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Chapter 21: Waste Is the Biggest Crime

Chapter 21: Waste Is the Biggest Crime

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
Looking the huge mutant wild boar on the ground, Jiang Liushi was reluctant to part with it. It could be kept fresh for a month under the hydrothermal circumstance of 30 degrees. If it was not taken away, it would be wasted.

According to Starseed, the mutant meat could not only act as evolutionary gene materials of a biological laboratory, but also as food for improving the physique. Although there was no biological laboratory, Jiang Liushi believed it would be wonderful making a meal of stir fry meat. Improving the physique was at least helpful for moving that hundreds of kilograms of steel.

Jiang Liushi had grown up in a family with bad financial condition. And his parents were both dead. As a result, he and his sister stuck together and helped each other in difficulties by selling their house. He got used to the frugal life. Wasting so much let him feel heart-ached.

He decided without hesitation that even if there was no storage space, this wild boar have to be taken away! This mutant wild boar was a big treasure. At the last days of the world, gold and silver became scrap iron and paper money was not even as good as hand paper. And people bartered with each other only for food. People would soon find the value of this mutant meat because it could enhance their body constitution. That's really serious! Compared to those zombies, ordinary people were too weak to run. In this case, the survival rate was naturally greatly improved for people with a good constitution. And this mutant meat was easy to store. In autumn and winter, it could be put for a few months and should be more valuable than the hard currency.

"Waste is the biggest crime. I have to take it away!" Jiang Liushi made up his mind, but it was extremely difficult for him and the minibus. He decided to use a neighborhood small van. That van was so old that it would soon have to be scrapped. Jiang Liushi went to the side of the van, pulling the door, a turned towards the ruined "Pickled fish" restaurant.

Jiang Liushi estimated that the driver must have been hungry and went down to eat "pickled fish", however, he was killed when the end of the world came. The key should be hanging on the driver. But looking at the bloody mess, gnawed by the zombies, coupled with the wild boar and MCV's battle, Jiang Liushi thought it was unbearable to watch! Minced meat, blood and mixed mud were everywhere. It was a very challenging thing to find a key in there. After thinking, Jiang Liushi decided to give up and he found a wrench at the fairly complete automotive repair shop, smashing against the window of the small van.


The windshield was broken and Jiang Liushi climbed into the van. That windshield had become tiny pieces, not hurting the hand. Actually, it was quite easy for Jiang Liushi to climb. He sat in the cab, released the handbrake, and pulled out a nine-meter long trailer rope from the cab.

"Haha, got it!"

This kind of trailer rope was equipped by all cars, especially in this kind of van, so that it could be anchored at any time. Jiang Liushi immediately connected the broken van with his MCV.

Jiang Liushi went behind the van. Its back door was not locked because it was empty. It actually helped Jiang Liushi a lot.

"Well, I can start!"

It was a big project for Jiang Liushi. Such a huge wild boar! He could not move it at all, and it had to be divided into pieces. He put the dagger to his waist, and headed to the automotive repair shop to find a fire axe and a hacksaw. Jiang Liushi in college often participated in physical exercise. He spotted the wild boar's neck and used the axe to split it.

To Jiang Liushi's surprise, after taking away the crystal nucleus of the wild boar, the meat seemed to have become easier to split and tender. Not to mention the hacksaw, it could even be cut by the dagger and it was no more difficult than cutting real pork.

"Brother Jiang, Brother Jiang!"

Suddenly, Jiang Liushi heard Wen Xiaotian's panicked voice from the MCV. After waking up she had seen the living room in a mess, and even the MCV's bulletproof glass that had burst, and was extremely panicked as she was all alone.

"I'm here!" Jiang Liushi shouted. Wen Xiaotian heard his voice, drawing a long breath.

"What about the boar? Was it be crashed by the minibus?" Wen Xiaotian opened the seat belt, staggering out of the MCV. However, the scene outside shocked Wen Xiaotian.

She saw Jiang Liushi cutting the mutant wild boar with a fire axe; the mutant wild boar was apparently dead, without even a convulsion.


Wen Xiaotian had seen the terrible wild boar. It bumped up and swept everything. A row of rooms were as strong as a paper box in front of it. Its roar was terrible. Did it really die?

Of course, Wen Xiaotian would not believe that the wild boar was killed by Jiang Liushi with an axe, but was it killed by the minibus?

"This minibus…" Wen Xiaotian looked back at the severely damaged minibus. It was really incredible.

"Brother Jiang, what are you doing?" Wen Xiaotian asked.

"Take the meat, it can be eaten." Jiang Liushi didn't explain the mutant meat's effects, Wen Xiaotian did not ask and just said, "I'll help you."

It was not easy for Jiang Liushi to remove the meat, and it could be faster with Wen Xiaotian's help. Wen Xiaotian's forehead was covered with blood. It seemed a bit pitiful, Jiang Liushi hesitated for a moment but agreed. Wild pork should be packed as soon as possible. Although this place was far away from the city, there were still wandering zombies.

Jiang Liushi took a bandage from the storage to bind up her wound. Then they cut the meat piece by piece together. The red roasted wild boar looked better than good beef.

They moved hundreds of pieces of meat. Little by little on the van, even the pig bones were moved by Jiang Liushi. Completing this task, Jiang Liushi and Wen Xiaotian had been exhausted. Fortunately, from the beginning to the end, no zombie had appeared. Otherwise, it would be a very troublesome thing to avoid them.

Jiang Liushi returned to the MCV and sat on the sofa trying to catch his breath. Although he experienced a life and death battle, he was full of joy.


Author's Note: Some readers believe that the kitchen, living room and the bathroom can't be arranged in a minibus. Actually, in fact, we can find some pictures from the Internet and you can see that can be arranged easily. To choose space is to save space.