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Chapter 30: The Future Is Unknown

Chapter 30: The Future Is Unknown

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
"Dong! Dong!"

Wen Lu knocked on the door, she was curious to look inside. The windows and doors were enhanced with film mounted glass. Even if she attached her face to the glass, she could not see the inside from outside. Hearing Wen Xiaotian’s description, Wen Lu had a great interest in the minibus. Looking from outside, it looked like a very old and general minibus. Generally, it was used to run the rural road. Was the minibus really a motorhome? It was hard for Wen Lu to imagine without seeing it herself.

Hearing the knock on the door, Jiang Liushi turned around and then pressed the button to open the door.

Wen Lu got on the minibus happily, and she could not wait to look around the inside and said, "Hello, I came to invite you to... wow!"

The minibus’ interior was so cool that Wen Lu could not help but exclaim; even without completing her sentence.

The interior was luxurious, although its size was not large, everything was arranged. It didn’t give her any narrow feeling with those stuffed furniture. Wen Lu had a wonderful impression of it.

After doomsday, although she was still living in her own home, the life conditions were worse than before. There was no power and food. For girls, it was a challenge using a toilet without water. She had to adapt to it. Standing at the door, Wen Lu was surprised for a long time. It was not only because of the minibus’ luxury, but also because she met Jiang Liuhsi, who was described as a hero by Wen Xiaotian. Wen Lu couldn’t see any signs of repairing. A minibus with broken windows and lacunose surface had disappeared completely…

"What can I do for you?" Until Jiang Liushi asked, Wen Lu was suddenly recovered.

"Ah, sorry! Your car is excellent and I was stunned," Wen Lu said with a smile.

"Thank you," Jiang Liushi said. Wen Lu's character was clearly much more energetic than Wen Xiaotian, but these two sisters had a common feature; their smile was sincere.

"I am here to invite you to eat. We had pretty good luck today, and we found half bag of rice. We can eat a fragrant fried rice together. It was very nice of you bringing my sister back. I feel indebted. Fortunately, you are here today. Otherwise, I could only thank you without doing anything in return," Wen Lu said. She felt very happy to serve Jiang Liushi with the best food they could provide.

Eating fried rice was considered very good treatment. They had eaten all the food in the house and the surrounding neighborhood, but still they didn’t have food for two meals. Without a refrigerator, a lot of food had decayed. Only few food could be found, and that at the risk of meeting zombies. And those terrible motorcycle guys had already robbed everything from the local supermarkets and shops. That meant the amount they could collect was small. That bag of rice was hard-earned.

According to Wen Lu's speculation, Jiang Liushi and Wen Xiaotian must have had it worse than them. She had estimated that they would be extremely hungry because there was no food at all.

"Thank you. But I don’t want to eat." Jiang Liushi's answer was very surprising.

Wen Lu suddenly surprised for a moment, and then went on to say, "It will be my pleasure. Actually, it is just a meal, which is not worth mentioning compared you taking care of my sister..."

"I am not polite, I really do not want," Jiang Liushi smiled and said. These people lived so hard, how could he eat their food? Moreover, fried rice or anything else was unattractive to Jiang Liushi who had eaten mutant meat…

On the other hand, Jiang Liushi was prepared for surprise attacks by the dozen strange survivors. His car was full of food and gasoline, and raw meat was stored in the van. In post-apocalypse environment, no one could ensure absolute safety. Wen Lu did not give up and kept inviting him for a few times. Seeing Jiang Liushi shaking his head, she had to give up.

She was about to get off, but suddenly she remembered something. All of a sudden, she came back, taking something out from her long sleeves.

"Firstly we mistakenly believed that you were one of those terrible guys, so we hastened to hide. You took care of my sister, so I must thank you. Please keep it, do not say no!" Wen Lu without any explanation put something to his hands.

Jiang Liushi was stunned for a moment. Seeing Wen Lu closely, in fact, he found she looked very cute even if she had a dirty face. Jiang Liushi chuckled seeing her bigger cheek, if he refused she would be angry.

"Ok, I will accept it," Jiang Liushi said.

This was actually a pack of biscuits, that had been crushed. But from the residual temperature, it was clear that it was very precious to Wen Lu. Although there was no shortage of food, Jiang Liushi took this package of biscuits in his hand and treasured it.

"You don’t have much food?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"The food we collect is enough to eat, but those terrible guys are like vampires sucking us dry," Wen Lu shook her head and said.

"Those terrible guys?"

"Yes, my sister told me that you also met the motorcycle group." Wen Lu told everything to Jiang Liushi and did not forget to say, "Those people are terrible and you worked off our anger. You are excellent! But they indeed did something good. Originally, there were a lot zombies, but their leader lead zombies to the small town suburbs."

"Oh? Lead the zombies?" Jiang Liushi was quitely interested in the leader mentioned by Wen Lu. How were the zombies taken away by that leader?

He felt that the town was strange as it had too little zombies, but did not expect that they had been driven away.

Generally speaking, one or two zombies could be dealt with by ordinary people. If the number was large, most people would be serve as zombie food, even escaping was impossible. But that leader could actually take so many zombies away?

"Those guys all followed him? Have you seen that leader?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"These people are his guard dogs, swaggering and following him." Wen Lu said, "Anyway, I heard that he is very powerful, not your average person. Someone opposed him and was killed by him, but I haven’t seen him."

"He is not an ordinary person..." Jiang Liushi became more and more curious.

"Well..." Wen Lu suddenly realized something with a worried look and said, "They will come over today to plunder materials. If they see your minibus, they will certainly cause you trouble."

"I think..."

Although Jiang Liushi felt pity for Wen Lu and so on, he was willing to help but unable to do anything about this. Those guys were hateful, but there were few zombies because of their boss. Although others complained and hated them, there was no resistance. More importantly, the other side was too strong, and they could not resist.

They were hungry because of those terrible guys, but if the zombies were everywhere, they may already have had filled a zombie's stomach. If he could take Wen Lu and Wen Xiaotian away, they would be sent to a more secure and stable place. Jiang Liushi did not mind doing so. But he did not know how the next journey would be, also he knew nothing about the Nanjing City’s situation. Taking these two sisters was easy, but how would he take care of them in the future?

So after listening the words of Wen Lu, Jiang Liushi did not know how he could help. However, if he left, they would be implicated because he had killed some tpeople from their gang.

His first priority was to look for his sister...

"Where is your town's gas station?" Jiang Liushi had important business to do. The gas from big cities’ gas stations must have been collected by the military. And this town was likely Jiang Liushi’s last hope for before leaving for Nanjing City. Otherwise he could only continue collecting from abandoned vehicles, it would be a waste of precious time.

"Gas station? Do you need to refuel?" Wen Lu looked at the minibus, thinking that the fuel consumption of such a car would be extremely large…

"Yes," he said, "I'm going to need a lot of gas."

"This..." Wen Lu exposed some embarrassed look and said, "You must not go to the gas station, but there are a lot of abandoned cars on the road. If you’re lucky, the you’ll refuel with the gas you need..."