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Chapter 3: Scanning and Refitting

Chapter 3: Scanning and Refitting

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
Sitting in the minibus, Jiang Liushi called his younger sister… Although he knew that this call would not matter, just like a stone dropped into the sea.

Before the Starseed popped up in his brain, his younger sister had gone to the mountains for investigating; the reception on the mountains was bad.

To make things worse, his younger sister was still in the mountains while the end of the world was approaching.

But fortunately, Jiang Liushi knew, through the Starseed, that both he and his younger sister would not be infected by the virus. His younger sister would finish the investigation in two days, which made Jiang Liushi very happy. He and his younger sister kept each other alive in the past years. If Jiang Liushi couldn’t contact her, he would go crazy.

Just as he expected, her cell phone was off. Jiang Liushi sent a text message to her; telling her to contact him immediately after seeing it. Jiang would ensure that his phone would be switched on and in service 24/7. He believed that his younger sister would call him back immediately because he sounded so anxious.

"Sir, is it okay if we stop here?" The driver drove Jiang Liushi home, looking around curiously. This area was considered the oldest community of Jiangbei Town. The houses were extremely old, from the 90’s, and each household had kind of the oldest canopies and anti-theft bars.

[This is the place where the rich second generation lives? It is quite unexpected! Is it to gain life experience!?] But this was none of the driver’s business. When Jiang Liushi signed, the driver handed him the keys and left.

Sitting in the minibus, Jiang Liushi exhaled deeply. He was busy with all kinds of preparations. Although at this point everything was ready, he was not at peace at all and felt terrible. Waves of panic broke out, running through his body.

Sitting for five or six minutes, Jiang Liushi finally calmed down. That reaction was extremely normal considering that end of the world was approaching.

Following the instructions are given by Starseed, Jiang stood up and went to the driver's seat. He sat down with his hands holding the steering wheel and then he closed his eyes. It was like a switch turned on and a lot of images appeared in his mind very clearly. After that, the body of the minibus became transparent and all its parts were clearly visible.

Jiang knew that Starseed was scanning the minibus. His heart was permeated by a mystical feeling. He felt like he was in a VR game. Although he couldn’t afford a VR device when it had first appeared on the market, he still had gained a better experience.

After the whole minibus was scanned, all its information appeared in his mind.

Model: Medium passenger bus (For 14)

Age: 10 years old

Power: Petrol powered

Maximum speed: 110km / h

Engine: Displacement 5.014L water-cooled inline four-cylinder pressurized direct injection

Flaws: Old engine and worn-out car parts

To sum it up, this was a very common minibus. Jiang estimated that it had been retired after traveling and was bought by the rental company. As a matter of fact, such a car would have a lot of small problems; that’s a rip-off.

But Jiang Liushi didn’t mind at all because it was the most cost-effective way. He only spent a little more than 10,000 yuan. After the first refitting, this minibus would be initially adaptable to the approaching end of the world.

There were several ways for refitting according to the Starseed. However, Jiang Liushi chose the Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV). Although the refitting of MCV needed lots of consumable material, its practicality was beyond doubt. Soon, the Starseed gave the list of materials needed for refitting; the list left Jiang breathless.

He needed to acquire 100 pounds of steel, 100 pounds of copper, screws of different specifications, 10 kilograms of titanium, about 10 square feet of leather, as well as all kinds of strange materials. Jiang Liushi knew that all these materials were extremely expensive, each of them typically costing more than the last one.

This list of materials was completely beyond his current budget. The materials needed almost were beyond his imagination probably because he chose a more complex type. He didn’t know whether the rest of his money, as well as the money he was going to gain after selling his assets, was going to be enough.

Although the roads were covered with advertisements as "One-minute account, only ID card needed to borrow money", Jiang Liushi had already given his student card to Ma Hao and identity card to the car rental company. He didn’t own any property so he didn’t have any other official documents that he could use in order to borrow money.

[Well, I will just order whatever I can buy…]

Jiang Liushi took out his phone. When he opened it, he found two missed calls. He hadn’t heard his phone ringing, and he didn’t recognize the phone number at all...

"Hello?" Jiang Liushi called back.

"Hello. Is this Jiang Liushi?" It was a girl with a sweet, soft voice.

"Yes, I am. You called me. Is something the matter?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"I am Li Yuxin." The girl replied.

Jiang Liushi didn’t expect it at all. He thought that this was a business-related call. Either it was from the car rental company or a customer service representative. He had never expected to receive a call from Li Yuxin. Although he didn’t spend much time on the phone with girls, he didn’t have trouble speaking with her. He was just wondering why she called him. As a matter of fact, they had been desk-mates in senior high school.

Li Yuxin’s family conditions were pretty good. Her appearance was delicate and pleasant. She had a nice disposition which made her really popular in class. A particular scene surfaced in Jiang Liushi’s mind, it was Li Yuxin’s figure as she was staring at the window with her beautiful hair falling down her shoulders.

Li Yuxin was an excellent student, but she was not good at math. However, Jiang Liushi was good at math and as a result, Li Yuxin was always asking Jiang Liushi to explain math problems.

