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Chapter 15: The Mobile Hotel

Chapter 15: The Mobile Hotel

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The MCV had been moving smoothly on the country road. A few zombies could be seen standing in the fields or by the roadside. Once they spotted the MCV, they would run to it as mad as wild beasts. However, usually they could only watch the MCV leaving them behind. The only thing they could do was waving their arms in vain with blood-red eyes without any sanity, only craziness and devilry.

At first Wen Xiaotian had been looking out the window attentively. Gradually, she could lower her guard a bit and relax because of the on-going safety. Finally, tilting her head, she had fallen asleep.

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Jiang Liushi took a glimpse of Wen Xiaotian while driving the MCV. He noticed that Wen Xiaotian had been twitching while she was sleeping, which prevented her having a good sleep. She was really tired because of running and tension. Jiang Liushi could not help but think about Jiang Zhuying. He had no idea how afraid she must have been…

When Wen Xiaotian woke up, she found that the minibus had stopped and it was dark. There were sharp-cut cliffs on one side, and some hills loomed in the other side of the road.

"Brother Jiang?" Not seeing Jiang Liushi at the driver's seat, Wen Xiaotian suddenly sat up straightly.

She did not know how long she had slept, but it should have been two or three hours as it was afternoon before she had fallen asleep. In that silent mountain, the minibus was parked. Waking up, she found herself alone in the minibus which left her confused.

She quickly stood up and shouted, "Brother Jiang? Brother Jiang?"

Although the minibus had just about everything they could wish for within such a small space, Wen Xiaotian had been looking around but she could not find Jiang Liushi. As she was about to panic, she suddenly heard the sound of water behind a small door. The small door had suddenly opened and Jiang Liushi walked out. Wen Xiaotian looked at Jiang Liushi in surprise. It was quite clear that Jiang Liushi had taken a bath, as his hair were wet.

"Did you just wake up?" Jiang Liushi asked while wiping his hair.

"Yup, yes... I slept for a long time,"Wen Xiaotian replied.

"It was not too long, and you didn't sleep that well. You will feel sleepy again. Sleep is bliss, especially now."

Jiang Liushi's words made Wen Xiaotian feel embarrassed because she had been sleeping, while he was driving. Wen Xiaotian had always been a relatively delicate girl. With part-time learning, she always felt that the time she had to sleep was not enough. Coupled with the outbreak of the virus today, she was influenced by a huge psychological impact. After escaping, she had finally found temporary security, and as a result the accumulated fatigue had taken its toll.

Wen Xiaotian was totally surprised with Jiang Liushi. Sleeping was a body instinct, but it seemed...

"Well, do you want to take a bath?" Jiang Liushi's question completely confirmed Wen Xiaotian's speculation.

He had actually taken a bath… After such an agonizing day, Wen Xiaotian had wished taking a bath; it had also to do with her love for cleanliness. However, under such conditions, she felt lucky just having water to drink. But Jiang Liushi not only had taken a bath, it was a hot one!

"Along the roadside, I found a spring and pumped some water. Although it's not drinkable , using it to take a bath is still very comfortable. If you want take one , there is everything inside, and the hair dryer is next to the mirror," Jiang Liushi said.

Wen Xiaotian listened carefully and could not help but ask, "Since the water was filtered, it should be drinkable..."

She felt that it was too extravagant to use hot water for taking a bath…

"That's OK. If you want to drink, you needn't do more preparation than turning on a tap in the kitchen. And if you are hungry after the bath, you can go to the kitchen and cook some fine dried noodles. And in the cupboard, there are some fresh vegetables." In fact, there were some frozen dumplings too, but he thought it would be wasteful to eat them now.

Although he had stored flour and so on, storing bacon was not as easy as using it for stuffing… In fact, Jiang Liushi had put some easily stored food into the storage room, and put some perishable food in the kitchen. When he had been purchasing food, he had bought some fresh things too. After all, there wass no need to eat those long-storage food from the beginning.

Jiang Liushi had thought that eating noodles was not enough, what he did not know was how surprised Wen Xiaotian was right now. She had been mentally preparing to be hungry, but did not expect that there was not only a hot bath but also noodles, and even vegetables to have.

Wen Xiaotian was speechless. . . The minibus was like a mobile hotel!

As for cooking, Wen Xiaotian was quite a good cook so she felt really good, as she was able to help. A hot bath and hot meal were all provided by Jiang Liushi, but what she could do was so few.

"I'll take a bath immediately," Wen Xiaotian said.

After taking a bath, Wen Xiaotian prepared two bowls of noodles. Looking the two bowls on a small folding table and sitting on the opposite side, Jiang Liushi didn't know what to say. Wen Xiaotian's bowl only had a few mouthfuls of noodles, but his bowl was full of noodles with eggs and vegetables, as well as ham. It looked very delicious.

"The food in the cabinet is not enough and we should save. Actually, I always eat like a bird..." Wen Xiaotian said.

In fact, even for a child, that bowl of noodles would not be enough. Eating so little, she would at most fill her stomach. Jiang Liushi would like to tell her, in fact, the supplies in the cabinet was not even one-fifth of what he had stored. And the food in the cupboard, was not to be saved, was to be eaten…

"Let's eat!" Jiang Liushi said.

For a long time he had not eaten noodles, so those tasted very good.

But tomorrow he'd like to eat rice...