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Chapter 36: Keep Him Alive

Chapter 36: Keep Him Alive

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What? It was inconceivable! Was that terrifying rumbling caused by a regular looking minibus? Everyone had a hard time believing it, but since Yu was the one who had said it, it must have been true. Naturally they wanted to confirm it with their own eyes but before they could Yu aggressively moved toward the door. He grabbed a bag full of glass bottles, or more precisely molotovs; he just needed to ignite them and throw them and cause devastating damage.

In addition, Yu had a black pistol on his waist. After doomsday, he had robbed all police stations in town; they had taken a lot of batons, handcuffs and some pistols. Those pistols were managed by Yu because he was really suspicious and didn't trust anyone.

"Take up your arms!" Yu's cold voice ordered. The group didn't delay at all and started taking iron bars, batons, molotovs and then they rushed downstairs.

Qiang Zi hesitated a bit but he stood up and caught up with the others. The women sitting at the side of the mess table, had confused looks. They were imprisoned there, and were ravaged by the motorcycle gang. They rushed to the window and looking outside they saw a white minibus. Τhey were feeling sorry for the driver… In no time, they could see an ignited molotov thrown out, and then the whole bus burning. The driver would be dragged, tortured and then dismembered…

After doomsday, to those women life and death was of no importance.

"I wish those terrible guys would be killed." A young woman suddenly said, grinding her teeth.

"What are you talking about? They might hear you!"

"Hush, do not say that again, and... How could that person be killed..." The young woman who said those words was immediately stopped by her sister.

Actually, they hated those motorcycle gangs, especially 'Brother Yu', to the core.

Yu was rushing down the building. What happened next left the motorcycle gang feel awkward. A row of motorcycles that had been parked were smacked to the wall and squeezed together, piling up on each other.

To make things worse a man could be seen on those motorcycles. This man was tied with a rope, crying and screaming continuously.

Seeing this Qiang Zi was struck dumb with fear, "Brother Liang!"

The man was the young leader that had been caught. Yu stared at him with gloomy eyes. However, seeing that Yu had come, the young leader srceamed, "Brother Yu! Save me! My legs, my legs were crushed!" Speaking about his legs, his tears and mucus were flowing rapidly. He didn't know how to live with his broken legs in the future .

Yu coldly glanced at the young and did not say a word. Seeing Yus' face, the young leader could not utter a word. Yu's expression was the kind of looking a disgusting pig.

"Do not kill the driver of the minibus. Keep Him Alive!" Yu said word by word. He hated Jiang Liushi to the core.

Since doomsday, Yu had become the local emperor. As a result, all the members of motorcycle gang were looking down on others and most of the survivors were submissive in front of them. All these factors made them feel superior to others.

They had never thought that one of those survivors would dare and deliberately provoke them. Seeing Yu angry, those guys knew that the driver was unlucky, he would be constantly tormented.

"Brothers, let's go and catch the bast*rd!" Everyone shouted and drove their undamaged motorcycles.

"Where did the car run?" The damaged motorcycles were blocking the door so they had to take a detour, but when they arrived they could not see the minibus. In their mind, the minibus was destined to be destroyed, so naturally the driver would choose escaping. There would be a long drastic chase, but they were confident in their molotovs to ruin the car.

But before they found the minibus to chase it, another "bang" came from the gas station and screams could be heard. Some guys were specifically responsible for guarding the gas station, but it was still attacked and they suffered!

[My gas station?] Yu hated Jiang Liushi more and more! The gas station was located less than two hundred meters. After the provocation, the driver did not escape, instead he intended to ruin the gas station. Was he tired of living?

Yu suddenly ran like a vigorous leopard, jumping above those motorcycles, and rushed to the gas station. His brothers as if just awakened from a dream followed up.

In the gas station, Jiang Liushi had connected the automatic oil extraction device with the refueling gun, and gasoline was constantly flowing into his depleted fuel tank.

The motorcycle gang had almost collected the whole town's gasoline and stored it in the gas station. It was sufficient for Jiang Liushi.

At the same time, Jiang Liushi was watching at the the small building's direction, waiting for Yu. After careful consideration, Jiang Liushi felt that if he kept waiting for Yu, the survivors could be involved and suffer. Even if he urged them to hide, it still might not be safe. After all, the number of the motorcycle gang was large.

In that way, Jiang Liushi had no way to take care of them. In addition, he wanted to collect a lot of gasoline, which was his most important objective. Almost all the gasoline was in Yu's hands, so it is inevitable for Jiang Liushi to attack the gas station.

Knocking those motorcycles down was just to cause a little trouble to those guys. Attacking the gas station was Jiang Liushi's main purpose because he needed enough time to refuel. Otherwise, Jiang Liushi couldn't use the minibus' weapons at all.

Jiang Liushi kept track of the gasoline that was pouring in the tank, with Starseed's help, 100L, 200L, 300L...

Since the fuel tank was modified, refueling was very fast. A hundred liters jumped up one by one once connecting the gasoline pipe.

When the tank was at 600L, a figure appeared near the gas station. That figure, seeing the minibus, didn't stop at all, and directly rushed over.

[So fast!] Jiang Liushi was stunned for a moment.

This figure should be 'Brother Yu'.