Li Yuxin was always absorbed in class, so she couldn’t notice that her hair occasionally touched Jiang’s hands. Unfortunately, his parents had been in an accident, so he hadn’t gone to school for a month. When he returned to school, he had turned into a different person. He had become extremely shy and introverted, and he began sitting at the back of the classroom by himself. Although Li Yuxin had looked from time to time in his direction, she had tried several times to talk to him but she hadn’t been able to.

Finally, Jiang Liushi had finally gotten over his parents’ death. Although they studied at the same university now, the two of them had drifted apart. However, Jiang Liushi still cherished the beautiful heartthrob.

Hearing Li Yuxin’s voice again, Jiang felt a surge in his heart; her voice was like a soft breeze.

"Really... It has been a long time," Jiang could not help but sigh.

"Yes, we haven’t talked to each other for a long time," Li Yuxin answered.

"Well, what’s the matter?" Jiang asked.

"I heard that you were short on money. I am not close to Li Jun, but I happened to hear about it," Li Yuxin said.

Jiang Liushi suddenly frowned: "What did he say?"

"He invited my friend to go out with him for dinner. But he was always watching his phone. As a result, my friend asked him why. He said you asked him to borrow money. I thought you may be in a trouble, so asked him for your phone number..." Li Yuxin answered frankly.

"Li Jun..." Jiang Liushi was speechless. Li Jun hadn’t even paid his money back, but he had discussed his private matters with others. What he really needed to learn was how to act in public!

"The truth is..."Jiang Liushi narrated the truth.

After listening, Li Yuxin was infuriated: "I know you are not that kind of person. He also said that you were as bold as brass. I will quickly tell my friend so that she stays away from him. Well, did you really need money?"

"It’s okay, I’ve figured it out..."Jiang Liushi said.

"Your Alipay number is your phone number, right? I will transfer you a sum of money. You can pay me back when you are better off. We are friends, don’t worry. When we were in senior high school, you patiently helped me with math problems every day, even in your spare time. However, I never really thanked you." Li Yuxin laughed.

Jiang Liushi was surprised for a moment. Li Yuxin’s laughter was so pleasant...

"No, thank you..."

"You are welcome. That’s what friends are for, right?" Li Yuxin chuckled. Her laughter sounded like wind chimes.

"Of course." Putting down the phone, Jiang Liushi felt very warm.

It was unexpected that Li Yuxin had helped him and she had not asked him why he needed to borrow money from the beginning to the end.

He got a message. He was surprised to see that the transferred money was 20,000 yuan. There was a new message, saying, "You may be better off financially with this money. Much better."

Jiang was moved by her words. Although Li Yuxin’s family was rich, she usually led a thrifty life. The 20,000 yuan must have been her own money. But when she heard that he had difficulties, she immediately took the initiative to call, several times...

Jiang Liushi suddenly decided to call back immediately. However, when the phone was picked up, Li Yuxin said uneasily, "What’s wrong?"

Jiang Liushi could not help but laugh, he was moved and happy, "Don’t worry. I didn’t call to give your money back."

"Oh..." Li Yuxin felt relieved and quickly said, "You do not need to thank me. Without your help, how could I have been admitted to Jiangbei University…"

"It's no big deal." Jiang Liushi had embarrassingly touched his head and then coughed, and then said very seriously, "Please give me your address."

"My address? Why? Do you want to pay me back in person?"Li Yuxin laughed.

"Do not worry, just tell me. I will not do anything bad." Jiang Liushi deliberately joked.

"Well, ok, my address is ..."

"Wait. I will write it down." Jiang Liushi turned on his hands-free and then recorded her home address on a memo.

"Really? Did you write it down? I am a little nervous. Will you really come? But if you come to visit, I will be very happy." Li Yuxin said.

Actually, she was a little embarrassed. And Jiang Liushi knew that his request was too abrupt, but he had no choice. Although it was a bit abrupt, that was necessary.

"Yu Xin, next Tuesday, you must stay at home with your parents. You shouldn’t go anywhere. The best option is if you stay in different rooms and once that happens just lock yourselves inside. I will come for you. There’s a very important reason! This is a life-and-death matter!" Jiang Liushi said in a serious and firm tone.

Jiang Liushi realized that if he told Li Yuxin the truth, she wouldn’t believe him, and neither would her parents. If he said that it was a life-and-death situation, her parents might think he was crazy.

"Lock ourselves in different rooms?" Li Yuxin sounded puzzled. Did someone want to attack them?

"Jiang Liushi, are you in some kind of trouble? Did you borrow from loan sharks and can’t repay them?" Li Yuxin asked nervously.

"No, but it’s really important! You must believe me! This thing is very important, please!"Jiang Liushi said.

He had borrowed money, but it did not matter… He did not worry about it at all.

"This... I...well...well..." Li Yuxin reluctantly agreed. This thing really sounded too bizarre.

"Believe me! And do as I said!" Jiang said again.


"Promise me!" Jiang Liushi said sincerely.

"Okay, good ..."

Hanging up the phone, Jiang Liushi exhaled. He had tried, but he did not know what would happen to Li Yuxin. But at least she should stay at home. She was a very kind girl. Only God knew whether Li Yuxin would survive or not. Hopefully, God would not let such a good girl die in this catastrophe. And as long as she was alive, Jiang Liushi believed that he could find her.