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Chapter 29: She Was Overwhelmed by Curiosity

Chapter 29: She Was Overwhelmed by Curiosity

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Jiang Liushi was still sitting in the minibus. He looked closely at the map of the area from this town to Nanjing City, in a tablet, and then he turned to observe Wen’s second-floor building.

Wen Xiaotian had been in there for more than an hour; the two sisters were in a room on the second floor. When he looked at the window, the curtain was moved. Jiang Liushi saw Wen Lu’s face appearing behind the curtains, glancing toward the minibus and then quickly shrinking back. Jiang Liushi was stunned for a moment, then he returned his gaze back to the map again.

"Dear sister, did he really kill a variable wild boar?" Wen Lu moved away from the window, fixing the curtain back, and then she asked, "Was that wild boar that terrifying?"

"Of course, what I told you is true." Wen Xiaotian answered with red eyes. Wen Lu had just told her that their parents had died, but under these shabby circumstances, their parents could only be buried casually, without a proper burial ceremony.

In fact, Wen Xiaotian felt it was quite good that they were able to be buried with their bodies intact. After all, most people had died without even a trace of their bones left behind. But even so, Wen Xiaotian was still distraught with great grief. The two sisters had been crying for almost an hour, and then they temporarily restrained their grief.

After calming down, Wen Lu asked Wen Xiaotian over the details of her experience.

Jiang Liushi seemed close to her sister’s age. So it would be normal if he was also a college student. What was unbelievable that two ordinary people could reach there; only driving a ragged minibus.

Just imagining those events it was still quite incredible. And after listening to Wen Xiaotian narration, Wen Lu felt more incredible. Escaping from zombie groups, he had even killed a mutant boar...

"Anyway, we should thank him," Wen Lu said.

"Yup..." Wen Xiaotian nodded.

Wen Xiaotian also looked toward the window. As a matter of fact, she had only told a part of her experiences to her sister. She didn’t mention some details about Jiang Liushi and the minibus. For example, she didn’t tell that they cut off the wild pork and put it into the van.

The terrible motorcycle gang that they met before made Wen Xiaotian become vigilant.

"Well, Lulu, who are they?" Wen Xiaotian asked.

After knowing the identity of Wen Xiaotian, those survivors were very curious to know about her and that minibus. Although Wen Xiaotian did not believe that her sister was associated with those terrible people from the motorcycle gang, she was still doubtful about those strangers.

"They are residents of our town. My sister, your memory is really poor. Don’t you even recognize Aunt Li’s daughter from the next door?" Wen Lu said.

They were the residents and neighbors…

"After doomsday, we slowly gathered together. During the day we go out to find food, and at evening we stand guard in turns. In this special time, we are no different. It’s like a primitive society, in which we work together with fair distribution." Wen Lu answered.

"It must have been very dangerous..." Wen Xiaotian was worried. Her sister was only a high school student, who was even scared by cockroaches. But now she actually had to go outside looking for food. But she also knew that ‘Never depend on anyone except themselves’.

"Fortunately, even though the past few days were very dangerous, the zombies are not much. However, those people are very terrible. Seeing the minibus, we just thought they came again. " Wen Lu said.

"They?" Wen Xiaotian was stunned for a moment and said, "Who are they? Were they a gang of motorcycles?"

Wen Lu stared and said, "You met them? How! Did they do anything to you?" She anxiously asked.

"Nothing..." Wen Xiaotian told about their encounter to her sister.

Hearing Jiang Liushi decisively knocking them off, Wen Lu was stunned, "My God..."

"You didn’t tell me, why did those people come to our house?" Wen Xiaotian hurriedly asked.

Wen Lu had said the word "again". It was obvious that those people had come before. Wen Xiaotian had witnessed their ruthlessness, so she was worried about Wen Lu very much.

"They are coming for protection fee." Wen Lu frowned, looking disgusted and said, "This group of people have a leader, who drove away the zombies. As a result, they decided to ask protection fee from the survivors. We felt that the environment was relatively safe, so the fee was reasonable. However, they were too terrible and their demands were unreasonable."

Then Wen Lu pulled a very dirty hat and scarves out from the bed and said, "They have forced several girls to be their "girlfriends" before, and I had no choice but to do the same..."

A pure girl had to go through... Wen Xiaotian felt angry and distressed.

"There was no other choice," Wen Lu helplessly said. Ordinary people could not do anything in a world like that.

"You don’t have to say anything. Being alive is wonderful. Sister, did you eat?" Wen Lu asked.

Downstairs, Wen Xiaotian saw those survivors quietly doing things. Some were inspecting weapons, others were checking food. Most of the food that they took out from the backpack were snacks with dirty bags, all dusty, and many were flattened.

And even there were disgusting blood marks on some bags. A girl wearing a glove holding a small pot, was cleaning these bags.

"Xiao Tian sister." This girl looked up and smiled, greeting Wen Xiaotian.

This girl was Aunt Li's daughter. But no wonder Wen Xiaotian did not notice her before, her face was dirty, gray hair, which were not washed for a long time.

This was the only way to make the terrible guys have no thoughts on them.

"Today's food was less and it was more difficult to collect." A middle-aged man sorted out the food and then complained.

Another old man who looked sixty years old said, "We were pretty lucky. Didn’t we today half bag of rice in a family’s house? This was a good thing."

"Yes, but the half of it will be taken away, and the rest is enough to eat for few days." the middle-aged man frowned.

"It's nice being able to eat for a few days," said the old man, who was an optimist. And he said to Wen Xiaotian, "Today Lulu’s sister is here, and it's a happy occasion to cook."

"This is not good..." Wen Xiaotian quickly stopped.

"Go and call that young man, to eat with us," said the old man, "I'll go wash rice."

"Well, I will call him." Wen Lu was excited to go to the minibus regardless if Wen Xiaotian was waving again and again.

Listening to their experience told by Wen Xiaotian, Wen Lu was quite curious about Jiang Liushi.