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Chapter 10: Escape!

Chapter 10: Escape!

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
While the MCV was accumulating power, the driver knocked by Jiang Liushi had witnessed the whole scene earlier; he took pleasure in Jiang Liushi’s misfortune.

[Suck*r! You deserved it.]

The driver cursed and believed he was fortunate that he was not in his shoes. He also remembered Jiang Liushi had hit his car’s front. As a result, when he witnessed him being buried under the zombies, he sinisterly smiled. In the face of disaster and imminent death, the driver’s mind was on the verge of breaking down. The only thing he could think was to quickly reach the highway entrance and gain the army’s protection.

Everything was within his grasp. He wanted to brush all obstacles aside and move forward at any cost. Suddenly, a huge sound burst out and scared him; it was the roar of the engine, as well as the friction sound produced by the sharp turn of tires on the ground. The driver was shocked, he quickly looked back and was scared silly. He watched the surrounded minibus, by dozens of zombies, suddenly rushing like a crazy prehistoric beast away from the zombies! Many zombies were hit and sent flying by the strong impact. While others were crushed, splashing gory blood could be seen all around!

The minibus sped up, even Jiang couldn’t control it, and in less than a few seconds it had caught up with the other driver!

"Oh, ah ah!" The driver overwhelmed by grief and terror screamed. He averted a collision by quickly turning the steering wheel. However, the strong winds created by the accelerated minibus rubbed his car. The wheel spun off and the car crashed into a guardrail after making a 180 degree circle! The driver’s brain was shaken badly as the airbags popped out to protect him!

The crazy acceleration had affected the minibus. Although the two girls were holding the handrail tightly, they were still be hurled to the floor by the force. They were screaming before falling to the floor, but fortunately it was covered with a thick soft carpet, so they had not been injured.

The minibus was like a rabid pit bull. Wen Xiaotian and Shao Lili were rolling on the carpet, and simply could not stand up; they could only see that the zombies had been thrown off.

The minibus was dismantling the corpses of zombies like they were made from paper. If one looked closely they could see chunks of flesh being stuck on the minibus’ wheels, and a trail of blood and minced meat behind the minibus.


The zombies in front of the bus were like a winged insect on the highway; they were killed directly by the windshield! And it was not a few, more than a dozen zombies died that way!

Wen Xiaotian and Shao Lili, who had fallen on the carpet, had yet to recover when they heard a horrible sound. They turned to look at Jiang’s side and they were terrified. A lot of zombies were heavily hitting the windshield, the fragile windshield was likely to be broken, while the road was almost blocked.

Throwing a stone could easily break the windshield, not to mention so many zombies!

Jiang Liushi did not pay any attention to these. He focused in front, while Starseed’s data were constantly changing.

[The left side of the MCV was hit. No damage. The right side of the MCV was hit. No damage...The windshield was hit...The energy consumption...The remaining gasoline...]

These zombies were frightening, but in fact, other than the scene being nauseating, there was no damage to the MCV at all, even the windshield was intact.

"It remained intact!" Both girls cried out loud. The windshield, actually had not broken and the doors were still tightly closed.

Wen Xiaotian carefully stood up and looked out through the window stained with blood. Some zombies were still chasing them, but they were ten meters away from them. Other zombies were biting on the ground, and probably these voracious zombies were working together to strip the carcasses of dead zombies. These zombies were a variation of people, but they were different from the ones in films and television.

Wen Xiaotian just glanced and did not want to keep watching. She wanted to make sure that they had escaped the encirclement. It was unexpected that the minibus was so strong and durable, even the windows were so firm.

"We escaped and survived!" The two girls said happily.

After a while, Wen Xiaotian looked the bloody windshield and curiously asked, "Mr. Jiang, how can this window be so strong?"

"Uh..." Jiang Liushi originally did not want to explain, but now he decided make an excuse.

"I just changed the window into a bulletproof one." Of course, a bulletproof window was not enough help them escape from the tight encirclement. Jiang Liushi had also used the "collision", and "accelerated" functions. If those were not enough then he would have to use "weapons", but it was not needed.

"Bulletproof!" Shao Lili was surprised because she believed this was could only be seen in movies! A bulletproof car, in daily life, was not common at all. Shao Lili had some knowledge about vehicles. She knew that although some advanced brands provided bullet-proof cars, it needed to be customized at a sky-high price. And why would bulletproof windows be put in such an old minibus? Shao Lili felt it was hard to understand, so she looked at Wen Xiaotian.

Wen Xiaotian shook her head showing that she was not familiar with Jiang Liushi. Even if Shao Lili wanted her to explain, what she knew was not much more than Shao Lili.

"That’s ok. You should find a place to sit down and fasten your seat belt," Jiang Liushi said.

"Yes, thank you." The two girls once again felt grateful.

"Nothing." Jiang Liushi said lightly. In fact, this was really nothing for him. It was the least he could do.