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Chapter 31: The Mysterious Leader

Chapter 31: The Mysterious Leader

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"Uh? The gas station is not available?" Jiang Liushi was stunned.

Wen Lu explained everything to him. The motorcycle gang's mysterious leader had occupied all resources of the town, including gasoline. They always moved around with motorcycles, so gasoline was very important to them. Even their base camp was directly located near most gas stations.

Wen Lu advised Jiang Liushi to give up the idea of approaching them, because all survivors of the town had been plundered by them. Someone with bad luck, trying to resist, was directly killed. They were too strong!

A surviving team like them was barely surviving under their control, they would not take the initiative to get close to gas stations.

Jiang Liushi not only had clashed with them, but also had killed some of them. He would be spotted by them.

Jiang Liushi pondered for a moment and asked, "What is the leader's name?"

"I only know that he is called Brother Yu," Wen Lu said.

She looked at him, not knowing what he was thinking…

"You need gasoline, some car tanks must be available. But our town is small, and the fuel tanks of most big trucks has long been taken by them. We can get gasoline from small cars. I know it needs a lot of time, but we have no other choice," Wen Lu said.

There were too many things that couldn't be done after doomsday.

"That car is filled with a 100 liters of gasoline. I will help you search for more. It may take three to four days," Wen Lu said.

Jiang Liushi felt helpless. 100 liters was a fraction of his fuel tank; that was far from enough.

Meanwhile, an engine sound could be heard. Wen Lu's complexion suddenly changed, "They are here!"

Jiang Liushi turned around and saw a few motorcycles appearing in his field of vision.

He quietly pressed a button next to the dashboard, and the Starseed scanned the MCV's data. The MCV could move at any time.

Those motorcycles quickly approached. Jiang Liushi looked at those people, and didn't see any "familiar" faces. Looking at their expression, they didn't know about the MCV at all.

Those people were another batch from the gang..

Jiang Liushi loosened up, but the MCV was still in the state of "ready to be launched".

Seeing that those people had no interest for this car, Wen Lu was also relieved.

"Brother Jiang, you stay in the car, and I will get off first," Wen Lu whispered, and then secretly went back to the courtyard. The survivors in the house had heard the noise and came out together. Standing at the door, their faces were full of fear.

The motorcycle guys were surprised to see the MCV, but they didn't pay too much attention. The leader of this group was a young man wearing a leather jacket with yellow fibers hanging. He was dressed in the latest fashion, before doomsday, and his shirt was custom made, with grand words saying, 'I am a bully'.

Jiang Liushi thought that the so-called 'Brother Yu' was a bully too. He was in charge of the town, including the motorcycle gang, after doomsday. No wonder those guys were all bullies.

"You motherf*ckers! Come out immediately!" The leader, shouted at the door , while with an iron bar in his hand, he smashed it on the iron gate of the yard. It sounded quite harsh.

A group of survivors came out in panic. Wen Lu immediately mixed some ashes with some water, and without explaining she put the mixture on Wen Xiaotian's face.

"Ah!" Wen Xiaotian screamed. Wen Lu was anxious, she lowered her voice and said, "Do not shout. Otherwise, you will be in trouble!"

Wen Xiaotian understood at once. She knew that those terrible guys loved ravaging beautiful girls. There were no laws anymore. Indecent assault on women was something that could occur even in a civilised society, let alone after doomsday. Those bullies would become aggravated.

"Give us grains. Your legs will be broken if you're in possession of grains and you don't hand them over!"

The leader clamored, holding the iron bar. He was obviously enjoying the feeling as a bully. Before the end of the world, his life was very unhappy. Bullies were always called into the bureau for good education. But now, he was like a cock on his dunghill. Those women who were high and mighty before the end of the world, had been ravaged by him. He felt just like a fish in the water in a world without any rules.

The survivors couldn't revolt against them just because they were too weak. There dad been a group of people, who refused to give them food, and even fought back. But later, 'Brother Yu' killed them all. It was said that the scene was very tragic. Many people had been killed and dismembered, just like they had been eaten by zombies.

Faced with such a powerful individual, 'Brother Yu', what could they do?

They took their grains out. The old man took out the half bag of rice, with muddy eyes, as if it was his own life.

"F*cker! Old man! Hurry up! Go die!" Seeing the old man was unwilling to give it, the guys in the leather jacket impatiently cursed.

The guy grabbed the rice bag, and almost pushed the old man down with his strong arms.

"You, go and search!" The leader waved, and his minions burst into the house.

Suddenly a burst of loud noises could be heard. Pots and pans were knocked down. This group of people were like a group of locusts.

"OMFG! These bast*rds were cooking!" A minion's voice came from the house.

The leader suddenly turned to see these survivors with vertical eyebrows.

That old man was nervous. When the man with the leather jacket viciously stared at him, he said: "Little brother, originally it was said that we could separate the food in half..."

"F*ck! That was for dry food. Where did you get the guts to keep the rice?" The man with the leather jacket said while his saliva splashed on the old man's face.

"Take it away! You, dare to eat…" he said.

"This… Little brother, please give us some rice. My grandson has a fever at home..." The old man pleaded. His grandchild was only five years old. Life was very fragile. It was easy to get sick if you were lacking nutrition. Eating dry food every day was nothing to adults, but children had to eat a lot of nutritious food in order to develop and survive.

"Motherf*ckers! Stop struggling!"