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Chapter 22: Bumping All the Way

Chapter 22: Bumping All the Way

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
After fighting with the huge variable wild boar and separating its meat, Jiang Liushi and Wen Xiaotian felt extremely hungry. Jiang Liushi was lying on the sofa didn’t want to move a finger at all. But Wen Xiaotian was diligent. Although she was also very tired, she tried her best to make a meal, using hot pepper from the restaurant and wild pork for "boiled pork" and "fried meat." Before the meal was ready, Jiang Liushi was eager to eat. Only by its fragrance, Jiang Liushi believed that its taste would be mouth-watering.

In fact, when he had been cutting the wild boar into pieces, Jiang Liushi didn’t smell anything weird at all. On the contrary, he felt that the raw meat was fragrant. He came to the conclusion that the meat of the wild boar would be delicious. Now, the speculation was almost confirmed and made Jiang Liushi excited. From the approaching doomsday till now, more than a week, Jiang Liushi hadn’t had a good meal; he was famished and gluttonous. But Jiang Liushi kept his shirt on, waiting for Wen Xiaotian to finish preparing the last dish. The stewed pork with brown sauce needed about 40 minutes. It was nicely served with fragrant rice.

Jiang Liushi took a bite in an enjoyable way. He simply thought that was the most delicious meal he had in his life.

"Wonderful!" He had made up his mind that after doomsday even if he did not starve, he would be eating biscuits and instant noodles every day. It was quite unexpected to have such a delicious meal. If their strength could be enhanced, then it would be easier to survive after doomsday.

While thinking, Jiang Liushi felt his stomach become warmer. It seemed that there was an inconspicuous aura moving in all directions of his body. Jiang Liushi was suddenly enlightened that this aura should be the physical energy, mentioned by the Starssed. But this enhancement was not very obvious. Jiang Liushi looked Wen Xiaotian and noticed that her table manners were not ladylike. She was manically eating pork, while her tongue was avoiding the hot soup; her appetite had increased dramatically.

Wen Xiaotian’s expression showed that she apparently hadn’t noticed the warmer feeling at all because, as she did not know it in advance.

[Although eating mutant meat enhances the body, it is an extremely slow procedure and it needs a long time. However, the mutant beast was so powerful. It is not easy for ordinary people to kill it. They might think there’s no use in hunting and eating it.] Jiang Liushi thought.

Meanwhile, Wen Xiaotian had noticed him looking at her. She blushed in shame because of her poor table manners.

It was inevitable for Wen Xiaotian to have a good impression of Jiang Liushi, who had saved her. Although she hadn’t expected to go with him , she still did and that meant they’d interact a lot, she was still very concerned about the impression she’d leave him. So Wen Xiaotian quietly changed her way of eating, she eating a big mouthful and instead she took small bites.

Jiang Liushi felt it was funny and he thought Wen Xiaotian sometimes was quite cute.

"You are familiar with the nearby road, right?"

"Yes ... fairly familiar," Wen Xiaotian wiped her mouth and said.

"I want to go to a place, but I need your help..."

"No problem."

The battle with the variable wild boar had seriously damaged the MCV, which was what worried Jiang Liushit, it had to be repaired as soon as possible. It needed 1200L gasoline, 200 kilograms of steel, 100 kilograms of copper, 30 kilograms of polymer organic plastic and electricity of 200 kWH. All these things had to be collected. As for the upgrade materials, it was simply 100 kg of steel.

"Really, terrible! It is really expensive repairing a car no matter when." Jiang Liushi drove the MCV, dragging the small van, on the rural road. Trailer car was the technical work. Under normal circumstances, the towed vehicle was controlled by a driver because it needed to maintain the distance. Downhill, the car behind was faster than the front, as a result the driver needed to timely brake avoiding an accident!

And the brake could not be stepped too hard. If the distance was too big beyond the length of the trailer rope, then it would be a tragedy. The trailer rope had the maximum bearing weight, which simply could not stand further pulling! It was obviously that Jiang Liushi did not have time, and Wen Xiaotian could not do it either. The job needed a professional driver. As a result, Jiang Liushi simply decided not to take care. It could not be helped.

So, on that very poor rural road, at every turn...


A loud noise came from the rear of the minibus and it suddenly shook! The wild pork’s bones weighed at least five or six tons, plus the van, which made driving terrible.

But… Nothing! They continued driving. . .

Jiang Liushi ignored the bumping because he believed that although the MCV was damaged by the wild boar, it could afford the bumping by the broken van. The MCV’s damage had reached 3.5, without any change. But the van was a bit miserable, its front was completely curved inwards, and probably the engine had a problem. However, Jiang Liushi was too lazy to check, as long as its six wheels could move everything would be okay. But the consumption of gasoline was increased because of the extra weight. The gasoline had reached 200 liters, so Jiang Liushi had been collecting gasoline all the way. This poor country was not controlled by the army and those abandoned cars had gasoline.

Those cars parked before the restaurant, including the small van, had provided 200 liters gasoline for him. On the way, once met a car, Jiang Liushi would get off. He almost became an oil mouse hated by everyone. Jiang Liushi had gotten the crowbar from the car repair shop, opening the cover of fuel tank cover, putting a rubber tube into the tank with a suction, and then putting the other end of the tube into larger gasoline barrels, using the Siphon Principle. That was a technical work. Sucking a mouthful of gasoline was possible. But Jiang Liushi was only looking forward to quickly finishing the upgradation of the fuel tank. He was searching for an abandoned gas station, in order to take eight or nine tons of gasoline.

Again and again, Jiang Liushi felt his mouth pumping cramps. It was lucky to meet a truck with 70 or 80 liters gasoline. But cars were more pitiful as they had smaller fuel tanks, that is, the gap was small, which meant it was hard to collect gasoline. He needed to try very hard only for 20 or 30 liters. In the end, Jiang Liushi had collected many fuel tanks, enough to fill six barrels with gasoline, and it was estimated that was enough.

[What the f*ck! It was not necessarily easier than cutting the wild boar!]