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Chapter 34: “Brother Yu“

Chapter 34: 'Brother Yu'

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
"I have dragged the assh*le here. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know." The hot-blooded youth talked with Jiang Liushi through the windshield.

Then he glanced at the leader with a sneer. What he just said was self-evident.

The leader hated the hot-blooded youth to the core, he thought, "If the minibus wasn't here he would never think of treating me like that, but now he relies on the driver's might to bully me."

Originally, the leader hadn't paid any attention to the survivors. After all, there were no beauties that could catch his attention. The girls had disheveled hair and dirty faces. He despised them from the bottom of his heart.

As a result, he didn't notice that Jiang Liushi was a stranger.

However, he realized how wrong he was, "It is obvious that this lofty minibus has been driven from another town, its plate isn't local."

The leader groaned, looking at Jiang Liushi with a lot of hate and fear.

"I would like to ask you some questions. You should give an answer to each question after serious consideration. Don't even think about lying or not answering…" Jiang Liushi said and looked at the hot-blooded youth.

The hot-blooded youth understood Jiang Liushi's intention and he raised his foot to intimidate the leader.

"Did you hear? Don't get any funny ideas! Or…I will…you know." The leader was

terribly frightened.

He felt mortified but he was also afraid of being tortured. He had no choice but to agree, "I will, please don't hit me."

"Who is this so-called 'Brother Yu"? How could he lead the zombies away? Tell me in detail," Jiang Liushi asked.

Since he had offended Brother Yu, he had to know everything possible about him. Just as Chinese strategist Sun Tzu said, "If you know others and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles."

"Brother Yu? Yeah I know!" The leader grinned broadly at Jiang Liushi and thought, "It is obvious that he knows about Brother Yu's heroic deeds. He is afraid of Yu so he wants to know about him. If he had abided by Yu's rules, he would not have gotten into trouble. It's too late!"

"What I'm about to say will frighten you! Brother Yu is not an ordinary man. He is stronger than zombies. Brother Yu led zombies away riding a motorcycle alone. He escaped unscathed from thousands of zombies!" The leader said, while he was observing Jiang Liushi's reactions carefully. It was kind of disappointing. There was no fear on Jiang Liushi's face at all, he just seemed immersed in his thoughts.

The leader gloated in his heart, "Stop putting up an act! You must be really scared." He felt that Jiang Liushi was fond of flaunting his superiority before the survivors.

"Actually, there were many people that competed with Brother Yu, but there were all killed. Brother Yu has an unruly temper. He will retaliate immediately and let you die miserably." The leader passionately described, as he wanted to scare Jiang Liushi.

"Like dismembering his victims? I know about his methods." Jiang Liushi casually said.

Jiang Liushi's reaction startled the leader, he had made it sound like it was commonly seen. The leader thought, "Why is he so calm? Is he a retard?" The leader firmly believed that Brother Yu was not an ordinary person. Brother Yu stood out in the crowd, he was like a crane standing among chickens.

"Brother Yu can lead zombies away without motorcycles, he can run very fast. Speed is the essential ingredient of winning. Using a motorcycle is just for his boredom, actually he's faster than a motorcycle" The leader said. Although he was defenseless before Jiang Liushi, he felt proud of describing Brother Yu, as he was much stronger than an ordinary person. He was hoping that Brother Yu could kill Jiang Liushi.

"His specialty is speed?" Jiang Liushi got it. Speed was his trump card for defeating the enemy. Actually, an ordinary person couldn't compete with him. It was terrible that Brother Yu could run faster than motorcycles. Jiang Liushi knew the leader wasn't lying, he was just stating facts.

Jiang Liushi just reviewed the information provided by Starseed. As a matter of fact, 'Brother Yu' was quite similar to the mutant boar. The virus had mutated and hadn't turned them to zombies, on the contrary, it had changed their body into a totally different one. 'Yu' had become a paranormal being.

Actually, it was a rare occurrence. The difference between paranormal beings, be it people or animals, and the zombies was like earth and heaven. Recalling the mutant boar, Jiang Liushi realized that paranormal beings had extraordinary abilities. That's why they could be relaxed and carefree after doomsday. Generally speaking, the zombies couldn't threaten them.

It was obvious that Brother Yu was just a paranormal person and his paranormal skill was speed. 'Brother Yu" became a cock of the dunghill with his paranormal skill.

"Except speed, what other talents does 'Brother Yu' have?" Jiang Liushi asked again.

The leader emphasized on his cruelty. However, it didn't faze Jiang Liushi at all. After asking several other questions, Jiang Liushi found that the leader was useless, so he waved at the hot-blooded youth.

The hot-blooded youth had been standing by the side, with his arms crossed. Seeing Jiang Liushi's gesture, he ran toward him immediately. The leader was really scared as he didn't know what would happen next. Meanwhile, Jiang Liushi pondered, staring at the leader behind the windshield.