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Chapter 23: Upgrading the Fuel Tank

Chapter 23: Upgrading the Fuel Tank

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
Halfway, Jiang Liushi passed by a big hardware store, he stopped to take a diesel generator, and a large bucket of diesel. The location of the hardware store was told by Wen Xiaotian.

The hardware store was a treasure trove. A lot of tools, such as hammers, shorty, and electric drills, had been brought to the MCV. Even the badly deformed cab of the small van was piled high. The extremely limited space made Jiang Liushi realize that it was very imperative to upgrade the MCV’s space.

So many things to upgrade, but where could he find so many variable crystal nucleuses? A wild boar could easily kill anyone!

Jiang Liushi had encountered some wandering zombies along the way. The MCV was already damaged, but it had no problem killing some ordinary zombies.

It had taken a whole day for Jiang Liushi to reach their destination. It was a three-story building, looking a little obsolete, located in the middle of a big county which was thousands of square meters. The yard was surrounded by concrete walls where broken glass stood to prevent climbing. The door was six or seven meters wide, permitting two cars to move in parallel, and slightly broken. At the top of the gate, there were also many spear points, looking a little guarded.

For this backward county, a large iron gate and a wide courtyard like this, and the three-story of building, were all quite "lofty" buildings. The iron signboard at the door had slightly fallen, shaking by the wind, and making sounds. Jiang Liushi saw the seven big words on the sign, "The Waste Recycling Station of Fu Wang", followed by some small words, "Collecting used building material, collecting damaged cars, steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, waste paper..." According to Wen Xiaotian, it was the largest recycling station in the neighborhood. It was also a company, called "Fu Wang limited liability Company of Renewable Resources Recycling".

The name‘s combination of local and modern made him feel a little uncomfortable, but the recycling station was still sizable. After all, it was a company. That was also why Jiang Liushi had chosen that place. Jiang Liushi stopped the MCV and pressed a button, the trailer line disconnected automatically. After all, he knew nothing about the recycling station; the truck would only act as a hindrance while fighting. The door was like a jar. He stepped on the accelerator. Thousands of square meters of the courtyard were full of "renewable resources". Beside these resources, there was a forklift.

"Carsh, carsh, carsh---"

Jiang Liushi rocked the horn directly, so that zombies would be attracted to the sound. It was desolate and uninhabited within an eight miles radius, so more zombies couldn’t be attracted.

Soon, there was a low roar from the black building, and a dozen zombies appeared. They hurried to the MCV as soon as they appeared. Jiang Liushi was relieved because there were no mutant beasts. If there was a mutant beast, he could only escape, leaving a cargo of wild pork, which was enough to satisfy the beast.

Although the instantaneous acceleration system was impaired, speeding up slowly could be achieved. With better conditions, the velocity could speed up to 150 km/h, so there was no problem to outrun a beast.

[Let me give you a ride!] Seeing the zombies rushing, Jiang Liushi stepped on the accelerator.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Like a bowling ball hitting pins, more than a dozen zombies were knocked off the ground, and some of them were pushed to the top of the waste pile and died.

Jiang Liushi was cautious. He drove the MCV back and forth a few times to ensure that every zombie was killed. He also whistled for five minutes to make sure that there were no new zombies, and then he got off.

"Wen Xiaotian, go to the gate as a sentry. If you get tired, go to the small building and rest, there should be no zombies."

"Ah...then you..."

"I’m gonna fix the car!" Jiang Liushi said briefly. He didn’t want to let Wen Xiaotian see the process of maintenance and upgrade, so he found something for her to do.

Wen Xiaotian blinked her big eyes and thought about the car’s repair, [This rich boy, also knows how to repair a car?]

But thinking about how he had transformed a waste car so grisly, she believed that he was a car enthusiast, or even the transformation of this minibus were all done by his own team.

A young rich second-generation able to fiddle with mechanics, what a talented boy! Wen Xiaotian knew that Jiang Liushi, who had taken a large number of tools from the automobile repair shop and hardware store, might really repair the minibus alone.

"Wen Xiaotian, while repairing, I need silence, and thinking about some modifications, please don’t bother me. It may take more than a day. Remember take some food; I don’t want you to starve. If anything occurs, shouting my name is fine."

Jiang Liushi drove the MCV into a parking lot, which was around a hundred square meters, while Wen Xiaotian headed to the gate to guard. The recycling station had all kinds of things. Seeing what he liked, Jiang Liushi would move it to the shed.

Transporting a few hundred kilograms of steel, copper, plastic, etc., was much easier than collecting gasoline and cutting ten tons of mutated wild boar. Jiang Liushi would upgrade the fuel tank first, and then repair the MCV.

He first saw some of the construction scaffolding in the recycling station, and planned to use them as steel. But on these second-hand scaffolds, there was a lot of cement residue, making Jiang Liushi quite unsatisfied. As for the scrap steel, a lot of it had rust. Copper was harder to find, Jiang Liushi only found some hotpot, which was obviously not enough.

However, he was stunned to find that there was a large amount of new building materials in the warehouse of the recycling depot, after he had unlocked the warehouse. There were a big bundle of black and blue steel, aluminum alloy building materials, a plate of copper wire, cast copper pipe, brand new PPR plastic pipe and PVC drainpipe.

Their quality was really good. Could all these also be called waste?

After pondering for a while, he understood that sometimes the construction units would graft some materials and sell them. The recycling center would act as an intermediary, help them deal with these things, and benefit from it. It was cheap for Jiang Liushi to use the best materials, and of course, he didn’t have to use the bad ones.

Jiang Liushi was very excited. He was like a squirrel, carrying materials to his own small nest.

The MCV would be not only be his combat base, but his home. All materials were gathered soon, and the Starseed began scanning and transforming. He upgraded the fuel tank first, and soon the roar of the diesel generators rang out. Jiang Liushi connected the power supply and started repairing the MCV.

Sunrise… Sunset… A whole day had passed…

When Jiang Liushi woke up, the MCV’s modification had been completed. The MCV was restored as it was, and the oil tank didn’t seem to have changed, but there were 10 cubic meters of extra space inside, filled with gasoline; he didn’t have to worry any more.