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Chapter 14: A Road Leading up the Mountain

Chapter 14: A Road Leading up the Mountain

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"Of course!" Wen Xiaotian quickly nodded.

Wen Xiaotian’s home was more than 100 kilometers away from Nanjing City. She grew up in a small town, whose name was unknown to others, and she left in order to study in college at Jiangbei Town. Wen Xiaotian was born in an ordinary family. Her father was a long-distance transportation driver, always driving from that small town to Jiangbei City. Wen Xiaotian had always followed her father and sometimes stayed in Jiangbei Town for a while.

"At that time, I didn’t know why. I just felt the scenery along the road was very interesting and I had fun," Wen Xiaotian said with emotion.

She was really embarrassed after mumbling and she hastily said, "I'm really sorry. I rambled for a long time but I didn’t get to the heart of the matter..."

"It’s okay," Jiang Liushi said. She was really calm and collected; considering she was a young girl who had escaped certain death and was worried about her family.

Wen Xiaotian's eyes had always been red. Jiang Liushi inadvertently glanced at her eyes, which were looking up hard in order not to cry.

"You can continue. Anyway, we have a long way ahead of us," Jiang said.

Wen Xiaotian could not help but smile . "I know. I just have to recall some

details of the road!"

"I was worried that I could not remember clearly... But I just remembered... There were two roads passing through the city, with a lot of traffic."

Jiang Liushi shook his head and said, "We have to give up the road with too many people or cars. On the freeway, the army will clean up the road. However, if we were blocked on the road, we would probably become food for the zombies. How about the other road?"

"The other road is like that too... There is a bypass passing through a variety of small towns, because it goes through some factories along the road… This road actually had a lot of people living nearby," Wen Xiaotian said. More people meant more zombies, so that road had been rejected by Jiang Liushi.

"There is another road leading up a mountain. The road is more complex, and there is an extremely long path we have to follow, but the chances of meeting zombies will be less," Wen Xiaotian said.

"This road..." The complexity of a road was nothing to Jiang Liushi at all. The Starseed would keep making minor changes and make sure that the driving safety would be greatly improved. However, the reason why Wen Xiaotian didn’t mention this road first was because there was nothing along the long way. No food, no water, no gas stations…

Wen Xiaotian did not know if the food in storage would suffice. However, it was not an exaggeration to say that the food storage was enough to open a small supermarket. Also, the water reserves could also support them for a long time. At least they wouldn’t have to starve in accordance with the minimum survival needs. Of course, Jiang Liushi would not take the initiative to say those things. He was not distrustful of Wen Xiaotian, but he just felt it was too tiresome to explain... Actually, Jiang Liushi was always afraid of getting lumbered. But it was indeed a serious problem if there were no gas stations along the road.

"Tell me the specific route. In addition, do you know how many kilometers are there this way? " Jiang Liushi asked.

Wen Xiaotian could roughly guess. Jiang Liushi added fifty kilometers, give or take, to the number she gave, and then the Starseed began calculating. Jiang Liushi had filled the minibus with gasoline when he had rented it. He had also purchased a few buckets of gasoline. However, when the refitting of the minibus had been completed, the oil tank had become the MCV standard, which had a different capacity. Jiang Liushi had not expected this, so he felt that the gasoline was not going be enough.

[The calculation is going be based on the value...The current capacity of oil tank is 1000L, and the remaining oil volume is 210L... It can travel one thousand and fifty kilometers.]

The general capacity of an oil tank was 50L. In addition to filling the oil tank, Jiang Liushi had bought 180L of gasoline. It would be enough but compared to the 1000L oil storage of the MCV, it was not enough at all.

[A thousand kilometers are enough for me to drive all the way to Nanjing City and find Jiang Zhuying.] But the calculated data provided by the Starseed had been based on the ‘ordinary fuel consumption’ of the MCV, which was 20L for 100 km. It was like daily driving without the "Acceleration" and "Crash" functions. All these additional functions consumed gasoline, so it had a large oil tank. As for the ‘ordinary fuel consumption’, there was no difference compared to an ordinary minibus.

"Jiang, have you decided?" Jiang Liushi was silent, so Wen Xiaotian nervously asked.

She was worried that all the routes provided by her were would be rejected by Jiang Liushi, which would mean that she would not been able to help at all. Wen Xiaotian believed that people should help each other mutually, of which the word ‘mutually’ being the key word there. Jiang Liushi had helped her and let her come with him, but she could only contribute that much.

"Ah, we will choose the mountain road!" Jiang Liushi answered.

He had taken various factors into account, so the mountain road was the best choice for them. Although it could not withstand "a thousand kilometers", which was the distance limit of the MCV, they would have no problem driving at least to Wen Xiaotian’s hometown.

"Let's see if there are any gas stations on the road," Jiang Liushi said.

"Okay!" Wen Xiaotian was surprised... She thought that Jiang Liushi would have chosen the factory road, although there would be a lot of zombies there. Since Jiang had made a decision though, she would not object.

As long as there was gasoline, it wouldn’t matter even if there was not enough food to eat.

"I have seen a documentary that said that as long as there is water, one can maintain their bodily function s, even without eating. It was said that a girl in order to lose weight did not eat for a month. So even if we do not eat, as long as we have water, we can survive for several days," Wen Xiaotian said.

Jiang Liushi looked at her; he did not know why she said those things.

Wen Xiaotian then smiled and said, "I feel like I need to lose weight..."

"Uh..." Jiang Liushi did not know what to say.

Did Wen Xiaotian really believe that they would starve to death?