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Chapter 6: Doomsday

Chapter 6: Doomsday

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
Jiang Liushi neither knew the specific time the world was about to end, nor the consequences of the virus outbreak. What he knew was that the virus had been revived, since it was found in the frozen layer. The virus was more dangerous than all the viruses of the world added together; its extensive infectivity was already spreading to the world and after the incubation period it would outbreak like a series of bomb blasts.

A ringtone sound could be heard, which seemed to wake up the nervous Jiang Liushi. He quickly picked up his cell phone and looked the caller ID, it was Li Yuxin.

"Hey, I am coming. You must stay at home. Just wait!" He was worried that Li Yuxin would not follow his instructions; it would be extremely bad if any changes were to occur.

"Jiang Liushi, I am really sorry. I’ll be leaving soon," Li Yuxin regretfully said.

Hearing that, Jiang Liushi’s heart sank, "Leave? Where to? Li Yuxin, please believe me. You have to stay at home and lock the door..."Jiang Liushi said hurriedly.

"I’m sorry. Jiang Liushi, you should listen carefully to what I’m about to say," Li Yuxin didn’t listen at all and interrupted him. It seemed that she had something serious to say.

"You may feel incredible, but the end of the world is coming. I just learnt about it today. The car is waiting outside, so I must leave. First, make sure of your own safety, and then go to the North high-speed entrance. The army is there, when you reach them, they should take you to the Shenhai Island!" Li Yuxin said hastily in a low voice.

"Remember. You must reach the high-speed entrance today. The troops there will protect the people evacuating ..."

Suddenly, loud voices could be heard from the other end of the phone. Li Yuxin had no other choice and hurriedly said, "Jiang Liushi, believe me. I am not kidding!"

Li Yuxin had already hung up the phone. Jiang Liushi held the phone next to his ear till the dial tone stopped. Suddenly, the air around seemed to have been frozen. Obviously the evacuation had already begun, but no one knew about Shenhai Island...

Jiang Liushi really thankful to Li Yuxin because she told him the truth. She was a very kind and amiable girl. It wasn’t just a family feeling or being nice to each other. But... Even if Li Yuxin was taken away, she was not really safe. Jiang Liushi knew that the virus had already spread and the scientists would suddenly find out about its existence after the outbreak.

The invasion period of this super virus was not long. In this very short period of time, scientists spent a lot of time from studying to deducing the result. As for the top of the human race, knowing that the end of the world was approaching, they had less time to deploy. In that case, they could not save all mankind, so the only thing that could be done was to save the elite. The establishment of "Safe Island" all over the world could ensure that humankind would continue to exist, but...before entering the "safe island", everyone had to go through severe tests and isolation.

Even the scientists did not dare to believe the results of their findings. As a result, the majority of the governments around the world did not dare taking extreme measures, it was the least bit of humanity they could show. But once the cruelty of the end combined with the terrible super virus, then they would turn to bloody tactics. During the call between Jiang Liushi and Li Yuxin, the two porters were smoking squatting not too far away. They glanced up in time to see Jiang Liushi and talked about something.

"This car and its interior! It’s fantastic!"

"The world of the rich is utterly different. I would be extremely happy to drive the minibus around the world with several beautiful girls."

The two porters were talking happily. It was like their dreams had come true. They were daydreaming about the scenery during the day and having fun with beautiful girls at night. There’s food in the kitchen and they could even bathe with a partner. There were a lot of things to see in the world !But suddenly, one porter seemed like he was about to have a syncope, on his face emerged a burst of abnormal flushing, and he almost fell.

"Oh, buddy, are you ok?" The other porter caught him and helped regain his balance.

"It's all right," the man said pushing the hands of the other, quickly recovering, "I’m okay. I have a strong physique, you know," The porter said, clapping his strong chest.

"Ha ha ha! You must have masturb*ted last night and had a maggot in your head. It must have been a kidney-deficiency expression!" They entertained each other by making spicy jokes.

Not far away, Jiang Liushi was silently watching them. He couldn’t laugh at all, instead he felt a chill running through his spine. He knew that this syncope was just a prelude of the outbreak of the virus. He was afraid it had only been less than an hour! The porter was still chatting with the other. Jiang Liushi sitting in the minibus looked at them with a cold gaze; he could not do anything. He couldn’t kill the porter, even if he did, it would cause problems and put himself in great danger. Even the government could not do anything, let alone Jiang Liushi. One or two hours later, the world was bound to face a catastrophe.

The two porters didn’t notice anything and kept smoking under the shade. Jiang Liushi looked at the time, it was 12:20 p.m., and kept waiting in silence. Before the virus outbreak, everyone would have a strong immune response, including Jiang, because they were all infected with the virus. After that response some people would be able to resist the virus, but the others would turn into a monster.

Time passed. Jiang Liushi clenched the steering wheel, while his palm was slowly sweating. He frequently looked at the time; 14:00 p.m.… 14:30 p.m.... 14:40 p.m....

Slowly, perhaps because he was too focused, Jiang thought the pointer on the clock had started disappearing. However, the disappearing became more and more serious, even the clock became several clocks.

This was… Jiang Liushi suffered a burst of serious syncope.


He felt a strong pain on his forehead, he had hit his head on the steering wheel heavily, simultaneously, he could feel a splitting headache.

[It’s about to begin!]

It finally happened; the super virus broke out. Jiang Liushi knew that he would eventually overcome it, but even so, just the pain almost made him faint.

Meanwhile, the same thing happened around the world.

Headaches! Illusions! Twitching! Nosebleeds! Syncope!

There were slight differences in how everyone was affected. But without exception, everyone had a very painful experience, especially to those who could not overcome the virus infection; they felt an excruciating pain! A lot of people screamed, the sound seemed to come directly from their lungs. It wasn’t a sound humans could make, but it sounded like roar of a beast!


On the highway, vehicles crushed on after the other. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles were involved in a pileup on the highway. Many drivers instantly died and some instinctively stepped on the brakes, while they were in the pain.

Cars were exploding here and there, and dense black smoke started covering the sky. In the city, in all kinds of factories, frequent accidents happened because people had instantly convulsions and loss of consciousness. Fires spread on after the other...

Automatic fire alarm could be heard everywhere. Accidents happened everywhere, and countless people died. Jiang Liushi was also in a state of confusion. He could faintly hear noisy voices, but was unable to comprehend what was happening. Illusions constantly flashed; it felt like he had returned in his childhood years, his parents were alive, with his sister living happily. He also saw the birthday cake his mother had made with extra care. After that, he even saw his future career and enjoyable scenes with his wife and children; his wife seemed to be Li Yuxin...

He was immersed in this illusion for some time, but in the end he regained his consciousness. As he suddenly opened his eyes, he noticed that his hair and clothes had been soaked in sweat, and was still holding tightly the steering wheel. His fingers felt like he had grabbed pins and needles, due to excessive force. He felt very tired and that his body was about to collapse. He was breathing heavily and his heart sank as he looked out of the window; the weather had changed...

Looking around, a thick layer of mist could be seen, covering everything. The sky was dark, while fog seeped through the world making everything look gray. The atmosphere was really depressing. The noisy alarms coming from afar made Jiang Liushi to feel really nervous. He glanced at his watch, it was 15:50 p.m... He was unconscious for about an hour, but it felt like an eternity.

Jiang Liushi knew with certainty… The f*cking end of the world had finally come. From that day on, he would be driving the minibus in order to survive...

Taking a deep breath, Jiang Liushi ignited the engine of the minibus and departed!