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Chapter 7: To Be Line Jumpers Requires Capabilities

Chapter 7: To Be Line Jumpers Requires Capabilities

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
The Starseed had merged with the Mobile Construction Vehicle. As long as Jiang Liushi focused on something, everything related to the MCV would immediately appear in his mind. For example, when he set his sights on the dashboard, the use of every button and instructions on how to operate its weapons immediately appeared in his mind.

"Launch", "Acceleration", "Weapons", "Collision"...

Frankly, Jiang Liushi was not a good driver. He had driven the minibus only once, so basically he just relied on his own understanding about driving. He wanted to take driver tests in order to improve, but it was too expensive for him. Actually, he could drive a small car easily, but the difficulty of driving a minibus could not be compared.

The Starseed, except its basic abilities, could also give tips and warnings to Jiang Liushi while he was driving. Depending on the help provided by the Starseed, Jiang Liushi, who was dizzy and sleepy, slowly drove the minibus to open space. There was nothing except the grayish sky and Jiang Liushi could barely see the road. He felt like he was driving through an invisible path, with a light headache. He squinted his eyes a little, and drove slowly, as he was trying his best to find the correct direction. As he was about to drive the minibus to the main road, a large black shadow suddenly rushed out from the side and hit the driver’s door.

Jiang Liushi was shocked. He turned around and saw a face tightly attached to the window while its hands were desperately scratching the window and the door. Half of his face, mouth and teeth were all bloody. What shocked Jiang Liushi most was the familiarity of this face; it was the porter who had the syncope first! Despite Jiang Liushi being psychologically prepared, watching a person changing into such a monster, it still chilled him to the bone; even his scalp tingled with that scene.

To make things worse, the porter was different from the slowly moving zombies from the movies. He suddenly jumped and with quick actions, he was scratching the door. It was clear that his strength was great. With bloodshot eyes, he was staring at Jiang Liushi and screaming at him. It may be the noise made by the monster porter that let Jiang find other shadows in the dense fog. Jiang Liushi suddenly recovered from the horror and immediately stepped on the accelerator; the inertia threw the porter off and the MCV rushed to the road.

Seeing the situation on the road, Jiang Liushi became deathly pale; screams could be heard everywhere, people fleeing for their lives and zombies chasing people.

Not long after Jiang had driven the MCV on the road, a person ran toward his side shouting "Help! Help m-" Before he could finish his sentence he was grabbed by a zombie in a suit. Accompanied with a scream blood splattered everywhere; that man died in a miserable way. After that, the zombie in a suit raised its head to look up, revealing a ferocious twisted face and bloodshot eyes.

More than a dozen zombies immediately rushed up and completely surrounded the dead person. His screaming and the stench of his blood, which was gashing out from the wound, had alerted them. Even after his death the zombies started eating his flesh, till nothing was left of him. This bloody scene was almost everywhere, but it was the first time Jiang Liushi witnessed it.

On top of everything else, the zombies had found Jiang Liushi, and they suddenly rushed toward the minibus. Jiang Liushi immediately sped up, knocked them off and continued driving forward. However, the congestion made things extremely difficult. He had no choice but to make a way out relying on the strength of the minibus.

Many zombies had been attracted by the minibus; they had tried rushing forward but Jiang had gotten rid of them via acceleration and swerving. The power of these zombies was astonishing, even those who were just children, women, or the elderly. Eventually, after the attacks of too many zombies, Jiang Liushi felt that his minibus was shaking a bit; it really shocked him. There had been some zombies rushing from the front, but had been knocked down by Jiang Liushi. Jiang did not turn back to see, crushing some zombies was nothing. As an ordinary person, Jiang Liushi didn’t want to face such a bloody scene.

"Shenbei Entrance..." Seeing the tragic situation along the way, Jiang Liushi wanted to know how Li Yuxin was doing. He had to go and check on her. Of course, Jiang Liushi wouldn’t go to Shenhai Island, but he needed to pass through the Shenbei Entrance in order to arrive at Nanjing City and find Jiang Zhuying. The unavoidable disaster had occurred, and through the highway, he could rush to Nanjing City within a day, and then find Jiang Zhuying. Although, he knew that his sister was immune to the virus, still the symptoms of the virus infection were simply terrible. Even if Jiang Zhuying had followed his instructions and protected herself, Jiang Liushi was still worried; she was his only relative.

As one got closer to the Shenbei entrance, they could see more living people. Most people were driving cars, which caused congestion. There was no need to honk in such a traffic jam, but some people kept driving up from the back and inserting themselves into the traffic stream. Soon, Jiang Liushi was totally blocked. A car squeezed in from the side and rolled down its window, the driver cursing him manically, "F*ck you and your big car!" Then the car cut in front of Jiang Liushi.

Simultaneously, the cars from behind had started honking crazily. Eventually, someone cursed, "F*ck you! Go away!" Those cars seemed to be together because they had the same sign. It was estimated that they were cars of a company because the above written XX company. What’s more, they all wanted to jump the line.

Those people not only desperately squeezed forward, but also cursed at him. Jiang Liushi got infuriated, "What makes you think that you can cut in line?" He wanted them know that to be line jumpers required capabilities!

He stepped on the accelerator. Bang! A car was trying to squeeze forward in front of Jiang Liushi. The whole car suddenly shook up, and then it was squeezed to the side. The driver was surprised for a moment, then he became angry, but soon he was completely dumbfounded. He watched the minibus like a rude unreasonable Hercules, squeezing all the way from the traffic. And all the cars, which had cut the line, were packed in together by Jiang Liushi.