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Chapter 9: The Minibus Was Surrounded by Zombies

Chapter 9: The Minibus Was Surrounded by Zombies

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
"We are saved!" The two girls felt like they were in a dream, in which they were living on the margins of survival. Who would have thought that when they were about to die, a car would suddenly rush to save them.

The girl who had fallen was panting heavily. She kept her hands on the handrails and said, "Thank you ... thank... you! Thank you very much!"

"You’re welcome," Jiang Liushi replied.

"If not for you, we’d certainly be dead," The girl slowly said, while she was trying to catch her breath, and then she turned to see their savior. The girl had not seen the driver's appearance at first, but when she did she was shocked.


"We meet again. What a small world!" Jiang Liushi smiled lightly and looked at them. This girl was the receptionist of the car company, Wen Xiaotian.

"Xiao Tian, Do you know each other?" The other girl asked with a pleasant smile.

Wen Xiaotian looked at Jiang Liushi, and a figure suddenly flashed in her mind. She just remembered and said, "Ah! You are the client who rent the minibus! Mr. Jiang!"

When she first interacted with Jiang Liushi, she felt like he had a domineering aura. He had rent a minibus, but didn’t have driver’s license and the reason he wanted to rent it was just because he wanted to do it. All that left a deep impression to her, so she would naturally recognize Jiang Liushi.

However, she did not expect that Jiang Liushi would remember her name, not only that but he also rushed back to save her and her friend; it was quite a big risk.

"You remember me..."

"I have a good memory," Jiang Liushi said. Although he didn’t have a photographic memory, he could remember almost everyone after exchanging a few words.

"Thank you for remembering!" Wen Xiaotian was very touched, even if it was because of his good memory, he came back to save them.

"But I thought you could not drive..." Wen Xiaotian then stopped holding the handrail and stood up, pulling her friend.

Seeing the inside of the minibus, Wen Xiaotian was stunned. The other girl exclaimed out loud, "My God!"

"What’s the brand of this luxury motor home?" The girl was shocked; the exquisite decoration of this car was comparable with a five-star hotel.

"It’s what you think. It is the minibus which Miss Wen rented me." Jiang Liushi answered, without turning.

The girl looked at Wen Xiaotian at once, but she also had a shocked expression. "Your company had such a luxury car?" The girl asked as she remembered that it was just a small car rental company.

Wen Xiaotian was also stunned, "Not at all. Mr. Jiang did rent from us, but what he rented was an ordinary minibus..." She paused with her mouth wide open as she recalled that the car which came to their aid was indeed a humble minibus. It was like the rented one; it was unbelievable!

While Wen Xiaotian was feeling incredible, suddenly a loud "bang" could be heard, and the minibus was shaking a bit. The girls quickly turned around and looked toward the window, a chill ran through their spine.

There were a lot of zombies outside the door, and even more kept coming. Although they were away from the window, they could only imagine the terrifying amount of zombies that was right outside. They had completely blocked the door, dense bloody palms and hideous faces were everywhere. With their constant squeezing and beating, the door kept shaking and issued crunchy sounds.

"These monsters, they will rush in..." That girl's lip was trembling.

Wen Xiaotian's face was blanched with fear; she quickly went in the front and asked, "Mr. Jiang, please hurry and drive."

Seeing the driver’s compartment, especially the advanced dashboard, Wen Xiaotian was shocked again, but it was not the time to think about this.

She found that Jiang Liushi was operating with a grim face. Although he was constantly stepping on the accelerator, the speed of the minibus was very slow because the front was packed with zombies. In a few seconds, the minibus was completely surrounded by zombies.

"There are too many zombies," Jiang said.

Wen Xiaotian felt guilty and apologetically said, "Mr. Jiang, if you didn’t save us..."

"You should find a place to get a hold of quickly!" Jiang Liushi interrupted her; he had expected this outcome. Wen Xiaotian nodded and followed Jiang’s instructions.

"Shao Lili, grab the handrail quickly!" Wen Xiaotian told the girl.

"The glass cannot hold for long..." Shao Lili was completely desperate. Wen Xiaotian had to force her to clutch the handrail.

The door constantly issued crunchy sounds. Wen Xiaotian was clutching the handrail while looking at the zombies outside. The constant beating was affecting the whole car, "bang bang" sounds were coming from everywhere as well as the zombie’s screaming; all of these made them feel like the minibus would be broken at any moment.

Meanwhile, Jiang Liushi was analyzing several ways to escape with the help of the Starseed. In addition to the defense function, the minibus had several other functions. Relying on those, Jiang Liushi dared to turn back and save the girls.

"Well, then I will try this function." Jiang Liushi made a decision.

"Hold tightly! We have to rush out!" Jiang Liushi said. Wen Xiaotian and Shao Lili dare not to speak, seeing the zombies gathering like black-ants and crazily hitting the windows.

The whole minibus was covered with zombies. If viewed from the outside, it was estimated that only the vague outline of the minibus could be seen through the corpses. And these zombies not only were numerous, but also powerful. With the squeezing of so many zombies, the minibus was like blockaded!

In that case, how could they successfully escape this predicament? Wen Xiaotian was deathly pale. She and Shao Lili desperately grabbed the handrail. The extreme fear made her feel as time had slowed down.

[We will die. Jiang Liushi is in this predicament because of us. He will also be killed by zombies!?]

Wen Xiaotian felt extremely guilty. However, sitting in the driver's seat, Jiang Liushi had focused all his attention on the Starseed.

[Strength accumulation has reached 30 percent. The second form of the tire activation will increase the friction. Strength accumulated has reached 50 percent, and switching gears is completed. Strength accumulated has reached 70 percent and the oil supply is completed...]

The MCV could burst out with the maximum instantaneous power of 1500 horsepower. And the maximum torque could reach 4000 Newton meter as 4 × 4 all-wheel drive mode. Of course, this state could not be maintained for a long time; otherwise the fuel consumption would be very scary. Usually, the power of a truck reaching more than 500 horsepower was already the top of heavy trucks, and if it reached 700 horsepower, it would be the hero of trucks. With such power, escaping from the zombies, it like an ordinary car crashing a bunch of ice cream buckets.