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Chapter 8: Driving Against the Traffic

Chapter 8: Driving Against the Traffic

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
"F*ck!" One driver severely scolded.

[Oh my f*cking God, he is a madman.]

But the man was in good luck, that minibus could squeeze easily. Its speed was not fast, and it was an old broken minibus. But it did not stick in the middle of the road; it would be fatal to be stuck at the moment.

Suddenly, there was a scream from the rear. Jiang Liushi opened the rear-view camera and hundreds of zombies appeared on the screen. They were passing through the middle of the vehicles, and even from the top of the vehicles.

Those zombies were covered with blood and rushing out at a fast speed from another end of the street, with low screams. Their speed was extremely fast, if they met any vehicles, they would directly climb on them. Some people were closer to them, while others just looked dazed and had been shocked by the zombies.

Jiang Liushi saw two people running together. One of them heard the screams coming closer; suddenly his face changed and pushed the other person on the ground. The other person screamed, but it was too late for him to stand up. A lot of zombies had already surrounded him. Jiang Liushi felt his scalp tingling. It was a massacre! These zombies are much stronger compared with ordinary people; be it in speed, strength, or sensitivity.

"Hurry up!"

Just then the cars started speeding up in order to avoid the zombies. Seeing the zombies getting closer, their fear took over.

A severe traffic jam would result in the dysfunction of a whole city. Automobiles were really troublesome in situations like these. Jiang Liushi was slowly driving forward. The drivers of the vehicles in the front were also anxious. Screams and car horn sounds were still resounding on the road, while the crowd desperately ran for their lives.

Jiang Liushi suddenly caught a glimpse of a car, which wanted to squeeze from the front of his minibus, while two girls were running alongside that car knocking his rear door desperately.

"Please, open the door and let us in!"

"Help us! Please!"

The two girls looked scared, they must have sought help from other vehicles before, but none of them had stopped. The zombies were approaching, and only that car was near them, so they begged.

They were just two girls and with no doubt they would not survive against those zombies at all. If they could not enter the car, they would be shredded to pieces by zombies, within two or three minutes. Jiang Liushi looking at this scene believed that if the car slowed down and opened the door, the two girls would be saved. However, the car did not slow down, instead it accelerated. The two girls could only try their best to run, "Dear driver, please just open the door, please!"

The door was locked, and they simply could not open it…

Soon after the driver turned his face angrily and cursed, "F*ck, let me go!"

One of the girls suddenly sped up; reaching his driving window she tapped it and said, "Please! I beg you! Open the door!"

"F*ck, go away!" The driver was really angry. Suddenly he turned the steering wheel, causing the girl to fall on the ground. The girl uttered a scream and fell heavily on the ground.

The other girl hurried to help her up and asked, "Are you okay?"

Jiang Liushi was looking at the whole thing from the minibus and frowned, but unexpectedly cried "Hey".

The two girls looked familiar... Slightly hesitating for a moment, Jiang Liushi suddenly turned the steering wheel and changed his direction.

[Oh, my f*cking God!]

The other vehicles were just moving forward. At such a life-or-death moment, other drivers would step on the gas and avert their gazes from the horrible zombies. Most of them would even hit telegraph poles or railings, in order to escape from this nightmare. If not, sooner or later they would be dragged from the broken windows, and would be chewed till a semi-dead state.

At such a life-or-death moment, it was every man for himself. Driving against the traffic was totally crazy!

It was impossible even to fend for oneself. Nobody could understand Jiang Liushi’s reasoning. Jiang Liushi knew this, his own life was, of course, the most important. As to saving people, he could take everything into consideration. But Jiang Liushi had a bulletproof minibus; it was not difficult for him to save the two girls, as long as he was in the car. Even if the zombies were coming, he was not afraid. Moreover, he knew the two girls, although they were not very familiar with each other.

With Starseed’s calculations and data processing, Jiang Liushi was able to change direction flexibly, and hurried driving toward the two girls.

Up to a few hundred meters of traffic, only the minibus was in the counter-current line. As a matter of fact, the two girls had admitted that their misfortune was predetermined by God. They were bound to be devoured by zombies sooner or later.

The two girls looked at the incoming zombies and could not help but cry. Their hands were tightly held together, waiting for their imminent death. However, they saw a minibus driving toward them; the minibus was very eye-catching for driving against the traffic.

How could they be killed by the minibus?

[That’s okay. It is better than being eaten alive.]

The two girls slowly closed their eyes.


A sharp friction sound, as well as the surging wind made the two girls to open their eyes at once. The minibus rushed and stopped just before them, and then the door opened!

Jiang Liushi, sitting on the driver's seat waved his hand and anxiously said, "Be quick!"

More than a dozen zombies had noticed them and crazily rushed over.

The girl, that had fallen earlier, was the first to act and quickly pulled her companion, "Come on!"

Just as they stepped in the car, the zombies had jumped to land on the minibus.


Zombies were heavily slammed on the door. The two girls fell on the steps of the door… As they turned around they were met with the grim faces, of the zombies, scrambling on the glass; screaming and grinning, the zombies were scratching and tapping on the glass.

The two girls were still suffering from the shock, while their hearts were thumping so fast that they almost leaped out of their throat.