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Chapter 20: The MCV’s Evolution

Chapter 20: The MCV’s Evolution

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
The pigskin was very tough, but it was far from Jiang Liushi’s imagination. The mutant boar had been uninjured, when it crashed with the MCV, so Jiang Liushi thought that it was invulnerable.

Unexpectedly, he could cut with his dagger the pigskin a little bit. Although it was difficult, he had somehow pulled it off.

[Did the mutant boar’s flesh have some changes after its death, which was no longer as tough as it once was?] Jiang Liushi thought, but it was quite possible that the Starseed was just suggesting that the mutant animal could be eaten. What if it was as hard as rubber, who could bite it?

It was a good thing that Jiang Liushi took a little effort to cut the pigskin. Jiang Liushi cut the mutant boar’s chest, finding the boar's heart, and then opened its heart. He was covered in blood. According to his original impression, pig blood should be full of stench, but strangely, the mutant boar’s blood was fragrant. It seemed that the blood was special. Jiang Liushi thought and found several plastic buckets from the restaurant to store the blood. Several barrels were quickly picked up.

But at this moment, Jiang Liushi finally dug up a quail egg sized bead from the heart of the mutant boar. The bead was crystal clear, and it felt very smooth and warm. Presumably this was the so-called mutant nucleus.

Jiang Liushi took the mutant nucleus and returned to the MCV. He carefully placed it in the MCV’s groove.


With a soft sound, the mutant nucleus was stuck by the groove, and then the metal groove slowly shrank back.

The Starseed beeped, [The mutant nucleus was put successfully, Mobile Construction Vehicle unlocked the first evolution, and you can choose the direction of evolution.]


A light screen appeared in Jiang Liushi’s eyes. There were some options on the screen, and each option was followed by a line of interpretation.


"Option 1: Open a first-degree space fuel tank, with a capacity of ten cubic meters, adding explosion-proof and bulletproof. It can be upgraded."

"Option 2: Open a first-degree storage space, with a size of ten cubic meters, providing low temperature hypoxia space in order to preserve fresh ingredients for one year. The mutant meat can be preserved for three years (Mutant meat was originally not perishable. In 30 degrees of hot and humid environment, it can also be kept for 30 days.)."

"Option 3: Open the evolution of automatic absorption function. The MCV can automatically absorb materials with a particle beam."

"Option 4: Add mechanical arms to the MCV. It can handle 20 tons."

"Option 5: Increase the MCV’s weapons: fuel type flame thrower, which needs to consume a large amount of gasoline to start. And pure oxygen combustion temperature must be 2,000 centigrade."

"Option 6: Upgrade the Air Cannon."

"Option 7: Upgrade car Armor and bulletproof glass."

Jiang Liushi looked down and found there were more options after option 6. However, these options were dark, and couldn’t be chosen. And among them, he saw the biological laboratory.

"Option 10: Open biological labs, developing genetic evolution fluids by adding materials, for host evolution genes, and greatly enhance physical fitness. It needs: two first-degree mutant nucleus."

Jiang Liushi looked at the biological laboratory option with bright eyes all of a sudden. Gene evolution fluid? For enhancing their physique? This was disastrous. Jiang Liushi knew that after doomsday, not only animals were mutant, people also had variations. Although he had a MCV, his body was his biggest weakness. If HE died, everything would be over.

That’s why Jiang Liushi did not dare to get off. If he had the gene evolution fluid, he would become more powerful. The whole combat prowess would naturally be greatly improved. The biological laboratory had to be opened. But it needed two first-degree mutant nucleus, and so far he had only one. The MCV was severely damaged just to kill the mutant boar. As for two, Jiang Liushi couldn’t imagine. He needed to be stronger.

The MCV should be improved first, then he would become stronger. This eschatological torture let Jiang Liushi have too many things to do. There was no way to think about the biological laboratory. Now he needed to carefully choose a function for the MCV’s evolution.

The first option, upgrading the fuel tank, was really necessary. The MCV’s current fuel tank was too small, ten cubic meters, only for eight or nine tons of gasoline. Regardless of collision or using weapons, it all needed fuel. Actually, it would be too cruel if they were killed by running out the fuel!

The second option, storage space, was also attractive for Jiang Liushi. The MCV was in lack of space. A lot of things were needed to be held, such as the mutant boar meat. With a huge storage space, the MCV will become a mobile granary.

As for upgrading armor and bulletproof glass strength, opening automatic absorption of materials, upgrading weapons and so on, Jiang Liushi was very perplexed. Even that simple function of adding mechanical arms, he felt it was too necessary.

No mechanical arms, only carrying this mutation boar, it let Jiang Liushi worry. Ten tons! How could it be moved? However, he could only choose one. The choice was too difficult.

Jiang Liushi thought about the choice carefully, and then, he chose the first option to increase fuel capacity because it was directly related to Jiang Liushi’s life! A large amount of gasoline could be stored.

The MCV had to be maintained in the shortest time. It demanded 1200L gasoline. Then many of the subsequent combat functions all needed an ultra large gasoline capacity. Without gas, everything was impossible. Jiang Liushi pressed the first option clenching his teeth.


By Jiang Liushi’s side, there were several cars, and trucks. The cars were made of steel, but how their steel be removed. It was a big problem. If the MCV had the third option, which could automatically absorb materials, it could make the iron be absorbed by itself. But now, it was impossible for Jiang Liushi to choose this option. He had to find enough steel for upgrading the fuel tank.

But the meat of the mutant boar…