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Chapter 1014: The Shameless Black Puppy

Chapter 1014: The Shameless Black Puppy
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"The Blood Demon Fruits are in my hands. Take them if you can," Wind-Edge Demon King laughed and said arrogantly.

His arrogance was deliberately exaggerated to irritate Tianjian Zhao and the Blood Demon Elder, making them assume he took all the fruits.

After saying these words, Wind-Edge Demon King turned into a whirlwind and ran to the north like a black flash of lightning.

Seeing Wind-Edge Demon King running away, Tianjian Zhao and the Blood Demon Elder were shocked. They hurriedly activated their movement techniques and chased after him for the Blood Demon Fruits.

After a while, all three of them vanished into the distance, and it returned to silence outside the cave. But the cracked rocks and woods showed the aftermath of the intense fight here just now.

After the three masters left, Qingfeng Li and the rest came out, walking towards the Spirit King Graveyard by the center under the lead of Black Puppy.

Qingfeng Li was at the exterior of Kunlun Mountain; to reach the center, they must go through the interior zone, which meant a distance of at least a thousand kilometers.

Though one thousand kilometers wasn't that far when traveling by plane, as it would only take an hour or so, it was different in the forbidden district of the Kunlun Mountain. There were terrifying evil beasts and powerful self-cultivators all over, making it impossible to move fast.

Only after a journey over 50 kilometers, Qingfeng Li met a strong evil beast. It was a Leopard, a Leopard King. It was ten meters long, with thick and hard fur like steel needles 20 centimeters in length that exuded a powerful energy from its whole body.

This Leopard King was a demonic beast in the half-step Earthly Spirit Realm.

"Human, you are asking for death by stepping into my territory?" The Leopard King sneered, showing its white fangs and saying.

For the kings of evil beasts, their territories were inviolable. A step over the border was a taunt, a declaration of war, leading to a fight to the death.

The Black Puppy then said, "How dare you, a little kitty, be so bossy in front of your Granddaddy Dog? Come and kneel before me!"

It had to be said, the puppy was extremely cocky, calling himself 'Granddaddy' in front of everything he meets, like he was a supreme power in the world.

Of course, he wouldn't dare to do this before Qingfeng Li now because of the torture he had endured.

"Bastard, how dare you?! You are looking for death," Leopard King gazed at Black Puppy and said coldly.

The Leopard King was one of the most powerful evil beasts in the exterior area of the forbidden district, the strongest one within 150 kilometers.

Usually, all the beasts were very respectful to him. He would never expect that a puppy would dare to curse at him, which made him extremely angry.

"I'm going to kill you," the Leopard King waved his right paw, creating a strong wind blade. The wind cut through tree trunks and instantly reached Black Puppy's head.

A touch of contempt shined through Black Puppy's eyes as he spat out a Demonic Pill. He hadn't refined it but could still use its power. It was a special power of Black Puppy, to transfer the power of other objects as his own.


A red light shot from the Demonic Pill and crashed against the Leopard King's paw, creating a huge noise. The power of their attacks vanished in the air, leaving no one harmed.

"Bastard puppy, you killed the Blood Python King and got its Demonic Pill?" the Leopard King gazed at Black Puppy and said with surprise.

As the Leopard King in the exterior zone, he certainly knew Blood Python King, the king of the reptilian demonic beasts. He didn't expect that it would die.

Black Puppy raised his head and said coldly with arrogance, "Yes, I killed Blood Python King."

The Black Puppy was truly shameless. Blood Python King was actually killed by Qingfeng Li, not by him at all.

But now, he took credit for another's labors. Though it was an obvious lie, Qingfeng Li didn't uncover it, because Leopard King was their common enemy.

Qingfeng Li and Black Puppy did have some internal conflicts, but it was not a big deal when they had to destroy a mutual enemy, a demonic beast.

Leopard King waved his right paw again, preparing to attack Black Puppy. Qingfeng Li then took a move. He was anxious to save his father and didn't want to waste any time here, so he attacked with his long sword directly.


Qingfeng Li drew out the Red Fiery Sword, slashing out a beam of sword energy 40 meters long, even a bit longer than before, piercing through the air and cutting right at the Leopard King's claws. It directly cut its claws off, with blood spraying everywhere.


Leopard King howled painfully. He was a demonic beast a half-step into the Earthly Spirit Realm and had claws harder than steel. His claws could easily split rocks but they were cut off by Qingfeng Li with only one strike. He was shocked by Qingfeng's frightening level of power.

He thought Qingfeng was defenseless, and would never have expected him to be so formidable.

Leopard King opened his mouth and spat out a blue Demonic Pill. This Demonic Pill contained a strong power as it shot out a blue ray of light right at Qingfeng Li.

He had vowed to kill this young man, to avenge the loss of his paws.

Qingfeng Li performed the Dragon Steps, turning himself into a flying dragon as he moved as fast as lightning, dodging the attack from the Demonic Pill.

He could easily dodge the attacks from most demonic beasts ever since he learned the Dragon Steps movement technique.

Qingfeng Li jumped off the ground and flew up right over Leopard King's head. He created a blast of invincible energy with his right fist directed at the Leopard King's skull. The leopard's head was directly smashed to a pulp, and his body fell to the ground.

With one hit, the Leopard King was killed.

Seeing how powerful Qingfeng Li was, the demonic beasts that were lurking around fled away with fear. The Leopard King was easily beaten and they would also die if they stayed here.


Black Puppy moved like a black flash and jumped above, swallowing the Demonic Pill at once.

This Black Puppy was so shameless. He took the Demonic Pill of the Blood Python King last time, and now the pill of the Leopard King. Qingfeng Li really wanted to beat him up.

A touch of murderous intent appeared in Qingfeng Li's eyes as he reached out his right hand and was ready to teach Black Puppy a lesson.

This shameless puppy had taken Qingfeng's advantage so many times already, annoying him greatly.

Black Puppy noticed Qingfeng Li's killing intent and said, "The Spirit King Graveyard is extremely dangerous. I can only take you there by improving my power with this Demonic Pill. Otherwise, you will not reach there if I die half-way."

Though Qingfeng Li would really have liked to beat Black Puppy, what he said was true. This little idiot really did need to improve his power, so he let Black Puppy off as they made their way to the Spirit King Graveyard.