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Chapter 35: Punish Evil on the Spot

Chapter 35: Punish Evil on the Spot

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
The gas station was located in another exit of the town, where very few zombies were there. Along the way, some zombies were hanging from a balcony; gradually rotting. Originally, those zombies had been ordinary people, who were infected by virus, and they became aggressive monsters with infinite strength and speed. Although their bodies were totally different from human beings, they could still bleed and rot.

That area was controlled by the motorcycle gang. Not only zombies couldn't appear there, ordinary survivors would not hang around that area; they would just stay away.

Actually, the motorcycle gang dwelt in a residential building next to the gas station. Below this residential building was a repair shop. More than a dozen motorcycles were parked there. In the store, several guys were sitting around playing cards.

"Ow-ow-ow!" The roar of an engine could be heard. A motorcycle came rushing, almost hitting one of the parked motorcycles.

The guys playing cards heard the sound, and all looked up. Seeing that the motorcycle had stopped and its driver hurriedly jumped off, someone couldn't help it and stood up to see what was happening.

"Is this Qiang Zi? What are you doing? Are you nuts coming like that?" The guy wanted to ask more, however, he were pulled away by Qiang Zi, "Go away!"

The guy staggered and immediately cursed, "F*ck! Are you tired of living?"

Qiang Zi ignored him, directly rushing from the back door of the repair shop to the

corridor, and then he ran to the fourth floor. All the motorcycle gang's members were living in that building, and their boss, Yu lived in the fourth floor.

Originally, there were some survivors, including the family who had been living there. But when Brother Yu came here with the motorcycle gang, they chose that building as their stronghold, and the naturally the survivors had been kept as slaves.

The survivors there were all ordinary people and resistance was impossible. As a result, an old man was almost killed, young women had been ravaged, even little girls were ravaged too.

Those people had escaped from the zombies, but did not escape the gang.

Yu lived in a little girl's home on the fourth floor. Qiang Zi immediately went to the door without, and then he took a deep breath before opening it. The house was filled with smoke, the corner was filled with beer, and all kinds of food. Several guys were gathered at a table playing mahjong, surrounded by women.

One of the guys was short, but his exposed arm was very muscular. With an ordinary appearance, he was far from being handsome. Even so, a woman brought him a cigarette with a sweet smile, with a hint of fear in her eyes. Seeing Qiang Zi coming in, those people didn't have much of a reaction. The short man did not even look at him. Only a bald headed guy glanced at him, and slowly said, "You didn't follow the rules. Where is Xiao Liang? " As a matter of fact, Xiao Liang was the name of the leader that had been caught.

Qiang Zi suddenly knelt down to the floor in front of the short man and angrily said, "Brother Yu! Today, Brother Liang took us to collect supplies from the survivors, but a team of them refused to pay!"

"Duck soup! Stop fussing and do your job! Kill them all, you just need to bring everything back. Did you need Brother Yu's instructions for that?" Another guy laughed. Actually, Yu turned his nose up at him. "Oh, I will win."

Seeing those guys and Yu not caring about what he said, Qiang Zi anxiously said, "At that time, Brother Liang was going to kill them. However, a man driving a minibus, rushed out killing several of our brothers! Even Brother Liang was killed! 'Brother Yu'! Please avenge our brothers!" All of a sudden, the atmosphere became quiet.

That bald guy was stunned for a moment and said, "Are you drunk? Nobody would dare doing such thing except if they were tired of life..."

At this time, the short man finally spoke and the bald guy immediately closed his mouth. "Is what you said true?"

"It is absolutely true!" Qiang Zi quickly said, he wouldn't dare to lie.

But there was one thing he was not sure about. He had seen Xiao Liang sent flying, but he was not clear whether he had been killed or not. Actually, even if he was not dead, later he would certainly die.

Qiang Zi immediately told everything to 'Brother Yu', even adding some extra details. He was really lucky that he had escaped from the alley. The only thing he could think was seeing Jiang Liushi being killed by 'Brother Yu'. It was the only way to vent his hate.

After listening what had happened, everyone burst in anger and started cursing.

"F*ck! This can't tolerated, we have to skin alive that motherf*cker"

"Does this man not know how to write the word 'death'?"

At this time, the silent Yu suddenly stood up, his action shocked the woman next to him. He kicked a chair, and then staring at Qiang Zi, suddenly kicked him to the coffee table. Qiang Zi tolerated the pain but still he started crying.

"If they are dead, why are you still alive?" Yu said in a hoarse voice. His cold eyes made Qiang Zi's flesh creep and he immediately stopped crying. Yu was no longer looking at him, he turned to his trusted followers and said, "We need to immediately set off, otherwise, that man will run away.

That man was in such a big trouble, so it was possible that we would immediately escape. Yu did not want that to happen.

Listening to Yu's command those guys stood up and were ready to go. But at this moment, a loud noise suddenly came from outside.

"What the f*ck! What's that sound?" That bald guy shouted, that sound was too strong!

Yu walked quickly to the window, and opened the curtains looking outside. He stared and suddenly asked, "What's the color of that minibus?"

Qiang Zi was surprised for a moment, and quickly replied, "It is white. The car was parked at the door of that family, as long as..."

"Shut up!" Yu interrupted him. Looking back, Yu said with a murderous face, "He actually delivered himself to us."