, an absolute beauty who not only looked beautiful but was also powerful and influential, taking the Conqueror away from her.


The Hundred-Flower Palace's Sect Master's face was gloomy. She emitted a powerful aura. This aura was extremely powerful, forming a white light veil that directly surrounded Qingfeng.

Earthly Spirit Light Veil?!

Qingfeng Li's face changed. His body could not move in this light veil and his mouth could not speak. He could only blink his eyes.

A strong Earthly Spirit realm martial artist?! Qingfeng Li panicked. He never imagined that the Hundred-Flower Palace's Sect Master was a powerful Earthly Spirit realm martial artist.

One should know, Earthly Spirit Realm cultivators are extremely rare, such as the Tiger Continent Pope, and Fiery Demon King. The average person couldn't reach this level, and even Qingfeng Li, who was extremely talented person, had only reached the True Spirit Realm mid-stage.

The Hundred-Flower Palace's Sect Master trapped Qingfeng Li, emitting a strong killing intent in her eyes. She wanted to kill him because he was the son of the Conqueror and her love rival.

"Damn woman! Back in the day you took the Conqueror away from me. I will kill your son for pay back," the Hundred-Flower Palace's Sect Master said with merciless eyes.

The Hundred-Flower Palace's Sect Master had just showed a trace of murderous intent when Flower Fairy frowned and hurried over. Blocking Qingfeng Li, she said to her Master, "If you want to kill him, then kill me first."

Would Flower Fairy let her master kill Qingfeng Li? Naturally she wouldn't. One should know, this time Qingfeng Li came to Hundred-Flower Palace to save Flower Fairy. If he died here, she would never be able to live with it.

The Hundred-Flower Palace's Sect Master's face changed. Out of all her female disciples, she loved Flower Fairy the most and had high hopes for her.

In the past, Flower Fairy was a strong True Spirit Realm master as well as the most powerful and intelligent one out of all her disciples. But when she came back some time ago, her strength had dropped to the Higher Heaven realm.

The Hundred-Flower Palace's Sect Master did not know why her strength had fallen, but now she began having some inklings of what might have happened. She gathered that Flower Fairy's strength must've dropped because of Qingfeng Li.

Sigh. It must be fate! The Hundred-Flower Palace sighed in her heart. She used to love the Conqueror, Third Master Li, and now her most treasured disciple had fallen for the Conqueror's son. If that was not fate, then what was?

The Hundred-Flower Palace's Sect Master removed the light veil. Looking at Flower Fairy's face, she couldn't kill Qingfeng Li. Although she didn't kill this man, it was impossible to just let him go.

After the light veil was released, no one noticed that the Hundred-Flower Palace's right index finger shot out a green light. It was extremely subtle and extremely fast, and it shot directly into Qingfeng Li's body.

This was an Earthly Spirit realm attack. It was intended to destroy his meridians. Naturally Qingfeng Li noticed this and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

Damn! This Hundred-Flower Palace's Sect Master actually wants to ruin my cultivation. This old woman! One day I will get stronger and teach you a lesson no matter what, Qingfeng Li fiercely thought.

Qingfeng's devourer bloodline was stimulated and it formed a black whirlpool, directly engulfing the green light attack of the Hundred-Flower Palace's Sect Master and turning it into vital essence.

If the Sect Master of the Hundred-Flower Palace knew that her attack was absorbed by Qingfeng, she would've been enraged as, after all, she had no intention of helping him.

Flower Fairy stood by Qingfeng Li's side and felt him get stronger. There was doubt in her eyes, as she realized that this guy was really a genius. He actually used her teacher's attack to improve his own strength.

"Qingfeng Li, if you fight as my guardian, are you confident that you can win?" Flower Fairy asked.

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly and proudly said, "Rest assured, other than the Palace's Sect Master, there is no one here who can be my opponent."

Flower Fairy rolled her eyes, somewhat speechless. This Qingfeng Li was too arrogant. He thought nothing of the people from Hundred-Flower Palace.

Others might not know the power and talent of the disciples of the Hundred-Flower Palace, but Flower Fairy knew. Although her senior sisters and junior sisters were their enemies, their strength could not be underestimated as a few of them were even True Spirit Realm late-stage masters.

As for the guardians of the Senior Sister, their strength were even more powerful. Some of them were even Elders of the sect and had even taken a half-step into the Earthly Spirit realm, which was second only to the supreme master of the palace.

When Flower Fairy used to be Saintess, even she couldn't beat these elders, but right now, Qingfeng Li was saying that he could. Flower Fairy was a bit skeptical about it.

Although she was skeptical, Flower Fairy didn't express it, because Qingfeng Li was here to help her.

After an hour, the Saintess competition started, being personally hosted by the Hundred-Flower Palace's Sect Master.

The rules of the competition were simple. The matches were fought in by either the participant herself, or her guardian.

Qingfeng Li was the guardian of Flower Fairy and was also the only male participant in the competition. He was the first to draw a lot.

The Hundred-Flower Palace's Sect Master was holding a bamboo tube. This bamboo tube was as long as chopsticks and round. All the participants' names were written on strips of bamboo inside this tube.

When Qingfeng reached into the bamboo tube, the Hundred-Flower Palace's Sect Master was not happy. There were several times that she just wanted to slap Qingfeng to death, but in the end, she endured it.

"Sect Master. Don't look so angry. An angry face is not pretty," Qingfeng Li said with a smile.

"Qingfeng Li, you dare to tell me what to do?"

"Sect Master, I didn't. I just see that you look like a beauty in her twenties, just like my girlfriend. I just don't want you to get angry because when your wrinkles will come out."

"Qingfeng Li, it is the time for the competition. Don't say useless things or I will slap you to death," Hundred-Flower Palace's Sect Master said while shooting a death glare at him. Qingfeng Li really pissed her off.

She, the Hundred-Flower Palace's Sect Master, was respected and loved by all, but this Qingfeng Li in front of her was not afraid of anything. How dare he tell her what to do?!