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Chapter 17: The MCV Has Broken Down

Chapter 17: The MCV Has Broken Down

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
After doomsday, even if he had a MCV, Jiang Liushi was not negligent in the slightest. He had gotten a lot of information from the Starseed, knowing that the end of the world would not be so simple. If it only had to do with zombies, the situation could actually be controlled by the remnants of the government, and it wouldn't be called the end of the world.

Jiang Liushi had been frightened by this strange roar and he had a strong sense of uneasiness.

"Put off the fire!" Jiang Liushi cried.

"Ah?" Wen Xiaotian was frozen for a moment. She had been cooking the meals for a while, and now turning off the fire, she was afraid that they couldn't get the chance to eat. But Wen Xiaotian had also heard that unusual roar, so she quickly put the fire off, while Jiang Liushi turned off the MCV's power switch.

The lights were off. Surrounded by darkness, the road was filled with extremely fresh air, and there was no light visible around the area. Jiang Liushi could see the dark blue sky, full of stars, through the window. A thin moon hung obliquely in the hills, above shedding its weak, cool light.

The night sky was beautiful. But at this moment, looking at the night sky, Jiang Liushi felt his blood freezing. In of the thin moon, he saw a huge shadow staring at the MCV. It looked like a monster, yet he did not know what on earth it was. Jiang Liushi did not dare to turn on the headlights. He held his breath, lowered his body and pulled down Xiaotian.

The seal of the MCV was very good. Despite that they had been cooking, the smell couldn't escape out. Since that shadow should not have been attracted by the fragrance, it might have been by the light source. Jiang Liushi had cut off the light source, hoping that this shadow would lose its target and leave.

[The end of the world has just begun and the MCV is still in the initial state. If we encounter some terrible monsters and the MCV is overturned, that would be a catastrophe!] Jiang Liushi thought.

"Brother Jiang..."Wen Xiaotian said with a very light and trembling voice, standing by Jiang Liushi's side. The eschatological atmosphere, coupled with encountering a terrifying dark shadow, had left a huge psychological impact to the girl.

"Go and hide under the sofa. Do not make a sound!" Jiang Liushi arched his back, slowly moving close to the driver's seat. He had been considering driving to escape, as he found that even if the light was turned off, the shadow was still slowly approaching. But Jiang Liushi didn't dare to drive too fast, so as not to anger that shadow.

As the shadow was getting closer, lit by the weak moonlight, Jiang Liushi could distinguish that the approaching shadow was actually an enormous boar.

"How could this boar be so huge?" Jiang Liushi was shocked. Although it was far away, comparing it with the surrounding houses, he estimated that this boar was at least as large as a light-weighted truck!

Its height was no shorter than the MCV, except for its lower body. It was full of steel thorn-like black hair, which was stained with a large number of blood scabs, making it look like it had climbed out from a blood pool. Its tusks were like two huge machetes. And one of them even had a long intestine hanging. That was a fierce pig out of hell!

That boar had been staring at Jiang Liushi's MCV with its two searchlight-shaped eyes blooming scarlet light. This was not the feeling Jiang Liushi got. It was really blooming like wolfs' eyes in the night with dark green light, except that this light was scarlet.

"OMG, is this…"

Jiang Liushi had recalled some information the Starseed had provided after the beginning of doomsday, in addition to some people and animals being infected turning to zombies, there were still some people and animals that would mutate! This variation would make them much stronger than zombies. When Jiang Liushi had read about it, it made no sense till now, seeing a real mutated boar, Jiang Liushi was finally shocked. A small truck-like boar seemed to be little, but as it was slowly approaching, its musk, bristles and scarlet glowing eyes had left of a strong visual impact!

There was only a layer of transparent windshield separating Jiang Liushi and this boar.


The boar had suddenly issued a terrible roar. It raised its hoofs, rushing straightly towards the MCV and Jiang Liushi! It ran up. Its feet treaded down with the heavy body, trampling the road and shattering the earth. A truck-sized boar, whose weight should be more than ten tons, was running almost at the speed of a cheetah, in a short time. Jiang Liushi could even feel the ground trembling!

"Damn!" Jiang Liushi was shocked. Once such a heavy boar collided, the impact would be extremely horrible and the entire MCV would definitely be affected! The MCV was protected with armor. But talking about its weight, it was more than the average bus and could not afford too much, how could it withstand such a collision! Once rolled over, they would have no power to resist. Even if it was the strongest armor, it would still be opened by the fangs of this big boar bit by bit!

"Damn!" Jiang Liushi cursed and jumped to the driver's seat. Meanwhile, the boar had come closer to the MCV, he had no time to escape!

If he chose to escape, he needed to turn the minibus, which in return would let the boar hit the MCV's side, and as a result it would be rollover!There was only one choice! The only one Jiang Liushi could make in the shortest time!


Jiang Liushi suddenly pulled the shift lever, kicking the throttle step to the end. "Om–"

The MCV launched a beast-like roar and started instantly!

As it had been transformed by the Starseed, the MCV started much faster than an average car. And to ensure that the MCV could start at any time, Jiang Liushi hadn't pulled the hand brake; the MCV instantly rushed out.

"Seat belt!" Jiang Liushi shouted. At the same time, his seat belt automatically popped up and firmly tied his body! In the MCV's small living room, Wen Xiaotian had hurriedly sat on the sofa, rushing to bundle the seat belt. In fact, Jiang Liushi's cry was for Wen Xiaotian to listen.

The MCV accelerated to 100 km in just a few seconds. Jiang Liushi clenched his teeth, watching the boar from the windshield quickly rushing forward! The completely transparent windshield made Jiang Liushi feel like that the light truck-sized boar was going to hit his face, even its faint tusks were facing his head! If this glass could not sustain, his head would be penetrated by its sharp tusks! In this life and death moment, Jiang Liushi's mind was blank. He just focused on the steering wheel while trampling the throttle!


Jiang Liushi felt his blood boiling. The boar's huge head had been in front of him and Jiang Liushi could even see his own reflection in the boar's scarlet pupils.



The MCV was shaken!

The huge impact jolted Jiang Liushi's body but the flexible seat belt tightly kept him in his seat. Simultaneously, he felt as his body was going to be cut in half by the safe belt.


The air-bag had burst open, hitting his face and making him feel dizzy. At the same time, crackling sounds could be heard from the back. Those pots and pans had fallen on the floor under the influence of great inertia.

The sofa was fixed on the car and so it could not be moved, but that great impact still made Wen Xiaotian, who had tied herself with the seat belt, issue a scream.


Wen Xiaotian felt her head in a pain. She had hit her head somewhere. she experienced a blackout and directly passed out. At this time, Jiang Liushi quickly recovered the airbag, which was one of MCV's abilities. Airbags that had popped up would be recovered instantly, in order to not affect the driver's sight. Jiang Liushi had been enduring the dizzy feeling as well as the pain on his lower abdomen, because the seat belt was tightening it.

Two washbasin-sized white marks had appeared on the windshield, which meant that the internal lines of the windshield had been broken, thus changing its transparency. In general, bulletproof glass would become white after it was shot by bullets, and of course, even if its internal glass was broken, it still retain its bulletproof ability.

[Warning! The MCV has been damaged, level 3.5. The bulletproof glass' durability has been reduced by 60 percent... Power system damaged… Instantaneous acceleration and collision function are unavailable... Car power shutting down!] The Starseed was showing the MCV's status

[The MCV is broken?] Jiang Liushi was stunned for a moment. The MCV had faced a large number of zombies' siege before but had nothing or even the slightest traces left. And today, after being hit by the mutated boar, it had been damaged to this degree.