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Chapter 1015: Horrifying Man-Eating Flower

Chapter 1015: Horrifying Man-Eating Flower
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Black Puppy had swallowed the Blood Python King's and the Leopard King's Demonic Pills, and his strength had significantly increased. His body became a bit larger, and the fur on his body became shinier and darker, like black pine needles.

Black Puppy was familiar with the forbidden district of the Kunlun Mountains and under his guidance, Qingfeng Li and the others traveled through the exterior section smoothly and entered the interior mountains.

Although they encountered some Demonic Beasts, those unfortunate monsters were either beheaded by Qingfeng's sword, or scared away by Black Puppy's aura.

Although Black Puppy was shameless, he had a strong repressive aura that affected lower leveled demonic beasts.

Moments later, everyone had arrived at the interior section of the Kunlun Mountains.

Just as they enter the interior, Qingfeng was shocked as he felt a lot of powerful auras here. Each one was stronger than the one before, and there were even several Earthly Spirit Realm demonic beasts.

The interior section of the district was more threatening than the mountain range outside. The ancient trees appeared like heavenly totems, being more than fifty meters tall and twice as large as normal trees.

The vines and plants on the ground were also longer. Everything was stronger, whether it was the human beings, Demonic Beasts, or the plants. They were all very large, and gave Qingfeng a constant sense of danger.

He was now in the True Spirit Realm peak stage, but he still felt that his strength was too low. He needed to quickly break into the Earthly Spirit Realm, as that was the only way to solve the crisis here.

Soon, Qingfeng Li and the others came to a patch of very tall flowers. Each flower was at least four meters high, twice the height of even very tall humans.

There were only five petals on each flower, and each petal was as big as a basin, with a bright red surface. It looked very beautiful, emitting a demonic aura.

Flower Fairy loved flowers, yet she had never seen flowers grow so big and so beautiful. Her beautiful face was full of joy.

She smiled as she stretched out her pink hand, wanting to touch these flowers.

There was a weird aroma emitting off of them, which apparently attracted women, immersing them in the scent and trapping them.


The originally delicate and calm flower suddenly opened their petals, which were covered with white barbs like sharp white crocodile teeth. Each tooth was as long as a chopstick, and the flower fiercely bit towards Flower Fairy.

Flower Fairy's face turned pale and she became dumbfounded there, as she just wanted to touch the flowers, never imagining that the flowers would open their mouths to take a bite out of her.

Black Puppy's face became pale and hurriedly said, "This is a Man-Eating Flower, a flower that will devour humans. Let's quickly kill it."

Man-Eating Flower?

Qingfeng Li face changed greatly. Though he had not seen Man-Eating Flowers, he had heard the legend of cannibal flowers.

The Man-Eating Flower was a demon flower and their main food source was humans, making them very evil, and sinister organisms.

Qingfeng Li was like a leopard, leaping to Flower Fairy's side as the Red Fiery Sword in his hands unleashed a powerful sword energy. It split the Man-Eating Flower in half instantly.

"Run, run!" Black Puppy saw Qingfeng Li kill the Man-Eating Flower and his face changed dramatically as he quickly called everyone to run away.

Qingfeng Li puzzled, "Black Puppy, what are we running for? I already killed the Man-Eating Flower."

Black Puppy's anxious and said, "There are hundreds of Man-Eating Flowers here, you only killed one. If we don't run then our asses are going to be buried here."

Qingfeng Li's face suddenly changed. He forgot they were in a field of flowers. All around them were Man-Eating Flowers, and he made a big mistake when he only killed one.


Qingfeng Li and the others wanted to run away, but it was already too late. Hundreds of Man-Eating Flowers all opened their mouths, exposing their fangs and exuding a terrifying presence, completely trapping them..

"Get ready to fight," Qingfeng's face changed dramatically as he said to the people around him.

It was too late to run, so they were left no choice but to fight.

Everyone picked up a spiritual device, attacking the Man-Eating Flowers around them.

"Volcanic Condensation." Qingfeng Li directly used the first skill of the Volcanic Sword Technique. This first sword technique was not the most powerful, but it covered the most area.

There appeared a huge volcano illusion in the air, and they were even able to see the lava river inside. It was emitting a hot atmosphere and directly shrouded a dozen of Man-Eating Flowers around him.

Bam bam bam…...

It directly killed a dozen Man-Eating Flowers, turning them into piles of ash.

Needless to say, this Volcanic Sword Technique was extremely powerful. The first move sword was a large area attack, directly killing a large amount of Man-Eating Flowers.

Flower Fairy and Xianzhi Qin were both dazzled since they could only kill one Man-Eating Flower at a time, but Qingfeng Li was able to kill a dozen at once. His attack was too strong.

As for the Black Puppy, this little guy was also ruthless. He released a very stinky fart out of his black ass crack, and the smell was able to kill a lot of Man-Eating Flowers quickly.

The Man-Eating Flowers loved cleanliness and purity so the smell of Black Puppy's fart was too deadly for them.

Puchi, Puchi, Puchi, Puchi ...

Qingfeng Li's Red Fiery Sword was swinging nonstop. With each swing, dozens of Man-Eating Flower were cut off their stalks and fell to the ground, dying shortly afterwards.

Although Qingfeng Li was killing dozens of Man-Eating Flowers, there was a sea of them; There were too many Man-Eating Flowers around them, hundreds of them.

"Mankind, how dare you kill my sons and daughters. I will kill you," at this moment, a cold and arrogant voice uttered from the depths.

The one speaking was a huge Man-Eating Flower, five meters high, higher than all the other Man-Eating Flowers; it was the Man-Eating Flower King.

"Earth Spirit Light Veil," the Man-Eating Flower King spat in a deep voice. It released the Earth Spirit Light Veil that directly shrouded Qingfeng Li because he was currently the most threatening one.

What? This Man-Eating Flower King turned out to be an Earthly Spirit realm early-stage demon flower?

Feeling the Earthly Spirit Realm aura of the Man-Eating Flower King, Qingfeng's face changed, dread appearing in his eyes.

He had not yet reached the Earthly Spirit Realm so if it was only a half-step Earthly Spirit realm, he would not be afraid. He was most afraid of meeting a real Earthly Spirit Realm fighter and clearly did not think that the Man-Eating Flower King in front of him would turn out to be an Earthly Spirit realm early-stage demon flower. F*CK!

"Human, I am going to kill you now." Man-Eating Flower King opened his bloody mouth and lunged toward Qingfeng Li.

Xianzhi Qin's face changed and, with vital essence condensing into her finger, she shorted in a deep voice, "Fiery Emperor's Finger".

There was a yellow light flash and, the next moment, Xianzhi Qin was stunned. Her Fiery Emperor's Finger did not leave a trace at all on the Man-Eating Flower King. This guy was too powerful.