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Chapter 32: Get off Immediately!

Chapter 32: Get off Immediately!

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
The leader raised his hand to hit the old man. The other survivors promptly pulled the old man aside and apologized to the young man. He was quite satisfied with the survivors’ cowardly behavior toward him. He showed contempt for them. As a matter of fact, the survivors were looking down on the bullies before, but now they had to nod and bow.

However, the leader turned around and got a glimpse of the minibus. He originally thought it was just a common minibus without anyone on it. Actually, the front windshield was transparent. As a result, Jiang Liushi had been seen by the leader. His face was red with rage.

"You assh*le! Are you deaf? Don’t you know who I am? How dare you sit in the car? F*ck! Get off immediately!" The leader shouted. Before doomsday he was just a small man, and now that he had power he had beem intoxicated by it. He was in a bad mood.

Jiang Liushi was completely indifferent. He would like to beat those parasites black and blue. But he didn’t do it because he was afraid of implicating the survivors.

Jiang Liushi was holding the steering wheel tightly, keeping his body unmoved. The leader flew into a rage.

"Open the door! Assh*le" Seeing Jiang Liushi was completely indifferent, the leader threw the iron bar the minibus’ front.


An awful sound echoed. The minibus was intact, however, the leader gave an eldritch scream because the iron bar almost ricocheted back to his face.

"This minibus…" The leader was totally shocked. Generally speaking, minibuses’ iron sheet was thin. Hit by an iron bar, there would be traces of deformation. How odd! This time, the leader exploded with anger.

"God d*mn you. Brothers let’s smash the car together! Pulling the f*cking driver out from it, break his legs, and we will devide all the goods on the minibus." The leader said. And then his brothers surged out of the house immediately. One of the guys held a pot of washed rice. Seeing the washed rice, the old man’s heart hurt. He thought the bullies were a horde of fiendish monsters who comitted every conceivable crime and were unpardonably wicked. All of the survivors, especially Wen Lu, were scared about Jiang Liushi.

"Mr. Jiang!" Wen Lu was scared. She signaled wildly behind the bullies’ back, telling Jing to run away.

Seeing the bullies rush toward him, Jiang Liushi ignited the engine. Then he put the minibus into reverse, jerked the wheel to the right, stepping on the accelerator.

"The guy wants to escape! Pursue him." The leader jumped on his motorcycle. All the bullies rode their motorcycles and shot forward like rabbits, following Jiang Liushi.

It must be acknowledged that those bullies were all good at driving. They were just like tigers and leopards. Jiang Liushi was besieged in all directions.

"Guys, deflate the car’s tires." The leader shouted. The other bullies took lots of welded pitons, throwing them to the ground.

Welding nails on a metal plate, they had made that secret weapon themselves. It had strong destructive power. Even heavy trucks would break down. Judging by their actions, they were underestimating Jiang Liushi. Putting the minibus into reverse, Jiang Liushi was only afraid of accidentally hurting the survivors. But now the space was enough. They reached a narrow asphalted road, which was filled with abandoned cars on one side. Jiang Liushi slammed on his brakes, shifting into forward gear, and then sped up.

"Om…" The minibus rushed out like an enraged beast. Pushing its way by shoving or humping, the minibus pulverized their secret weapons. However, the minibus’ tires remained intact.

"What? OMFG!" The leader was struck with terror. He couldn’t unnderstand what had happened. At this moment, the minibus headed directly toward him.

Jiang Liushi drove at a gut-wrenching speed. The leader was frightened out of his wits. It all happened in a few seconds. The minibus suddenly accelerated even faster than the motorcycles and the bullies failed to react quickly. With an awful rumbling noise, the minibus ran into the leader.

"Ah!" The leader and his motorcycle went off the road just like a baseball.


His motorcycle fell heavily to the ground, sliding more than a dozen meters. The front tire was totally ruined. The leader was covered in blood, whining on the ground. It seemed that his leg had been fractured under the motorcycle.

"F*ck! D*mn you!" The leader was mad. He lied mortally wounded on the ground. A wound like that if it was not treated it could be fatal.

Jiang Liushi showed no mercy to those guys, who committed evil acts. They were scumbags of the world, the scourge of the life.

[A true man has the courage to accept the consequences of his own actions!]

Jiang Liushi decided to get rid of those bullies for the survivors. It made no difference to him killing one or more. He drove in full speed, knocking two motorcycles off.

"Ah…" A heartrending cry came. Even if they hadn’t died immediately, they would be dead because of infection later.

The bullies’ faces turned white. They had never lost before using their secret weapon. They were totally confused, the minibus’ tires were unexpectedly unscathed.

Was it a f*cking tank?

"Run away!" The other bullies disregarded their compatriots on the ground. This group of people could share prosperity with each other, but it was impossible to risk their life for them.