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Chapter 25: The Wild Guys

Chapter 25: The Wild Guys

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
A straight rural road only with a narrow two-lane, lined with old locust trees. These old trees were tall and thick and had been living for decades. Every summer they would be full of white pagoda tree flowers, so a lot of beekeepers would be gathered there, selling honey on both sides of the road. But now, after doomsday, such a situation would never happen again. Jiang Liushi also saw a few broken abandoned hives on the road.

A few abandoned vehicles were parked on the road, their owners had already vanished.

Wen Xiaotian's home was in the center of the town…

"Creak" A slight brake sound was heard and the minibus stopped at an intersection...

And then…


The van came really close to the minibus and the minibus started shaking. Wen Xiaotian looked at the minibus's rear. "Will we be okay with that kind of shaking?"

Jiang Liushi sat in the driver's seat and looked around.

They reached an intersection, in which there was a noodle restaurant and several cars parked on the road. One of the cars had hit on a light pole, and its windshield was completely broken with scabs. They could only speculate if the driver was killed directly, or eaten by zombies.

"My home... It's about 200 meters in the alley," Wen Xiaotian said nervously. She was uneasy. She was almost sleepless last night, every time waking up from nightmares, dreaming that her family members were completely eaten by zombies, or simply had become zombies.

Especially now, after seeing the tragic scene in her hometown, she became even more worried and even was afraid to go home. All these scenes made her feel her heart beating wildly.

But her home was a few meters away, and she had to go back...

However, Jiang Liushi didn't immediately start the minibus, nor did he get off. He was holding the steering wheel as he was thinking.

"What... What's wrong?" Wen Xiaotian asked. She originally thought that Jiang Liushi had stopped at the side of the restaurant to collect food, but it was not the case.

"It is strange. There is something wrong with this town." Jiang Liushi seemed to be talking to himself.

"Huh?" Wen Xiaotian was dumbfounded and didn't know what was wrong.

"It's so quiet… A small town at least with a population of 30,000 or 40,000 people... The center of the town was the most densely populated, with thousands of people coming together, but now there are very few zombies on the road."Jiang Liushi was barely able to see a few zombies wandering in the distance.

In principle, although the shopping center of the town was not full of zombies, it should have thousands of zombies together. It's easy for Jiang Liushi to drive all the way running over a bloody scene. He had thought that they'd have to face much more zombies and maybe some variable animals. However, that hadn't happened. Jiang Liushi felt very strange and uneasy.

"Yes... You're right." Wen Xiaotian was worried about her family, and didn't notice the anomaly of the town.

"The number of zombies was not much; even the road congestion was strange. The sudden accident should have blocked up the road, but instead it could be used."

There were also many abandoned vehicles on the road, but they were all parked on either side of the road. Only a few cars were left in the middle of the road.

"So..." Wen Xiaotian also noticed the situation. It showed that the road was probably cleaned by someone. "Was it the army?"

There was a glimmer of hope in her eyes, and if so, her family may be safe under the army's protection...

"I'm afraid not... "Jiang Liushi shook his head. The national army was not Chinese cabbage. At ordinary times they are stationed in one place. When doomsday arrived, they could only control the big cities.

"Right..." The light in Wen's eyes dimmed and was full of disappointment. Although she knew it was true, she couldn't think clearly at the moment.

"We'll find out soon." Jiang Liushi started the minibus slowly and warily.

The zombies were at a short distance from the minibus, and neither the launch nor the driving of the minibus made a big noise, so they were not noticed by the zombies.

The slowly moving minibus was like sneaking into the town. It was stealthily, undetected and, moving deep in the town.

However, Jiang Liushi didn't know that his minibus was in the view of hand-held binoculars.

"Brother Zhang, there's someone here." A short man wearing black, like a monkey, said with a smile, "Maybe we can find something."

"Oh?" The one referred as Brother Zhang was muscular, wearing a tight tank top showing his body muscles, he was like a fitness instructor in a gym.

He took the binoculars, and saw a battered minibus, dragging a broken van. It was so miserable, even the paint was falling.

"We can find what? You must be kidding! This f*cking driver must be a country bumpkin running out of the mountainous area, he must be looking for the army. It is not to my liking." Brother Zhang said angrily.

The monkey-like man said with a face full of flattery, "Brother Yu commanded us looking for gasoline and food. Although the car looks poor, it came from outside of town. It maybe has some special local products. We almost finished looting our own town. Grasshopper leg meat is still meat! And there may even be a sister in the car!?" The skinny monkey-like man said with an indescribable smile.

Zhang pondered for a bit and stepping on his motorcycle, he waved behind him. The skinny monkey-like man then got on the back of the motorcycle, taking a steel pipe. He waved and shouted, "Brothers, keep up!"


The motorcycles thundered, and eight motorcycles carrying two or three people started moving. A group of young guys, flying like a swarm, rushed to the minibus.