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Chapter 1017: Sword Aura Valley

Chapter 1017: Sword Aura Valley
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"Boss, you are so amazing! You just one shot killed Man-Eating Flower King."Daoist came in front of Qingfeng Li and said with adoring eyes.

Not only Daoist, but also the Flower Fairy and Xianzhi Qin beside Qingfeng Li adored him so much. It's like their eyes were filled with shiny stars. If they tried to deal with Man-Eating Flower King, they would've been killed with just one move. But, Qingfeng Li just killed Man-Eating Flower King with great ease.

As for that Black Puppy, it got two Demonic Pills. He originally wanted to show off, but when he saw how powerful Qingfeng Li was, he got scared and just buried his head without saying anything.

Qingfeng Li nodded, waved his hand and said, "Let's go! Move on."

Qingfeng Li was now a fighter in the Earthly Spirit realm. When he encountered average general beasts at the early-stage of Earthly Spirit realm, he can kill them easily. Those average demonic beasts were not his match.

Qingfeng Li and his party headed forward. On the way, they met many people, all of whom were disciples from various Sects.

Heavenly Sword Sect, Black Blade Sect, Stone Sect and other sects went into the Kunlun Mountains this time. There were more than 100 elite disciples came from each sect with total one thousand people. Qingfeng Li just killed a dozen people, and there were still many people that he did not kill yet.

"Do you know? The Sword Aura Valley up ahead."

"I have heard about it too. Many disciples of different sects are gathering there. It was told that a fighter in the Spirit King realm splitted open the mountain in half, creating this Sword Aura Valley".

"There's a lot of sword energy in the Sword Aura Valley. With these sword energies, your sword will escalate to a higher level." Some passing disciples were gossiping, talking about the Sword Aura Valley in front of them.

Hearing these people's discussion, Qingfeng Li heart leapt. He thought this is a chance. He must go to Sword Aura Valley.

The Dark Night Emperor was sleeping in a Red Fiery Sword, and he could be awakened by absorbing large amount of sword energy. Qingfeng Li must save the Dark Night Emperor because it could be said he was his Master who taught Qingfeng Li a lot.

Sword Aura Valley is fifty miles south of the center of Kunlun Mountains. It is a huge valley that was between two mountains that was over a 1000 meter high. There were steep mountains and rugged rocks. Each rock is extremely sharp, emitting fantastic sword energy.

The valley was between these two mountains. The air in these mountains formed wind blades everywhere. The more sword energy there was, the fiercer it became, just like a bunch of white rays.

In the middle of the Sword Aura Valley, there is a lot of white grass. These grasses were only like size of palm, but these leaves were very sharp, emitting sharp sword energy. This was sword energy grass, a common grass which had absorbed sword energy it's entire life, brewing them into essence.

At this point, Sword Aura Valley gathered a lot of people. There were Heavenly Sword Sect Erjian Zhao who was Sanjian Zhao's Senior Brother, a powerful people at early-stage of Earthly Spirit realm. He stood at the north side, occupying the most favorable position.

At the south side, a dark and strong youth standing here called Zhuang Hei. He was Chuang Hei's Junior Brother. However, Zhuang Hei's strength was higher than Chuang Hei, as he was already in the early-stage of Earthly Spirit realm.

A skinny and tall young man stood at the east side. He had a strong and muscled body. His name was Gang Pan who was a genius disciple from Stone Sect. He had extremely powerful capability.

A youth wearing blooded shirt standing at the west side. His name was Blood Tower who was ranked the top five most powerful disciples at Blood Demon sect.

These self-cultivation sect disciples were looking at the sword energy grass in the Sword Aura Valley. They wanted to grab those grasses.

They occupied all four places in south, east, north and west. These minor force's disciples can only stood behind and look from far away.

Only those who were strong had opportunities. Truly the law of the jungle at Self-cultivation sect. Weakling can only be left with nothing.

"Zhuang Hei, you cultivate blade techniques, so the sword energy grass has little effect on you. You should give it to me." Erjian Zhao faintly smiled and said.

Zhuang Hei curled lips and said, "This sword energy grass contains sword energy, I can auction it off in exchange for Spirit Stones. I can't hand it over to you."

Gang Pan from Coiling Stone Sect did not talk, but his intention was clear. He could not give up sword energy grass as well.

When Qingfeng Li arrived, he just heard a few people competing there for sword energy grass. He knew there would be a fight for sure.

Qingfeng Li walked toward the front from the back. He just took a few steps. And, he was stopped by a short-haired disciple. This disciple coldly said, "You are the last to come. Get away and line up behind."

After Qingfeng Li heard that, he got in a bad mood and coldly said, "F*ck off."

"Little guy, I am Seven Star Sect's man. You dare to tell me to f*ck off?!" The short-haired disciple faintly smiled and coldly said.

Seven Star Sect?

Qingfeng Li faintly frowned, searching memories but did not remember this martial art sect.

Flower Fairy spoke at this time. She slightly pouted and said, "Seven Star Sect is a spirit level self-cultivation sect. It's the same level as Hundred-flower Palace."

After listening to the explanation of Flower Fairy, Qingfeng Li knew everything about it. He did not care about Hundred-flower Palace, let alone Seven Star Sect.

"Once again. Scram right away or I will kill you ." Qingfeng Li sneered and said.

Qingfeng Li needed sword energy grass to save the Dark Night Emperor. He would kill anyone who get in his way.

Seven Star sect disciple's face changed. His eyes appeared a cold flash. He thought if he announced his own martial art sect, Qingfeng Li would be afraid of him. But, Qingfeng Li just looked down on him.

Seven Star Sect disciple pulled out his sword, piercing the air, with a fierce sword energy, fiercely slashing at Qingfeng Li.


Qingfeng Li twirled his wrist and took out his Red Fiery Sword, drawing an arc in the air. The sword energy of Red Fiery Sword was directly hacked on the sword of the Seven Star Sect disciple which hacked off his sword.

After hacking off Seven Star disciple's sword, Qingfeng Li pierced his throat directly and left a bloody hole, blood spattered everywhere. The Seven Star disciple fell to the ground.

The Seven Star disciples next to the fallen disciple wanted to avenge his Senior Brother after seeing him killed. They raised their swords toward Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li 's sword swinged across the sky, forming an arc in the air. He hacked off all the swords of the Seven Star disciple and left a red bloodstain on their necks as well.

Puchi, Puchi, Puchi ...

All Seven Star disciples were lying on the ground. The blood splashing down their throat. All of them died.

Qingfeng Li killed all Seven Star disciple. Those surrounding disciples of weaker sects all turned pale. This Qingfeng Li was too strong. He never blinked his eyes when he was killing someone. He would kill you from just a slight disagreement.

Qingfeng Li walked toward the front, the surrounding disciples from small sects gave way. No one dared to stop him.

After a while, Qingfeng Li came to the front side of the Sword Aura Valley. All small martial art sec disciples didn't dare to stop him. However, it did not mean those big martial art sect disciples can not stop him.

"Little boy, how dare you kill someone in front of me! You are too arrogant." Erjian Zhao from Heavenly Sword Sect sneered, with a cold flash in his eyes he said to Qingfeng.