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Chapter 28: Are You Kidding?

Chapter 28: Are You Kidding?

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
After Wen Xiaotian's repeated confirmation, Jiang Liushi's speculation was totally right. With the hint from Jiang Liushi, Wen Xiaotian discovered a lot of life traces in the room; including a bucket in the bathroom, food residue in garbage bags and even footprints on the floors. Wen admired Jiang Liushi's insight so much, as he could figure out such important things through her description without getting out of the car.

"What do we do now?" Wen Xiaotian was excited, knowing her family might be alive. Actually she was usually a strong-minded girl, or she would not be so determined to ask Jiang Liushi to take her with him. However, she could not think clearly, because of all the intense situations that had happened this far, and it was Jiang Liushi who made right decisions all the way that helped them arrive safely. Therefore, even though her family might be right in front of her, Wen still thought that she should ask Jiang Liushi's opinion about what to do.

"Let's wait here." Jiang Liushi looked around.

This place was almost safe. He opened the chair and lied on it to rest. He had been driving all this time and he could not help being tired although he was resting for a short time every night. Wen Xiaotian certainly could not get asleep, so it was just her turn to stand guard. Actually, there might not be many problems even if Wen had not stood guard. As long as the MCV's door was locked, it could be considered as a small mobile fortress. It was impossible to be knocked off or damaged by the ordinary zombies or even mutant beasts. Jiang Liushi could have enough time to react.

Wen Xiaotian found that Jiang Liushi's breath gradually became smoother .

"He ιs asleep!" Wen Xiaotian thought. In her mind, he was always a calm young man, for he did not seem to be afraid of anything. No matter what happened, he stuck to his plan. But it seemed impossible not to be afraid at all…

Wen Xiaotian kept looking around, feeling that her family would walk out from an alley at the next second. An hour later, Jiang Liushi opened his eyes. He sat up and at the same time, the driver's seat recovered, "Somebody seems to be near."

Footsteps came from an alley on the left. After doomsday, Jiang Luishi had been sleeping lightly. Although, he had actually woken up, he still continued to have a rest. He was more sensitive to sounds when his eyes were closed.

"It is true." Wen Xiaotian became nervous, she had heard the sound too. Wen bit her lips, staring at the alley. Meanwhile, Jiang put his hands on the steering wheel with eyes full of vigilance.

It was not a safe place and no one knew whether the terrible guys they had met before would come back again or not. The sound of footsteps could be heard coming closer and they didn't seem like they were from just one person. It seemed that there were a lot of people.

Wen Xiaotian was nervous to the extreme.

Soon, a dozen of people quickly walked out of the alley. They walked while they were observing their surroundings carefully. Some of them carried bags while others carried "weapons" like steel pipes. There were both old and young people among them, but they all seemed ordinary. Seeing them walking out, Wen Xiaotian flew to the window and watched them carefully distinguishing one by one.

She was anxious and disappointed at first, "How could it be…?"

Then, she suddenly stretched her neck and her eyes widened, "Lulu!"

"Lulu!" Wen Xiaotian excitedly waved her hands.

Looking at her side, Jiang Liushi saw a girl who was kind of similar to her, looking a bit younger, with a ponytail and a gray fluttered jacket, with dirt on her face, carrying a canvas bag and an iron bar with a tired look. Wen Xiaotian waved in the back of the window, but she forgot that this window was not visible from the outside. Those people came to the minibus and were all stunned.

Jiang Liushi revealed a trace of both fear and shock look after seeing their surprise, but he also had some doubts.

The ponytail girl quickly took a pack of something out of her backpack and put it into the large jacket. No one stopped her. Next, they carefully walked over the minibus.

"Wen Xiaotian," Jiang Liushi called her.

Wen's mind suddenly came back and she run to the door, saying excitedly, "Brother Jiang, I saw my sister."

"Fine." Jiang Liushi responded.

He still sat in the driver's seat and watched Wen running out of the car and walking out. The group of people slowly came near , suspiciously looking at the minibus. They suddenly saw a girl walking out from the back of the minibus. They all got shocked at first and at the same time, Wen Lu ran over there, after a short period of shock.

The two sisters hugged each other tightly.

"Lulu!" Wen Xiaotian's eyes were moist.

Wen Lu could not help bursting into tears, "Sister! I did not expect that we could see each other again!"

Those survivors looked at each other in surprise. Wen Lu hugged Wen Xiaotian and cried for a while. She wiped her tears and turned to those survivors and said, "This is my sister."

One of the survivors gave a glance at Wen Xiaotian and asked, "Sister? I remember you saying that your sister was in Jiangbei University."

Jiangbei, was actually far from there…

Under these circumstances, such a long distance, was naturally impossible to travel for average people. Regardless of life or death, it was a very normal thing for most people not to meet each other anymore.

Wen Lu turned around and looked at Wen Xiaotian's face, staring at her for a long time, and then burst out laughing. Then she asked, "Sister, how did you come back? I thought I could not see you anymore."

Wen Xiaotian was also extremely happy and pointed to the minibus behind her and said, "It was Brother Jiang who drove me here from Jiangbei."

"What?" Besides Wen Lu, all the survivors unbelievably looked at the ropey minibus as well as the van. Could this kind of car be driven from Jiangbei? And they thought "Who is Brother Jiang?"

Wen Xiaotian took Wen Lu to the front of the minibus and other survivors were also curious to get together to see. Almost ten people were separated by the windshield, looking at Jiang Liushi who was at the driver's seat waving to them.

Jiang Liushi felt a bit embarrassed. Although they did not say anything, Jiang Liushi had understood something from their eyes. They would like to ask, [Are you kidding me?]